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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2311 - The Artifact Spirit Alarmed
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2311: The Artifact Spirit Alarmed

“Master, a strand of Primeval Qi can allow us to surpass our previous peak and take a step further, becoming even more powerful,” Zi Ying said with burning desire.

Nothing in the world could resist the temptation of becoming even more powerful, whether they be the many cultivators or innate spirits like the sword spirits.

Jian Chen was surprised inside. The sword spirits were an extremely powerful existence at their prime. The fusion of the twin swords possessed devastating power. If they could take a step further than that, just how great would they become?

Since the Primeval Qi would be so useful to the sword spirits, Jian Chen became interested. He was tempted to obtain it immediately. The sword spirits had already accepted him as their master. If the sword spirits became even more powerful, his battle prowess would indirectly increase as well.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down. He stared at the hall spirit with mixed feelings and said in thought, “Actually, removing your curse isn’t anything difficult at all. All you need is a Grand Exalt, an existence akin to a Saint, to take action, and it should be enough to easily nullify the curse of another Saint. If you’re willing, I can find a way to find an expert like that for you.”

Jian Chen began to think about how he could obtain the strand of Primeval Qi after learning just how useful it was to the sword spirits.

He did not dare to think about collecting ten droplets of essence blood from Grand Primes because such a matter was completely impossible to accomplish. Even in the distant future, he would not be able to do something like that.

Even though finding a Grand Exalt was almost impossible as well, it was much easier than collecting ten droplets of essence blood.

Jian Chen considered finding a Grand Exalt to remove the curse that kept the artifact spirit bound in exchange for the strand of Primeval Qi.

After all, these were only a handful of Grand Exalts in the current Saints’ World. With his current strength, meeting an expert like that would not be easy, so he was not going overboard by offering that in exchange for the Primeval Qi.

Moreover, he believed that once a Grand Exalt discovered the existence of the Primeval Divine Hall, they would definitely take personal action with its value.

After all, the Primeval Divine Hall was a god artifact on par with the twin swords.

However, Jian Chen’s words seemed to have touched the hall spirit’s soft spot. His eyes immediately became piercing as he stared at Jian Chen viciously. He said coldly, “Brat, it’s best if you don’t do that, or I will never spare you even if the yin and yang Qi are protecting you.”

Jian Chen immediately frowned when he saw the hall spirit’s violent reaction and heard his threats. He stared at the old man before him. He was unable to tell what the artifact spirit was thinking.

“Primeval Qi, the method mentioned by my master is indeed the only method to free you quickly,” the sword spirits said in displeasure.

The artifact spirit said coldly, “I’ve already considered that. If I really wanted to do that, I would have been free long ago. Why would I still be trapped here today?”

“It’s just that once a Saint learns of my existence, I won’t be able to avoid the fate of accepting them as my master. I don’t want to yield to anyone else after my master’s death, even if they’re the strongest Saint in the world…”

Jian Chen’s expression immediately became strange when he heard that. He felt that this artifact spirit was far too different. He was clearly an artifact spirit, yet he also wanted unconditional freedom.

The sword spirits stared at the artifact spirit with mixed feelings. They said, “But you’re still an artifact spirit in the end. The reason for an artifact spirit’s existence is to stand with its master. It’s basically impossible for you to avoid this fate. Even if you can avoid it for some time, it won’t last forever. You’ll be sensed by the sovereigns of the world sooner or later once you break free and appear in the outside world.”

“Hmph, that’s not for you to worry about.” The artifact spirit snorted coldly, “Ten droplets of a Saint’s blood for a strand of Primeval Qi that can make your even more powerful. Are you willing to make the deal or not? I know you’re very weak right now, and you can’t collect Saint’s essence blood, but you’re innate spirits transformed from yin and yang Qi after all. You’ll possess that ability someday in the future.”

“Primeval Qi, if you want the ten droplets of essence blood, you should be asking our master, not us,” replied the sword spirits.

“Your master?” The artifact spirit glanced at Jian Chen and studied him. He showed some scorn and said, “Him? Although I have no idea why you would choose him as your master, I definitely don’t think he’ll have the ability to collect ten droplets of essence blood for me in the future.”

“Although he already has a droplet of a Saint’s essence blood within him, I can also sense that the essence blood comes from a Saint from the aeon before the last one and not this aeon. The only reason he possesses it is luck. Luck like that won’t accompany him forever.”

The artifact spirit suddenly paused, and his face became rather strange. He continued, “Are you trying to say to wait for your master to become a Saint in the future?”

Before the sword spirits could reply, the artifact spirit sneered and said, “If that’s really what you’re thinking, I can only tell you that you’re far too naive. I know the amount of difficulties and the amount of setbacks on the path to becoming a Saint far better than the two of you.”

“During the aeon when my master stood supreme, the path to becoming a Saint was also known as a path of bones. The reason why it’s called that is because every single Saint only arrived where they were by crossing over skeletons after skeletons. The creation of every Saint comes at the cost of countless corpses, the deaths of countless prodigies.”

“Your master might have some ability as a current prodigy, but he might just become a stepping stone for other prodigies in their paths to becoming Saints in the future.”

“If you want me to place my hopes on your master, that only seems like a waste of time to me.”

The artifact spirit argued. He did not try to hide his disdain towards Jian Chen at all.

Although he was an artifact spirit, he originated from a strand of Primeval Qi. He had his pride. Even Grand Exalts would struggle to make him yield, let alone Jian Chen who was only a Godking right now.

The artifact spirit’s scorn towards Jian Chen angered the sword spirits very much. Qing Suo immediately snorted coldly, “Our master is nowhere near as ordinary as you’ve described him to be. Primeval Qi, open your eyes and take a good look.”

“Hmph, you still think so? Alright then, let me see where your confidence comes from,” the artifact spirit did not take the sword spirits’ words too seriously. However, he still studied Jian Chen earnestly.

However, when he did so, his face immediately changed drastically. As if he had been frightened, he could not help but stumble backwards. Even his illusionary body condensed from azure light flickered violently and almost collapsed.

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