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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2302 - Fighting Qing Shan (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2302: Fighting Qing Shan (One)

Jian Chen’s expression suddenly changed as the protectors carried him along. Qing Shan did not try to hide himself at all as he travelled towards them. He let his presence surge, which made him stand out very much. As a result, Jian Chen was able to sense his location despite the great distance between them.

Jian Chen could sense that Qing Shan was heading towards their location with great precision.

He was extremely fast. Even though there were eight Radiant Godkings around him moving as quickly as they could, they were still far slower than Qing Shan.

“We’re in trouble,” Jian Chen’s face finally became rather ugly. He was not afraid of Qing Shan, but he was unable to expose his strength right now.

Jian Chen’s face sank as the light in his eyes flickered. He racked his brains for a way of dealing with Qing Shan.

“Oh no, Qing Shan is coming…”

Before long, Qing Shan entered the sensory range of the Radiant Godkings as well. The Radiant Godkings were able to identify him immediately from his surging presence that was different from elder He Tian’s. Their faces all changed drastically.

“He’s coming! He’s coming…”

“Run! Run quick…”

The eight Radiant Godkings all became extremely pale as they cried out in fear. The shade of death had enveloped them as heavy dread filled their hearts. They could no longer care about protecting the Chosen Saint.

As a result, the eight Radiant Godkings acted just like Shi De’s protectors, abandoning Donglin Yanxue and Jian Chen to flee into the surroundings.

In the blink of an eye, the eight protectors around Donglin Yanxue and Jian Chen had completely vanished. Only Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue remained there alone.

Donglin Yanxue’s complexion became extremely miserable. With a pale face, she looked around for the eight protectors who had already vanished. She felt utterly powerless inside.

Jian Chen also watched the eight protectors flee with an ugly expression. Afterwards, he arrived before Donglin Yanxue and growled, “We can’t stay here. Let’s go!” He could already sense that Qing Shan was getting closer and closer.

“Qing Shan’s target should be me. He should have come for the candidates. Chang Yang, don’t worry about me. Go.” Donglin Yanxue’s complexion was dreary. Her eyes were filled with despair. She no longer had any hopes of surviving, as she was about to face Qing Shan, a person who could even kill Primordial realm experts.

“Let’s go!”

Jian Chen frowned and called out. He grabbed Donglin Yanxue’s hand before she could respond and shot off towards the dense forest in the distance.

In his trip to the World of Moon and Star this time, everyone could die, but he could not let anything happen to Donglin Yanxue, as she would be directly responsible for whether he could enter the Tower of Radiance or not.

Donglin Yanxue’s hand was warm and smooth, but at a time like this, Jian Chen was in no mood to pay attention to such details. He held Donglin Yanxue’s soft hand tightly as he flew forwards.

When Donglin Yanxue felt Jian Chen grab her hand, she could not help but quiver slightly. Her emotions immediately began to ripple.

Although she had been cultivating for quite some time, she had never made such close physical contact with a man before.

Donglin Yanxue looked to the side slightly and glanced at Jian Chen. When she noticed Jian Chen completely concentrating on running away and showing no lechery at all, she gradually calmed down.

“At least he isn’t like the other protectors, running away alone,” thought Donglin Yanxue. She could not help but change her opinion of Jian Chen. She did not try to shake off Jian Chen’s hand.

Suddenly, Jian Chen stopped with an ugly expression. He said grimly, “Just as expected. Qing Shan has really come for us.”

At this moment, even Donglin Yanxue could sense Qing Shan’s presence. He did not chase down the eight protectors. Instead, he made his way directly towards them.

“His target is me. Run before he gets here. Get as far away as you can,” Donglin Yanxue broke free from Jian Chen’s grip and said gloomily.

“Hahaha. You want to escape from me with just your strength? You’re underestimating me too much,” Qing Shan’s laughter rang out as soon as Donglin Yanxue had finished talking. A black speck even smaller than an ant appeared in the distant horizon, but in the next moment, it had crossed the huge distance and appeared before Donglin Yanxue and Jian Chen, turning into Qing Shan.

Jian Chen studied Qing Shan. He had heard about Qing Shan who held first place on the Godkings’ Throne firmly and was known as the strongest Godking in the entire Saints’ World quite some time ago.

Moreover, Qing Shan was similar to him, both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master. He wielded Martial Soul Force.

Jian Chen was composed as he faced Qing Shan, while Donglin Yanxue became despaired.

“Four-colored soulcore. You must be one of the candidates. State your name,” Qing Shan hovered three metres in the air as he looked at Donglin Yanxue from above. He spoke coldly.

Donglin Yanxue did not reply. She gritted her teeth and tossed a formation disc onto the ground from her Space Ring.

Immediately, a powerful energy barrier was erected, surrounding her and Jian Chen.

This was a rather high quality defensive formation disc. It could easily block attacks from Godkings and a single attack from a Primordial realm expert. Before Donglin Yanxue had entered the World of Moon and Star, her seniors in the Donglin clan had bestowed this item upon her. It was her greatest trump card for protecting herself.

Jian Chen studied the formation disc and immediately determined it could only block a single attack from Qing Shan.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t tell me. There’s only one female among the five candidates. You should be Donglin Yanxue.” Qing Shan watched Donglin Yanxue’s actions indifferently. He did not stop her. In the next moment, killing intent flashed through his eyes, and he said coldly, “Since I know your identity, you can follow Shi De’s footsteps now.” With that, Qing Shan extended a finger towards Donglin Yanxue.

Immediately, a streak of light shot out from his fingertip and landed on Donglin Yanxue’s protective barrier with enough force to make space tremble.

“Martial Soul Force!” A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes the moment Qing Shan struck out. He could clearly sense the existence of Martial Soul Force in that move.

Moreover, it was Martial Soul Force countless times more powerful than what Jian Chen could control.

Jian Chen immediately became eager. Suddenly, he desired a battle with Qing Shan very much. He wanted to understand the mysteries of Martial Soul Force from Qing Shan.


At this moment, Donglin Yanxue’s protective formation shattered loudly after enduring a strike from Qing Shan. Powerful ripples of energy, along with strands Martial Soul Force, surged through the shattered barrier and struck Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue heavily.

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