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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2320 - Heavy Losses
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2320: Heavy Losses

It was not just elder Mu Zhong. Even the other elders lost their usual composure. Their faces became extremely ugly and grave.

“Impossible. We’ve screened through all the vicious beasts in the entire World of Moon and Star. The few vicious beasts that are at the Primordial realm have all been slain by us. There are only existences with battle prowess at Godking. It’s definitely impossible for these vicious beasts to pose any threat to elder He Tian…”

“That’s right. It’s impossible for a vicious beast to threaten He Tian. Even if one of them had broken through recently and reached the Primordial realm, they won’t be He Tian’s opponent…”

“What exactly has happened in there? Why haven’t we received news from elder He Tian…”

“Did something huge happen in the World of Moon and Star such that even elder He Tian couldn’t contact us in time?”

“Oh no, the five candidates are still in there…”

The elders on the stage all called out. Their faces changed rapidly as they became extremely grim. They felt an ill omen.

“All elders, enter the World of Moon and Star immediately. Even if we have to dig deep, we have to find out what has happened. Scour the entire World of Moon and Star. We must search for the candidates who took part in the trial. It doesn’t matter whether they’re alive or dead; I want to see them! Go!” Elder Mu Zhong called out. His face had darkened from anger. He was basically furious.

The Radiant Saint Hall would have a Chosen Saint once every millenium. This was an ancient tradition of the Radiant Saint Hall that had been maintained for who knows how long. All the candidates for the current generation had entered the World of Moon and Star to undergo a trial, and they would select the Chosen Saint based on the results. If all five of them met their end, would that not mean the Radiant Saint Hall would have to go without a Chosen Saint?

Although this would have no impact on the Radiant Saint Hall’s strength at all, they were still a renowned peak organisation on the Desolate Plane after all. If they really did face an awkward situation where they had no Chosen Saint, it would be extremely humiliating. They would be disgraced.

Immediately, all the elders on the stage aside from elder Mu Zhong entered the World of Moon and Star.

The huge square fell deathly silent. The Radiant Godkings gathered there all realised that something unexpected had happened to the trial this time. They all stood below the stage as they waited quietly. The atmosphere was rather suffocating.

Before long, two elders flew out from the World of Moon and Star. One of them carried a bloodied corpse.

They carefully placed the corpse on the stage and said sorrowfully, “Elder He Tian has passed away!”

Unsurprisingly, the corpse belonged to elder He Tian who watched over the World of Moon and Star, serving as the last line of protection for the five candidates.

“Sh*t!” Elder Mu Zhong’s heart sank completely when he saw elder He Tian’s corpse. His face became extremely grim, and he immediately sent a sliver of the senses of his soul into the depths of the sacred hall.

Very soon, several other elders flew over and landed on the stage.

These elders all wore black clothes, and their eyes shone with cold light. They were the upper echelon of the Disciplinary and Penal Halls in the Radiant Saint Hall.

“It’s Martial Soul Force. Elder He Tian has been slain by a member of the Martial Soul lineage.”

“From the wounds, it’s probably Qing Shan of the Martial Soul lineage. Only Qing Shan out of the seven of them needs to fight elder He Tian for so long to kill him.”

The elders of the Disciplinary and Penal Halls said emotionlessly and coldly. Their eyes shone with killing intent.

“Another one of our elders have died to Qing Shan’s hands. Let’s go and properly search the World of Moon and Star,” an elder from the Disciplinary Hall growled.

“Qing Shan has committed monstrous crimes. We cannot spare him…”

The elders from the two halls surged with hostility as they entered the World of Moon and Star as well.

It was also at this moment that elders began to flow out from the World of Moon and Star. They carried out corpses one after another.

All of these corpses belonged to Radiant Godkings. They were the protectors of the candidates. They had all died to Qing Shan’s hands.

These corpses were scattered across the World of Moon and Star, but under the personal search of the elders, they had retrieved the corpses one after another.

Looking at the corpses that only increased on the stage, elder Mu Zhong’s face sank even more. Surging fury and terrifying killing intent bubbled within him.

“Gongzheng Xin is dead.” At this moment, another elder flew out from the gateway with a corpse. He was heavy-hearted. To no surprise, the corpse belonged to one of the five candidates, Gongzheng Xin.

“Heavens, it’s actually Gongzheng Xin. Gongzheng Xin is actually dead…”

Gongzheng Xin’s death immediately caused an uproar below the stage.

“Senior brother, you have to be safe. You have to return alive.” Within the crowd, Bai Yu paled. She clenched her hands as she prayed inside. She was extremely worried.

Anyone could tell that something major had happened to the trial in the World of Moon and Star this time. She was uncertain whether her second senior was still alive.

Suddenly, a terrifying pressure appeared. Two figures silently arrived on the stage. They were Xuan Zhan and Mo He of the eight vice-leaders.

“Greetings, vice-leaders!”

Their appearance immediately made all the Radiant Godkings below bow. Even elder Mu Zhong on the stage bowed as a greeting like everyone else.

The gazes of the two vice-leaders were fixed on the corpses on the stage. Their faces sank.

The vice-leaders held great status in the Radiant Saint Hall. They rarely made an appearance. Even something as important as selecting a Chosen Saint was completely left up to the elders to handle. The vice-leaders would never ask about it personally. At most, they would pay the slightest bit of attention secretly.

But now, with the deaths of so many protectors and a candidate, even the great vice-leaders had been alarmed.

The elders of the Radiant Saint Hall radiated with powerful presence in the World of Moon and Star as they moved through the air with lightning speed. They used the powerful senses of their souls to pierce the sky and earth, scouring the entire place.

All the vicious beasts in the World of Moon and Star, regardless of strength, shrunk up in their nests. They all trembled in fear.

At the same time, Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue sat quietly within an extremely well-hidden underground cavern several tens of thousand kilometres away.

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