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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2322 - Running Out Of Time
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Chapter 2322: Running Out of Time

Jian Chen only had a one-colored soulcore, so they obviously did not go into too much detail with their questions. The elders believed the three surviving Radiant Godkings could help them understand what happened better.

“Fantastic. Senior brother, you actually made it out alive. You have no idea at all. When I saw so many powerful peak lords dead, I thought even senior brother met his end,” Bai Yu immediately appeared beside Jian Chen as soon as he emerged from the sacred hall. She was still shaken.

“Oh right. Senior brother, what exactly happened in the World of Moon and Star? Did you really encounter Qing Shan of the Martial Soul lineage?” Bai Yu raised her head slightly to look at Jian Chen. She was extremely curious.

“Why do you care about that? You better cultivate properly instead. Becoming powerful as soon as possible is crucial for establishing yourself.”

“I’m just curious. Just tell me, senior brother…”

Originally, the trial in the World of Moon and Star should have only been the first stage of the competition. After this first trial, three candidates would be directly eliminated depending on how many Radiant Origin Pearls they had collected.

The second stage would be a competition between the two remaining candidates to decide who would become the Chosen Saint in the end. Only then would the competition come to a close.

But due to the sudden changes to the situation in the World of Moon and Star, only Donglin Yanxue managed to survive out of the five candidates. She became the only candidate in the Radiant Saint Hall, so the second stage naturally became unnecessary.

Donglin Yanxue had also formally become the Chosen Saint of the generation.

Once she became the Chosen Saint, not only did it mean an elevation in status, but it also meant the Radiant Saint Hall would nurture her for the next thousand years without sparing any effort.

As a result, the position of Chosen Saint was heavily coveted by all Radiant Saint Masters in the Radiant Saint Hall. It was an opportunity for them to evolve.

Thanks to the assistance of the elders, Donglin Yanxue recovered from her wounds in under a day. Three days later, the formal ceremony for inheriting the position as Chosen Saint began.

As Donglin Yanxue took up the position of Chosen Saint, Jian Chen had already returned to the Soaring Clouds Peak. He sat there as he stared at the sacred hall that stood above the clouds quietly. His gaze was deep.

“Basically ninety-nine percent of all the low level Radiant Saint Masters have had their blood tested in the Radiant Saint Hall, and they possess blood medallions now. However, the examinations in the Radiant Saint Hall are becoming stricter and stricter. The blood medallion is gradually evolving into a symbol of status. It looks like I really don’t have much time left in the Radiant Saint Hall,” Jian Chen thought as he sat on a rock outside his dwelling.

He had already comprehended the Laws of Space to Godking, so his understanding of space was extremely deep. His vision could pierce through many things. Even without using the senses of his soul, he could see a million kilometres away.

As a result, although he had never taken a single step away from the Soaring Clouds Peak during these three days, he knew many of the matters that had happened in the Radiant Saint Hall.

He could clearly see the many Radiant Saint Masters carrying blood medallions and could also see the envoys of the Radiant Saint Hall check the blood medallions of each and every low level Radiant Saint Master under the watch of fighters from outside. All people who had not gone through the blood test, regardless of their status or background, would be forcefully tested.

Currently, he truly felt that time was pressing. The time that remained for him was becoming lesser and lesser.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s expression changed slightly. He looked at the three black-robed envoys flying directly towards the Soaring Clouds Peak with an azure-clothed fighter.

Jian Chen could not be more familiar with the group. They were one of the small groups responsible for holding the blood tests.

“I can’t run into them,” Jian Chen made a quick decision. He drifted off the rock. Concealing his presence and erasing his traces, he left the Soaring Clouds Peak in the opposite direction, avoiding them.

Soon after Jian Chen’s departure, the four people arrived on the Soaring Clouds Peak. One of the envoys asked, “Is disciple of the Soaring Clouds Peak, Chang Yang, present?”

“Why are you looking for senior brother?” At this moment, a white light shot over and stopped before the four of them. It revealed Bai Yu.

Bai Yu had just come from the sacred hall and was about to go find Jian Chen on the Soaring Clouds Peak. She just so happened to run into this group.

“Chang Yang still hasn’t gone through the blood test. We’ve naturally come to carry it out,” said a black-robed envoy.

“Oh. I just happened to be looking for senior brother to discuss our experiences with cultivation. Come with me,” Bai Yu nodded and went to Jian Chen’s dwelling with the four people.

Bai Yu directly touched the barrier outside the dwelling and called for Jian Chen. Obviously, she received no reply.

“Strange. Isn’t senior brother on the Soaring Clouds Peak? Or is he in secluded cultivation?” A while later, Bai Yu frowned and wondered to herself.

The three envoys and the fighter stood nearby. They did not become impatient at all.

“If that’s the case, we’ll just wait here then. All the other disciples below Godking have undergone the blood test in the Radiant Saint Hall. We just need to check Chang Yang now,” said an envoy.

If it were in the past, they would have never had the patience to wait there. They would even destroy the formation and barge into the dwelling. But every since Jian Chen exposed the fact that he held vice-leader Xuan Zhan’s medallion a year ago, his status had changed in the Radiant Saint Hall. These envoys obviously did not dare to offend Jian Chen over a small matter like this.

Jian Chen hid in the clouds several dozen kilometres away. He saw everything that happened on the Soaring Clouds Peak. With his powerful senses, he even heard everything the envoy said. He immediately became stern.

“I never thought I would already be the last one. I can’t return to the Soaring Clouds Peak,” Jian Chen frowned. After a moment of thought, he suddenly looked towards the sacred hall before rising up and flying towards it.

By the time Jian Chen arrived at the sacred hall, the ceremony had already ended. The lords of the various peaks gathered in the square had all dispersed. Jian Chen held vice-leader Xuan Zhan’s medallion and passed through the strict security smoothly, directly arriving at Donglin Yanxue’s temporary residence in the sacred hall.

Even the peak lords were forbidden from approaching the Chosen Saint’s residence without permission. However, with the medallion, Jian Chen could even see vice-leader Xuan Zhan whenever he wished, let alone entering the Chosen Saint’s residence.

It had to be mentioned that Donglin Yanxue’s treatment had improved drastically after she became the Chosen Saint. Two female disciples who seemed like servants stood beside the entrance to her residence. They were at Donglin Yanxue’s disposal at all times.

“I want to see Donglin Yanxue,” Jian Chen directly stated his intentions to the two female servants.

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