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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2256 - The Meeting At Moon’s Reflection Lake
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2256: The Meeting at Moon’s Reflection Lake

“Assist me in becoming the Chosen Saint? Who wrote this? What bold words!” Donglin Yanxue frowned slightly when she looked at the tiny line of words formed by the veins of the leaf.

This was a very ordinary leaf. Changing the veins on it was not difficult, so Donglin Yanxue was unable to determine the strength of the person who had sent this message to her.

In the next moment, Donglin Yanxue expanded the senses of her soul in all directions. She wanted to find the person who had sent her this message.

But to her disappointment, she found nothing even when she pushed the senses of her soul to the limit.

“Since this person is confident about assisting me to become the Chosen Saint, it must mean that they are extraordinary. But what I find strange is the fact that they haven’t come to find me directly and told me face to face. Instead, he told me to go to the Moon’s Reflection Lake through a method like this.” Donglin Yanxue stared at the leaf and thought about it calmly. She gradually became suspicious, “Or maybe it’s a scheme? They want to lure me to the Moon’s Reflection Lake and do something to me?”

A sliver of coldness flashed through Donglin Yanxue’s eyes when she thought of that. Although she was a woman, she was definitely not powerless.

But in the next moment, Donglin Yanxue shook her head. She was a nine star genius of the Radiant Saint Hall and one of the five candidates for becoming the Chosen Saint. Was there anyone who dared to lay their hands on her within the Radiant Saint Hall?

“The night of the full moon. That’s tonight. The Moon’s Reflection Lake. Let’s go see this mysterious person and hope that they don’t disappoint me,” Donglin Yanxue murmured gently. The position of Chosen Saint was irresistible to her. Even if there was only a shred of a chance for her to become the Chosen Saint, she would never give up on it.

Night descended, and the moon rose up in the sky. There was a huge lake surrounded by eight mountains ten thousand kilometres away from the Myriad Flowers Peak. Under the radiant moon in the sky, the huge lake immediately became illuminated. As far as the eye could see, the entire surface of the lake seemed to be covered by a thick layer of moonlight. It was a landscape of otherworldly beauty.

This lake was known as the Moon’s Reflection Lake, and it was one of the rather renowned places within the Radiant Saint Hall.

At this moment, Jian Chen sat calmly on a huge, dark rock on the shore in white robes that represented his identity as a Radiant Saint Master. He raised his head slightly, falling into a daze as he stared at the huge moon in the sky.

“So many years have passed already. I wonder how fairy Hao Yue is doing. Her enemy, Nan Potian, has the Flame Reverend Grand Prime behind him. That’s a supreme expert who moved against the Anatta Grand Prime, one of the seven Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World. I hope that fairy Hao Yue doesn’t do anything reckless.”

Jian Chen could not help but think of fairy Hao Yue who he had parted with many years ago as he looked at the bright moon. He became filled with worry.

At this moment, a gentle ball of white light shot through the night sky and descended by the lake slowly.

Afterwards, the white light dispersed and revealed a sacred beauty in a white dress.

She was Donglin Yanxue.

Donglin Yanxue was in her pure-white clothes, and her feet did not touch the ground. She hovered an inch above the ground as she looked around before seeing Jian Chen who was several kilometres away.

At this moment, Jian Chen also looked away from the full moon and directed his gaze towards Donglin Yanxue. He brought his two fingers together, and a leaf that fell immediately landed between them. He waved it at Donglin Yanxue who was several kilometres away.

Donglin Yanxue’s eyes narrowed. She could not help but study Jian Chen properly before making her way over slowly. She basically approached Jian Chen by flying along the ground. In the end, she drifted onto the rock that Jian Chen sat on. She stood a few metres away from Jian Chen.

“I originally thought that the person who told me to come here would be a Radiant Godking at the very least, or even an elder, or maybe an expert that had been sent in from those large clans and organisations. I never thought that it would be a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore,” Donglin Yanxue stared at Jian Chen closely as undisguised disappointment filled her eyes.

Jian Chen smiled indifferently, “My cultivation doesn’t matter because it’s not important. What is important is that you understand that I can give you something even those elders or organisations can’t give.”

“I know you don’t believe me. I also know there are many people richer than me, with more cultivation resources than me. However, can these people ensure you emerge victorious in the end?”

Donglin Yanxue was interested. A strange light flickered in her dark eyes as she stared at Jian Chen in interest. She asked, “I really do want to know just what a Radiant Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore is relying on to be so confident.”

Jian Chen smiled mysteriously. With a flip of his hand, a puresoul immediately appeared.

The puresoul immediately gave off a pure and turbulent presence when it appeared, attracting both Jian Chen’s and Donglin Yanxue’s attention. Just a single breath of the presence gave them the impression that their souls were rapidly strengthening.

“A puresoul! H- how did you get your hands on something like this?” Donglin Yanxue cried out. She was unable to remain composed any longer before the puresoul. Shock and disbelief pervaded her beautiful face.

Jian Chen stowed the puresoul away and smiled, “Do you believe that I have the ability now?”

Donglin Yanxue sucked in a deep breath and calmed herself down slowly. She looked at Jian Chen with extremely mixed feelings as she said, “Where did you get this puresoul from?” Puresouls were extremely precious. Even with Donglin Yanxue’s status in the Radiant Saint Hall, she had only managed to learn about them through records and from the elders. She did not even have the right to see one in person.

However, Donglin Yanxue completely understood the usage of puresouls. Not only did it have great effects on fighters, but it was also a supreme treasure to Radiant Saint Masters. It was so precious that it was something rare even in the Radiant Saint Hall. Many elders did not even possess them.

However, if she gained possession of this puresoul, her chances of becoming the Chosen Saint would greatly increase.

“Tell me, what do you want in exchange for the puresoul?” Donglin Yanxue held back her excitement.

Jian Chen stood up on the rock and said, “Every single Chosen Saint can personally select nine people as their protectors. I want to be one of them. Of course, you know about the situation with my level of cultivation.”

Donglin Yanxue’s gaze immediately became strange when heard that. She said, “Your final objective in going as far as to give me a puresoul so that I can become the Chosen Saint is only so that you can become one of my nine retainers?”

Donglin Yanxue’s gaze towards Jian Chen became extremely strange. She slowly took a step back and stared at Jian Chen cautiously. She said rather coldly, “What are your intentions? Let me just put it out there first. If you want to approach me like this and make me like you, you better give up on it.”

Jian Chen was extremely dumbfounded by that. At that moment, he only felt a headache. He was completely speechless.

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