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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2312 - Forbidden By The World
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2312: Forbidden By the World

“Y- you… i- i- impossible, impossible. This is impossible…” The artifact spirit was unable to stop himself. Shock filled his face as he stared straight at Jian Chen in extreme fear.

Jian Chen frowned when he saw the artifact spirit lose his composure. He asked sternly, “What did you see from me?”

“Y- y- your existence is forbidden by the world. The world cannot tolerate you. Your final fate will be getting mercilessly eliminated by the world. You will face a horrific end. It’s impossible for you to make it to the end of your path,” the artifact spirit pointed at Jian Chen as he shrieked out hysterically.

He had reacted as if he had seen something extremely terrifying from Jian Chen. Despite being an artifact spirit who had lived through two aeons and countless years and even followed a Saint, he was unable to remain composed.

Jian Chen frowned heavily. He stared deeply at the artifact spirit who had reacted so violently. He could not help but think back to the spirit of the Anatta Tower he had encountered back on the Tian Yuan Continent from the artifact spirit’s response.

When the spirit of the Anatta Tower used his special ability to catch a glimpse of Jian Chen’s future, he had also reacted like the artifact spirit. His expression had changed, and he cried out similar things.

“Can you tell me what you saw from me? Why am I forbidden by the world, and why does the world want to eliminate me?” Jian Chen asked again. He was eager to find out from the artifact spirit.

Jian Chen was just too curious about that glimpse of the future. At the same time, he felt rather uneasy and worried.

Just the thought of being eliminated by the world was chilling. It was very difficult for Jian Chen to calm down after hearing that.

“T- that’s because you’re taboo. You should have never existed in the first place. And I can’t tell you what I saw. I cannot disclose the heavenly secrets…” The artifact spirit looked at Jian Chen with fear. He was still shaken.

Currently, his gaze towards Jian Chen was extraordinarily stern. He no longer despised him.

“Perhaps you haven’t sensed anything strange right now, nor can you sense any ill omens. That’s because you’re far too weak right now, weak to the point where any expert could easily crush you. You obviously won’t touch on the taboo like that. However, once your strength reaches a certain level in the future, you will know what your final fate is. At that time, you will become an enemy of the entire world, the entire universe.”

“The world wants to eliminate you. No one can help you, including the strongest Saint in the world. Even the yin and yang Qi won’t be of any use. Your final fate is death, completely vanishing from the world. That is your destiny,” the artifact spirit followed up sternly.

“Hmph. Primeval Qi, it’s still too soon for you to make a conclusion like that. Did you clearly see master’s death in the glimpse of the future you saw?”

The artifact spirit’s words displeased the sword spirits greatly. Zi Ying immediately rebuked him.

“Nothing can survive once targeted by the world. Even people as powerful as Saints will still die to the Infinite Cataclysm at the end of an aeon, erased by the world,” the artifact spirit said grimly.

“Most of the Saints you speak of are only some mortal beings with great talent who climbed their way up step by step. How can they be compared to master?” Zi Ying said seriously.

“Since master has appeared, he definitely won’t die. Even if he faces the elimination of the world, he’ll survive despite the fright,” Qing Suo also swore. She was confident in Jian Chen.

The artifact spirit fell silent. He had gradually calmed down. He stared at Jian Chen with shining eyes as the light in them flickered with wisdom.

A while later, he suddenly said, “If you can collect ten droplets of a Saints’ essence blood and remove the Dao Union Saint’s curse, I’ll change my initial offer. I’ll accept you as my second master.”

“Accept me as your second master?” Jian Chen was surprised by the sudden change in attitude. He stared at the artifact spirit strangely and snickered, “Your offer is quite tempting, but I don’t think it’ll bring me any benefit at all. That’s because once I become powerful enough to collect the essence blood of Grand Exalts, you might not be of any use to me anymore.”

“Of course, that is unless you accept me as your master right now. Only then will I search for the essence blood of Grand Exalts without sparing any effort for you.”

The artifact spirit shook his head and replied, “As long as the Dao Union Saint’s curse remains, I won’t be able to leave nor will I be able to bring you any help. If you want me to take you as my master, if you want me to serve you, you need to bring me ten droplets of a Grand Exalt’s essence blood so that I can recover my freedom.”

“And I think the help I’ll bring to you before you become a Saint will be far greater than the yin and yang Qi,” the artifact spirit said confidently.

Afterwards, Jian Chen felt the landscape around him change. He had already been taken to another gloomy space by the artifact spirit. Several dozen huge creatures sat before him with their eyes closed.

These creatures seemed extremely like humans, but they were not.

“Do you see them? They’re the strongest generals who followed my master in the past. Even though they’re already dead and their souls have been dispersed, their bodies and the power within their bodies have been perfectly preserved under my powers. As long as you plant a new soul in them, they’ll immediately be able to fight for you.”

“How powerful are these people?” Jian Chen asked. He stared at the fallen generals with interest. These experts were ancient beings from two aeons ago.

“Before you become a Saint, these generals will provide you with the greatest assistance. After all, they had once been raised by my master, the Saint of Grand Clarity, through great efforts,” said the artifact spirit.

Jian Chen immediately became interested when he heard that. His eyes lit up eagerly. It was quite obvious just how powerful these generals were from the artifact spirit’s words.

“Of course, these generals are unable to fight for you before you find ten droplets of a Saint’s essence blood. The Dao Union Saint’s curse restrains me, so before its removal, I don’t have the power to awaken them,” continued the artifact spirit.

“Is a droplet of essence blood enough to awaken one or two of them?” Jian Chen asked eagerly. He could take out a droplet right now.

“No, there needs to be ten droplets of essence blood and no less, or I can’t break free from the Dao Union Saint’s curse.”

“Looks like there’s no other way then.” The artifact spirit’s words were like dousing Jian Chen in cold water. It immediately destroyed his fantasies.

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