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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2295 - Invincible Godking (Three)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2295: Invincible Godking (Three)

Jian Chen had obviously detected the change in Donglin Yanxue’s treatment of him, but he did not care about it. From his perspective, it was enough as long as Donglin Yanxue could become the Chosen Saint, which would give him the right to enter the Tower of Radiance.

Jian Chen did not know that vice-leader Xuan Zhan had the authority to let any Radiant Saint Master into the Tower of Radiance. However, even if he knew, he would not have been willing to approach the vice-leader directly.

Currently, Jian Chen’s identity was extremely sensitive, so he was unwilling to get too involved with the vice-leader. Otherwise, he would definitely cause a lot of problems for the vice-leader once his Martial Soul Force was exposed.

“I believe all the places where powerful vicious beasts roam around have Radiant Origin Pearls. We cannot detect the Radiant Origin Pearls with the senses of the soul, but we can detect these vicious beasts. As a result, we only need to find these vicious beasts,” suggested Jian Chen.

The Radiant Origin Pearls came from the Tower of Radiance. They appeared in the World of Moon and Star because the elders had brought them in. Since searching for the pearls was a test set by the elders, there would definitely be a certain level of difficulty. It would not be as simple as leaving it up to luck.

Donglin Yanxue immediately frowned when she heard that. Some powerful beasts in the World of Moon and Star were as powerful as Godkings. If they truly went and provoked these vicious beasts, let alone Jian Chen struggling to keep himself safe with his measly one-colored soulcore, but even she with her four-colored soulcore would be reduced to an ant-like existence.

They could not even endure the shockwaves of battles against vicious beasts of such a level.

“Junior Chang Yang is right. There are probably Radiant Origin Pearls within the territories of powerful vicious beasts. Junior Yanxue, why don’t we search for these vicious beasts….”

“Don’t worry, junior Yanxue. There are eight Radiant Godkings here. Dealing with those vicious beasts with lacking intellect will be a piece of cake…”

“Yeah. Even if we come across peak Godking vicious beasts, two or three of us will be enough to kill them easily. They’re nothing to worry about…”

“Radiant Origin Pearls are hard to find, but the vicious beasts are just too easy…”

Meanwhile, the eight protectors showed no fear. They all spoke up with confidence.

The eight of them were all Hallowed Saint Masters. As soon as they used their Laws of the Hallowed, their battle prowess would be even greater than fighters of the same level. As a result, they did not take the vicious beasts in the World of Moon and Star seriously at all.

“Alright then. Let’s go find those vicious beasts,” Donglin Yanxue hesitated, but she was persuaded in the end. She agreed to the suggestion.

Afterwards, the eight protectors became the ones leading the way. The senses of their Godking level souls spread out in all directions as they began to search for the vicious beasts in the surroundings.

At the same time, to another side of the World of Moon and Star, the group led by Gongzheng Xin had stopped on some plains. Five of the nine protectors stood guard in the distance as Gongzheng Xin gathered with the four other protectors.

Gongzheng Xin frowned heavily. Currently, his face was sunken. Ever since he entered the World of Moon and Star, his sunken face had never eased up.

“You’re either the people closest to our Gongzheng clan, or you have submitted to our Gongzheng clan. Help me think of a way for Chang Yang to die in the World of Moon and Star,” Gongzheng Xin said with a darkened expression. Aside from the five other people, all of his protectors belonged to his Gongzheng clan, so he placed great trust in the four of them.

The four protectors around Gongzheng Xin frowned and became troubled.

“If it were before, even if the Radiant Saint Hall discovered that we killed Chang Yang, it would be nothing. With our status, the Disciplinary Hall won’t be able to do anything to us. They’ll just give us a symbolic punishment. But now, who knows how Chang Yang is connected to vice-leader Xuan Zhan. His status is different. Killing him will lead to consequences far too severe. If vice-leader Xuan Zhan looks into this matter personally, probably even young master Xin will be implicated…”

“Yeah. Vice-leader Xuan Zhan isn’t as easy to deal with as the seven other vice-leaders, and he’s also the last person in the Radiant Saint Hall you’d want to provoke apart from the leader. Young master Xin, you must not let your emotions control you…”

“Young master Xin, you have to calm down. Chang Yang has the support of vice-leader Xuan Zhan, so you can’t provoke him no matter what. You know exactly who vice-leader Xuan Zhan is. He’s an expert that even the ancestor of our Gongzheng clan has to treat with courtesy. If vice-leader Xuan Zhan decides to punish you, do you think the ancestor will personally show himself and protect you despite running the risk of offending vice-leader Xuan Zhan?”

“Young master Xin, you must not be reckless. Even if we ignore the potentially severe consequences and send all nine of us against Chang Yang, it’s not possible for us to kill him because the eight protectors around Donglin Yanxue will definitely treat Chang Yang’s safety with even greater importance than Donglin Yanxue herself. They’ll throw their lives on the line to keep him safe. Moreover, who knows whether young master Xin’s five other protectors will listen to the young master and attack Chang Yang. That’s an uncertain factor too…”

The four protectors around Gongzheng Xin tried to persuade him to give up on the thought of killing Chang Yang here.

Gongzheng Xin only had a four-colored soulcore. With his cultivation level, he was basically dreaming if he wanted to kill Chang Yang who eight protectors guarded. He would need his protectors to take action in the end, but if they really attacked Jian Chen, disaster would be waiting for them after they left the World of Moon and Star.

In their eyes, killing Chang Yang was basically digging their own graves. Moreover, they did not have any particularly great grievances with Chang Yang. They were naturally unwilling to die a pointless death for Gongzheng Xin.

Gongzheng Xin’s face became uglier and uglier. With the cultivations of the Radiant Godkings, there was no need for them to clash with the protectors around Donglin Yanxue at all to kill Chang Yang. They only needed to approach him amiably then deal a killing strike, easily claiming Chang Yang’s life. They all declined because they were afraid of offending vice-leader Xuan Zhan.

“Young master Xin, the priority is the position of Chosen Saint. Let’s quickly search for the Radiant Origin Pearls instead. Three people will be directly eliminated in the first round of the trials. Young master Xin cannot be eliminated here…” A Radiant Godking changed the topic to redirect Gongzheng Xin’s attention.

“Yeah. Young master Xin, searching for Radiant Origin Pearls is the priority right now. There are definitely Radiant Origin Pearls where the powerful vicious beasts prowl in the World of Moon and Star. The young master needs to take action quickly, or the four others will take the lead…” another protector added.

“If that’s the case, let’s set off immediately then. Let’s find the Radiant Origin Pearls first.” Gongzheng Xin also knew it was impossible to get these people to kill Jian Chen. He stood up with a sunken face and gathered his protectors before leaving the place.

At the same time, the groups led by Xin Bin, An Da, and Shi De all directed their attention towards the powerful vicious beasts in the World of Moon and Star in their respective areas. Clearly, Jian Chen was not the only one who had thought of this.

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