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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2310 - Primeval Qi
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2310: Primeval Qi

Jian Chen was overjoyed by the awakening of the sword spirits. Ever since he assisted Mo Tianyun’s original body in breaking free and fused the twin swords, the sword spirits had fallen into a slumber due to overexertion. No matter how he called them during this time, he had received no response at all.

Now that the sword spirits were finally beginning to awaken, Jian Chen would obviously be delighted.

But at the same time, he realised that the old man before him was not simple. He had a vague feeling that the sword spirits only began to awaken because of this old man.

The sword spirits appeared above Jian Chen’s head as two young people completely condensed from light. The man was handsome, while the woman was pretty. They seemed like a matching pair.

They stared at the old man condensed from azure light, and they gradually became stern. They called out, “Primeval Qi. I never thought we would see a spirit transformed from a strand of Primeval Qi.”

Jian Chen was surprised. He could not help but study the old man closely. Even though he did not really understand what Primeval Qi was, he had somewhat realised that the old man was an existence similar to the sword spirits.

The old man stared at the sword spirits with mixed feelings and sighed in amazement, “Spirits formed from yin Qi and yang Qi. I never thought that after so many years, I would be able to meet existences similar to me in this cursed land. But it seems like you’re extremely weak.”

“Old senior, are you the hall spirit of this divine hall?” Jian Chen could not contain his curiosity and asked for confirmation.

The old man looked at Jian Chen and nodded, “That’s right. I’m the hall spirit.”

“Then may I ask where the master of this divine hall is?” Jian Chen continued his questions.

The old man sighed gently as he became slightly dispirited. He said glumly, “Master has already passed away in the flow of time. He isn’t from this aeon.”

The eyes of the sword spirits lit up when they heard that. They asked, “You’re from the previous aeon?”

The old man shook his head again and replied, “It should be the aeon before that if you want to be more accurate.”

“The aeon before that?” The sword spirits were surprised. They looked at the old man deeply and said, “Since you’ve existed for so long, why haven’t there been any rumors regarding you in the outside world?”

“That’s because I’m trapped here. I can’t leave, and no one knows about this place either. Obviously, there will be no news about me at all in the outside world,” said the old man. He glanced at Jian Chen and the sword spirits deeply and continued, “You’re the first group of living souls I’ve seen in the countless years since my master passed away as well as the first living creatures to set foot in this cursed land.”

“Cursed land? Why is this place referred to as a cursed land? And what’s with the mist outside? Is the mist responsible for trapping you here?” Jian Chen asked.

“Nay. The mist you see is not what traps me. Instead, it is a wondrous power that was created by the fusion of the power of the curse and the power of the Primeval Divine Hall. In regards to the cursed land, the World of Moon and Star you were in before and where the Primeval Divine Hall stands all belong to it.”

“The curse came from the Dao Union Saint. It has already fused with the surroundings, combining with the world and basically creating a new type of law. It’s omnipresent. You can’t sense its existence with your current level of cultivation.”

“It’s also because of this curse that I can’t leave this place. Even the past territory of my master, the Saint of Grand Clarity, has been severely damaged. It’s called the World of Grand Clarity, which is also the current World of Moon and Star.”

The old man said slowly.

“So the World of Moon and Star used to be called the World of Grand Clarity. Since the mist is power from the Primeval Divine Hall, and you’re the artifact spirit of the Primeval Divine Hall, the mist must be under your control. The reason why I can come here is because of your guidance. May I ask what intentions you have for getting me here?” Jian Chen asked.

“It’s because I can sense a droplet of a Saint’s essence blood within your body. Most importantly, your body contains two strands of yin and yang Qi that exist like me. It’s exactly because of them that I made you come here.”

“A Saint’s essence blood? Are you referring to this?” Jian Chen was puzzled. He pointed at where the ancient Skywolf’s essence blood in his body was located.

“That’s right. That’s a Saint’s essence blood. The owner of the essence blood was the most powerful Saint during my master’s aeon. Of course, Saints may have another name in your aeon,” said the artifact spirit.

Jian Chen finally understood when he heard that. Saints were actually the current Grand Exalts.

“The Dao Union Saint’s curse is no longer as powerful as before after the passing of two aeons. However, in order for me to break free, I still need ten droplets of a Saint’s essence blood. If you can collect those ten droplets for me and free me, I’ll bestow a strand of Primeval Qi to you.”

“Primeval Qi is a type of power that came into existence with chaos. It’s second to Chaotic Force in terms of quality and is at the same level as your yin Qi and yang Qi, but it does contain other mysteries to it. I think you know exactly how much it can benefit you.”

“You will definitely be getting the better end of the deal by exchanging it for ten droplets of a Saint’s blood. It’s actually a huge fortuitous encounter for you,” the hall spirit said to the sword spirits. What he truly focused on were the sword spirits who were a similar existence to him. He did not place much attention on Jian Chen.

Even though Jian Chen possessed a droplet of a Saint’s essence blood, he also knew that Jian Chen had only obtained it through luck, and there was only one drop of it.

However, most of the power within the Saint’s essence blood had leaked away, so it was not very useful to him at all.

The sword spirits’ eyes immediately lit up with desire, something they rarely showed, when they heard the hall spirit’s offer of a strand of Primeval Qi.

But very soon, they calmed down. The burning desire within their eyes vanished, and they sighed in pity, “Collecting ten droplets of essence blood from Grand Exalts is just too difficult. After all, this essence blood isn’t regular blood.”

“Let alone essence blood, even the regular blood of Grand Exalt is basically impossible to obtain unless we return to that age when our old master stood supreme,” Qing Suo also sighed.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, what are the uses of Primeval Qi to you?” Jian Chen could not help but ask when he saw the sword spirits desire it so badly.

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