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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2237 - Lord Of The Sky Gazing Peak
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2237: Lord of the Sky Gazing Peak

Immediately, the surroundings became completely silent. This unbelievable sight had stunned everyone.

What did they just witness? They saw a one-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master send a two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master flying with a single slap as soon as they clashed.

This was so unbelievable that they would have never believed it if they had not witnessed it first hand.

If a one-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master had somehow defeated a two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master, they would not have been this shocked. It was because a two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master who was supposed to possess an absolute advantage had actually been slapped by someone with weaker cultivation than him.

This was just too absurd.

Around the ring, Bai Yu remained stunned. She blankly stared at Jian Chen who was enveloped by a layer of light, and she seemed like she no longer knew Jian Chen.

The mouths of Wen Cheng and the others from the Snowfall Peak all hung agape. They were dumbstruck as they stared at Lian Yan who had been sent flying with a single slap.

With a hefty sound, Lian Yan was sent over twenty metres away. He hit the large ring heavily. Half of his face had been reduced to a bloody mess. Moreover, his teeth had all fallen out.

Lian Yan clutched his face as he stood up. He stared at Jian Chen blankly. He was completely dumbfounded.

But in the next moment, his eyes became bloodshot. Fury burned within them as he glared at Jian Chen in complete hatred. He roared out as he charged towards Jian Chen.

At this moment, Lian Yan had basically lost his mind completely. He had been driven insane. He thought about how he had actually been slapped by Jian Chen before everyone despite being a two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master; it had quite the impact on him.

Jian Chen faced Lian Yan’s crazy attacks with composure. He cast Radiant Arte after Radiant Arte. Although they were only at the level of a one-colored soulcore, they became unpredictable and agile in his hands. His usage of Radiant Artes truly seemed to be perfect in the eyes of the spectating Radiant Saint Masters. It caused countless people to sigh in amazement.

Naturally, Jian Chen had learnt these Radiant Artes from Han Xin.

When Bai Yu, Zhuo Feng, and he met Han Xin for the first time, Han Xin had given them some books regarding Radiant Saint Force.

Not only did the books include cultivation methods, but there were also some basic Radiant Artes.

With Jian Chen’s current level of cultivation and the strength of his soul, he grasped all the Radiant Artes with a single glance. As such, not only was it extremely easy for him to use them, but it was unpredictable as well.

He dodged Lian Yan’s attacks with agility through the use of Radiant Wings, finding another opportunity to slap Lian Yan’s face.

With another slap, Lian Yan was sent flying by Jian Chen once again.

In the air, Lian Yan felt the stinging pain on his face. He was extremely furious. He had been slapped consecutively before everyone. This had almost made him explode in anger.

Not only was it humiliating for him, but it would also become a permanent stain to his name.

“Chang Yang, remember this. I will make you regret. I will return what you did today by a thousandfold,” Lian Yan roared out with an unclear voice.

However, all that he encountered was a blinding Radiant Sword. It shot over with lightning speed when Lian Yan had been incapacitated and stabbed into his waist. Afterwards, it emerged from the other side and continued onwards without slowing down, heading right into the distance. It crossed a part of the square before stabbing into a huge tree, nailing Lian Yan a hundred metres in the air.

“Argh!” Lian Yan could not help but cry out. His voice was extremely chilling, immediately alarming all the people on the square.

When the observing Radiant Saint Masters saw Lian Yan’s horrible shape, they all gasped. Their gazes towards Jian Chen changed drastically.

Bai Yu had been left speechless. Her beautiful eyes had already widened as she experienced emotional turmoil.

Lian Yan was a fierce person that even she could not defeat, yet at this moment, Jian Chen, who she believed to be far weaker than herself, actually ended up beating Lian Yan in a fashion where he could not fight back at all. This had a tremendous impact on her.

To one side of the square, several black-clothed envoys stood emotionlessly on a platform that was several dozen metres high. They glanced at the entire square coldly; they were responsible for maintaining the peace there.

“Someone go and report what happened on ring number three to the peak lord,” an envoy who seemed to be the leader said emotionlessly.

“Must we alarm the peak lord because of a battle between two weaker disciples?”

“Yes. There is a great need to. Report to the peak lord immediately and also take the recording of ring number three with you for the peak lord to view.”

“Understood!” The envoy immediately flew towards the top of the Sky Gazing Peak.

There was a palace completely carved out of white jade on the top of the Sky Gazing Peak. Three men wore white-robes that represented Hallowed Saint Masters as they discussed with one another at a jade table.

One of the men seemed to be in his forties, having reached middle age. His face was filled with a sense of determination that could only be forged through going through thick and thin. However, his hair was snow-white and draped on his shoulder casually.

This white-haired, middle-aged man was the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak.

The two other men were younger. They only seemed to be in their twenties, and they both had striking appearances. Their faces were filled with confidence. Even when they faced the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak, one of the ninety-nine main peaks of the Radiant Saint Hall, they remained natural and composed.

At this moment, an envoy made his way in. He bowed towards the lord politely before passing a crystal to him. He said, “Peak lord, this is a recording of a battle that occurred in ring number three. Caretaker Bai specifically sent me to bring it to you.” Afterwards, the envoy gave a simple explanation of what had happened in the ring.

“A one-colored soulcore disciple defeated a two-colored soulcore disciple? Although that doesn’t happen often on our Sky Gazing Peak, it’s nothing particularly surprising,” the peak lord smiled indifferently when he heard the envoy’s simple report and did not pay too much heed to it.

However, he still accepted the crystal with the recording of the fight. He viewed it casually.

However, the peak lord gradually went from being uncaring to serious. In the end, he had even become stern.

“A mere one-colored soulcore disciple actually possesses such a level of control over Radiant Saint Force. This is simply astonishing. Who is this?” The lord of the Sky Gazing Peak asked.

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