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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2238 - Nine Star Geniuses
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Chapter 2238: Nine Star Geniuses

“Peak lord, he’s one of the three newly-accepted disciples of the lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak. His name is Chang Yang,” the envoy said politely.

“The lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak? Isn’t that Han Xin, who condensed a seventh-colored soulcore recently?” The lord of the Sky Gazing Peak asked.

“It is protector Han Xin.”

The peak lord stood up. He stared in the direction of the Soaring Clouds Peak and murmured, “This Han Xin is quite lucky. He gained such an outstanding disciple from just his first group.”

When the two young men who sat with the peak lord heard such great praise from the peak lord, they could not help but grow curious. One of them stood up and asked indifferently, “Peak lord, has another impressive nine star genius appeared in our Radiant Saint Hall?”

The young man was not very powerful. He only had a four-colored soulcore. According to the division of fighters, it was equivalent to Deity. His strength was indeed nothing special in the Radiant Saint Hall.

However, his status in the Radiant Saint Hall was extremely special. It was enough to allow him to stand on equal footing to the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak, one of the main ninety-nine peaks of the Radiant Saint Hall.

This was because he was one of the five nine star geniuses of the Radiant Saint Hall. His name was Gongzheng Xin, and he was one of the people selected to compete for the position of Chosen Saint.

“I don’t know what kind of starred genius he is, but the footage of his battle is recorded here. Have a look,” the peak lord passed the crystal over.

Gongzheng Xin and the other young man both viewed the crystal. Very soon, they became stern after watching it all.

“This one-colored soulcore disciple’s usage of Radiant Saint Force is indeed wondrous,” said Gongzheng Xin.

“That’s right. Even I can only sigh and say that I am not as great as him in that aspect. It truly is difficult to believe that a one-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Master has reached such an unbelievable level in his control over Radiant Saint Force,” the young man beside Gongzheng Xin also praised.

He was Xin Bing; he was also one of the five nine star geniuses of the Radiant Saint Hall, just like Gongzheng Xin.

“Would you be interested in accompanying me to the square to see this disciple called Chang Yang?” The peak lord asked Gongzheng Xin and Xin Bing.

“I just happened to want to see him,” said Gongzheng Xin.

“I had the same thought as well,” Xin Bing added.

Afterwards, the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak hurried off to the square immediately with Gongzheng Xin and Xin Na. As soon as they approached the square, they heard an energetic, loud voice ring out from afar.

“Are there any other disciples of the Snowfall Peak who are willing to fight me?”

The voice was filled with provocation and scorn.

“This person called Chang Yang really is a little arrogant, but he the capacity to back up this arrogance,” the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak made his way over steadily with a smile.

“Greetings, peak lord,” at the same time, the envoys in black robes stationed on the tall platform immediately flew over, bowing towards the peak lord of the Sky Gazing Peak.

“Bai Long, you’ve done well to discover this little guy. I just wonder how many stars he has,” the peak lord nodded before asking the leader of the envoys.

The envoy referred to as Bai Long replied, “I’ve already investigated it. He’s Chang Yang of the Soaring Clouds Peak and a one star genius.”

“What? Only a one star genius?” The peak lord frowned slightly and asked in disbelief.

Bai Long nodded, “The test indicated he was a one star genius.”

The peak lord no longer said anything else. He looked at the figure who stood up straight in the ring in an awe-inspiring manner as he seemed to be in thought.

“Are there no more people from the Snowfall Peak?” At this moment, Jian Chen called out once again.

“Hmph. Chang Yang, don’t you get arrogant. Our Snowfall Peak just doesn’t want to harass the weak. Such an easy victory is not glorious,” replied the fourth disciple of the Snowfall Peak with an ugly expression.

“Talk once you defeat me. You should be the fourth disciple of the Snowfall Peak, Wu Bing, right? Wu Bin, you have a two-colored soulcore, while I only have a one-colored soulcore. I hereby challenge you. Are you bold enough to accept?” Jian Chen said loudly. His voice basically rang across the entire square.

More and more people gathered around the ring now.

The expression of the fourth disciple of the Snowfall Peak’s became horrible. He stood outside the ring with gritted teeth, not daring to take a step forward.

Although he had a two-colored soulcore, he was nowhere near as powerful as Lian Yan. Even Lian Yan was not Jian Chen’s opponent and had been viciously humiliated, so he would just be looking to embarrass himself if he went up.

“It looks like you’re not bold enough for a battle in the ring. But it does make sense. Even your third senior brother, Lian Yan, has been beaten to a pulp by me. Naturally, you’re not my opponent,” Jian Chen scoffed from within the ring.

Wu Bin’s face immediately paled from anger when he heard that.

Jian Chen glanced at the second senior brother of the Snowfall Peak, Wen Cheng, who also stood there with a sunken face. He said, “Wen Cheng, I represent the Soaring Clouds Peak to challenge you, the second disciple of the Snowfall Peak. Do you accept?”

“Good, good, good! Chang Yang, good on you, challenging me,” Wen Cheng immediately paled in anger as his gaze became piercing. He had said that all through gritted teeth as killing intent surged within his heart.

However, he also dared not step into the ring. He had clearly witnessed Chang Yang’s strength. He did indeed possess a one-colored soulcore, but he could even defeat two-colored soulcore Radiant Saint Masters in battle. Without complete confidence in victory, he did not want to fight Jian Chen so easily.

Even if they did fight, it would not happen here. After all, if he lost, he would no longer have the dignity to meet anyone else in the future.

After all, he did not have a two-colored soulcore. He was a Radiant Saint Master with a three-colored soulcore and someone who had touched on the boundary of the Laws of the Hallowed.

“It’s the peak lord. The peak lord has come…”

“Greetings, peak lord…”

“Greetings, peak lord…”

At this moment, the crowd surged as cries rang out everywhere. They all saw the white-haired peak lord of the Sky Gazing Peak standing with Gongzheng Xin, Xin Bin, and the black-robed envoys.

“It seems like it’s Gongzheng Xin of the five nine star geniuses of our Radiant Saint Hall. Gongzheng Xin has actually come as well…”

“It’s not just Gongzheng Xin. Even Xin Bin of the five nine star geniuses has come as well…”

“Two of the five nine star geniuses have come. It’s said that they’re about to enter the competition to become the Chosen Saint. The Chosen Saint of this generation will be selected from the five of them.”

The arrival of the two nine star geniuses immediately caused quite the hubbub among the Radiant Saint Masters present.

In the eyes of many, nine star geniuses were like idols. They were supreme existences, and just a single glance of them would be an extremely great honour.

“Which one of you is Wen Cheng? Why don’t you enter the ring and fight Chang Yang?” At this moment, Gongzheng Xin spoke out. He spoke very softly and indifferently, but it was filled with an irrefutable sense of firmness.

It was as if he was ordering someone, like an imperial edict that could not be refused.

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