Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2240 - Only Defeat Is Accepted?
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2240 - Only Defeat Is Accepted?
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2240: Only Defeat is Accepted?

Boom! At this moment, a loud sound rang out from the ring. The shield of energy around Wen Cheng had finally shattered under the Radiant Rain that Jian Chen had directed back at him. A powerful ripple of energy rammed into Wen Cheng, forcing him to retreat.

“You actually.. You actually…” Disbelief filled Wen Cheng’s face. He pointed at Jian Chen. Currently, he was speechless.

His control over the Radiant Rain he had cast had been forcefully taken away by Chang Yang, who only had a one-colored soulcore. Then, the Radiant Rain was used against him. Did anything still make sense?

However, Jian Chen did not tarry at all after destroying Wen Cheng’s shield. He approached Wen Cheng with a flash and directly swung the Radiant Sword in his hand towards Wen Cheng.

Wen Cheng’s expression changed slightly. Jian Chen’s reactions were just too fast, and his attacks were just too swift. It was already too late for him to cast a Radiant Arte to stop the Radiant Sword that approached him. Immediately, he condensed a pair of Radiant Wings to retreat.

His battle experience was clearly not as plentiful as Jian Chen’s. With just this tiny mistake, he had completely lost his initial advantage and was forced into a position where he had to respond to everything that Jian Chen threw at him.

Jian Chen took advantage of this situation and pursued Wen Cheng closely. He stabbed out with his Radiant Sword mercilessly, and it reached Wen Cheng’s chest in the blink of an eye.

Wen Cheng’s expression changed drastically. Although he had some experience in battle, he had never been in such a nervous fight. Under Jian Chen’s barrage of attack, he immediately became flustered. During such a tight situation, he tripped and managed to avoid the Radiant Sword by a hair’s breadth.

However, even with that being the case, a long slash appeared on his white robes, and the robes were now covered in dust as well.

Climbing up to his feet, Wen Cheng’s face had paled in anger. He was utterly furious. With that trip, he had basically lost all his dignity. He would no longer have the face to see anyone in the Radiant Saint Hall.

“Chang Yang, I swear I will make you regret what you have done,” Wen Cheng called out. He also condensed a Radiant Sword and slashed it towards Jian Chen as quickly as he could.

The speed of the Radiant Sword had indeed reached Wen Cheng’s limit. He was confident that even a few regular Radiant Saint Masters with three-colored soulcores would not be able to avoid his attack.

However, it was as slow as a snail in Jian Chen’s eyes. However, Jian Chen did not choose to dodge this time. Instead, he purposefully acted like he had been caught off-guard and used his body to forcefully take on the strike.

And just as the Radiant Sword was about to slash him, he secretly controlled the Chaotic Force within him and purposefully pierced his body by condensing the Chaotic Force into a blade.

As a result, Wen Cheng’s Radiant Sword landed squarely on the wound Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force created, piercing him.

As for Jian Chen, he ignored his wounds. Enveloped by a layer of Radiant Saint Force, he also stabbed Wen Cheng with his Radiant Sword.

“Argh!” Wen Cheng had never felt such pain before. Immediately, he cried out in agony as he pulled away from Jian Chen in a hurry.

Jian Chen sneered. With a thought, a Radiant Sword condensed behind Wen Cheng. As a result, as he retreated, he ran into the tip of the Radiant Sword. Immediately, he grunted painfully again.

Jian Chen’s gaze was cold. He took a step forward and raised his Radiant Sword over his head. It shone with blinding light. Just when he was about to swing it, a voice rang out in his head.

“Chang Yang, I’m Gongzheng Xin. Only defeat is accepted from you in this battle!”

Gongzheng Xin said condescendingly as he directly ordered Jian Chen, giving him no room to refute.

Of course, he was not afraid that irrelevant people would hear his secret message to Jian Chen.

After saying that, Gongzheng Xin stood there with his arms crossed. He was full of confidence as if Chang Yang definitely would not disobey his orders.

After all, he was a nine star genius of the Radiant Saint Hall. He was indeed very influential over regular disciples with a status like that.

“Chang Yang, I am Xin Bin. It’s already extremely outstanding that you can force a Radiant Saint Master with a three-colored soulcore into such horrible shape. It’s best if you just end the battle as a stalemate,” the other nine star genius, Xin Bin, had also sent a secret message to Jian Chen. However, he did not speak as forcefully as Gongzheng Xin.

Jian Chen sneered inside when he heard the two messages. With how unimaginably great his senses had become, it was impossible for him to not overhear the gamble between the two nine star geniuses and the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak.

If it was someone else, they naturally would not dare to offend a nine star genius that could become the next Chosen Saint. However, it happened to be Jian Chen and not someone else.

Swish! Jian Chen completely ignored Gongzheng Xin and Xin Bin. With a flash of white light, he swung his Radiant Sword without any hesitation at all, cutting off Wen Cheng’s arm with a resplendent glow.

Wen Cheng immediately squealed miserably like a pig to the slaughter. Excruciating pain made his body tremble uncontrollably. He had almost fainted.

The observing Radiant Saint Masters all burst out into an uproar when they saw this. Many of them were stunned by Jian Chen’s bloody methods.

After all, these Radiant Saint Masters were not like fighters. Fighters were people who were well-versed in battle, and some of them had basically navigated their way through corpses. On the other hand, Radiant Saint Masters were not accustomed to blood.

Gongzheng Xin’s face became rather ugly as he stood beside the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak. His face sank as he looked at Jian Chen with a flickering cold light in his eyes. He grumbled inside, “This Chang Yan really is ignorant. He’s a mere disciple with a one-colored soulcore, yet he dares to defy me. Hmph.”

Xin Bin also frowned slightly. His gaze towards Jian Chen contained displeasure.

“This Chang Yang really does please me more and more,” the white-haired peak lord chuckled happily. His gaze towards Jian Chen was filled with undisguised admiration.

“Chang Yang, why don’t you hurry up and stop? You must lose this battle,” Gongzheng Xin said to Jian Chen once again. This time, he spoke sharply.

However, Jian Chen turned a deaf ear to his message. He arrived before Wen Cheng in a single step and grabbed him by the collar. He looked at the sheet-white Wen Cheng whose face was twisted in pain and said coldly, “Wen Cheng, I never had any particularly great grievances with you, but you should have never, ever held ill intentions towards my junior sister. This is what happens when you hold lecherous intent towards my junior sister.” With that, Jian Chen slapped Wen Cheng’s face.

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