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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2313 - Hei Ya Breaks Through
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Chapter 2313: Hei Ya Breaks Through

Saints were experts on the same level as Grand Exalts. Collecting ten droplets of essence blood from Grand Exalts was not something Jian Chen dared to consider even in his wildest dreams. He could not obtain the artifact spirit’s assistance or directly possess the bronze divine hall in a short amount of time.

Afterwards, Jian Chen discussed with the artifact spirit some more. In the end, he was forced to accept the reality that the Primeval Divine Hall had nothing useful to him before he obtained ten droplets of essence blood from Grand Exalts.

“I’ll leave an imprint on the back of your hand. This imprint is the key to the World of Grand Clarity. When you collect the ten droplets of essence blood one day, activate the imprint using the method that I’ll teach you, and the gateway to here will open up before you.”

“Bear in mind that you can only open the gateway when you’re in regular space. The imprint will be rendered useless in some wondrous places, sealed spaces, or even miniature worlds carved out by supreme experts.”

“The imprint can only open the gateway once, so do not activate it before you collect the ten droplets of essence blood. Under the restraint of the curse, I no longer have the power to give you a second key. Even if you enter the World of Grand Clarity some other way, I only have enough power to bring you here once because the Primeval Divine Palace isn’t located in the World of Grand Clarity.”

“This power can only be used once you’ve collected the ten droplets of essence blood…”

“The curse from the Dao Union Saint has kept me suppressed for far too long. I can’t stay conscious over long periods of time. I must continue slumbering. Leave by yourselves…”

The artifact spirit warned Jian Chen about many things. After he said that, his figure condensed from azure light seemed to disperse in the breeze like a wisp of smoke.

Jian Chen had been sent back to the first floor of the Primeval Divine Hall by the artifact spirit. It was where he had first entered the structure. The method to activate the imprint was now in his head.

The ancient hall immediately fell silent. Only Jian Chen was left standing in the huge hall, along with the unconscious Donglin Yanxue in his arms.

“Master, we still haven’t recovered from the fusion, so we need to sleep for a while longer,” the voices of the sword spirits rang out in Jian Chen’s head. Afterwards, he could clearly sense that the sword spirits had fallen back into a slumber.

In that moment, Jian Chen felt rather ashamed. He knew that he had fused the twin swords to free Mo Tianyun’s original body last time selfishly, ignoring all the objections from them. He had exerted the sword spirits far too much to the point where they still had not recovered even now.

“I have to collect ten droplets of essence blood from Grand Exalts. Even if it’s not for the Primeval Divine Hall, I have to do it for the strand of Primeval Qi,” Jian Chen secretly swore an oath. The only way for him to make it up to the sword spirits was to obtain the Primeval Qi that would allow them to exceed their former prime.

Afterwards, he glanced at his hand. There was a shallow imprint on the back of his hand, and as he looked at it, it gradually faded before disappearing completely in the end.

However, Jian Chen knew that the key to the World of Grand Clarity had already fused into the back of his hand completely. It was hidden away deeply such that only he could sense its existence.

Jian Chen left the Primeval Divine Hall with the unconscious Donglin Yanxue and appeared outside.

It was still the same as when he first arrived. A strange mist filled the surroundings, while the Primeval Divine Hall shone with a dazzling azure light that seemed to glow forever, illuminating the region.

“This should be the tunnel out of here,” Jian Chen looked forwards. The strange mist swirled around slowly there. Even though it was all misty within the swirl, Jian Chen could sense the powers of space.

However, he did not leave because he somewhat understood that as long as he remained here, Donglin Yanxue would remain unconscious. Her unconsciousness did not come from her wounds; rather, it was because of the artifact spirit.

The artifact spirit did not want another master, so he did not want Donglin Yanxue to learn of his existence. It was a measure taken just in case Donglin Yanxue disclosed this fact and drew in experts from the outside world.

“If she awakens, I’ll be really restrained. I won’t be able to act freely at all. It looks like I need to spend some time here,” Jian Chen was in no hurry to leave. With a thought, the Anatta Tower suddenly appeared.

Under Jian Chen’s control, the damaged Anatta Tower covered in sword slashes stood several hundred metres tall.

The artifact spirit had already hidden itself in this wondrous space for two aeons, so he did not need to worry about being discovered by experts in the outside world if he took out the Anatta Tower here.

Afterwards, Jian Chen placed the unconscious Donglin Yanxue outside the Anatta Tower, allowing her to remain under the influence of the artifact spirit. He, on the other hand, entered the Anatta Tower with a flash.

Unbeknownst to Jian Chen, a figure shrouded in hazy light was sitting within the majestic Heavenly Palace of Bisheng when he took out the Anatta Tower. The power of laws revolved around the figure, conjuring the mysteries of the world. Vaguely, the laws seemed to boom out like a great chime.

The figure seemed to have fused with the laws, becoming a part of them. The figure truly seemed to be supreme, capable of controlling the supreme power that operated the world. They seemed to represent the greatest will of the world.

In that moment, the figure seemed to sense something. Their eyes snapped open. The pair of eyes were extremely cold, holding no emotions at all and looking down on all lives.

“Primeval Force…” the figure murmured. The voice seemed to contain all the sounds of the world while the cold eyes seemed to pierce through space into the depths of the cosmos.


“Hei Ya, just break through here.” A divine hall stood within the Anatta Tower. Jian Chen stood outside the divine hall as he spoke to the black-clothed Hei Ya.

Hei Ya had already reached peak Godking, and with the Flower of Ways from Jian Chen, he had already comprehended the mysteries of the Primordial realm. He could break through at any time.

However, the divine hall he previously stayed in was unable to endure the pulses of energy from his breakthrough due to its limited grade. As a result, he could only delay his breakthrough under Jian Chen’s request.

Now that they were in the wondrous space where the artifact spirit resided, Jian Chen did not need to worry about exposing the Anatta Tower. As a result, he moved Hei Ya into the Anatta Tower for him to break through inside it.

“Yes, master!” Hei Ya replied politely. Afterwards, he sat on the floor and began his breakthrough.

Jian Chen smiled gladly as he watched Hei Ya. Once Hei Ya reached the Primordial realm, it would hold extremely great significance to him.

It would mean possessing a Primordial realm expert that was completely devoted to him. He could use Hei Ya whenever he wanted.

At this moment, Jian Chen could not help but think back to the situation with the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in the past. When the divine kingdom faced the invasion of the Empyrean Demon Cult, just a single vice-leader who had reached the Primordial realm, Huai An, was enough to suffocate most of the experts from the divine kingdom.

During that time, the Primordial realm was synonymous with expert. As a matter of fact, the Primordial realm seemed like an uncrossable mountain in the eyes of many Godkings.

This was because a huge, gaping chasm separated the Primordial realm and Godhood. Out of the countless Godkings in the Saints’ World, only a few would truly be able to reach the Primordial realm.

Once a divine kingdom gained a Primordial realm expert, its status would immediately change; it would become an empire.

Now, Jian Chen was about to have a Primordial realm expert all to himself, so it was obviously a joyous matter.

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