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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2323 - The Tower Of Radiance Opens
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Chapter 2323: The Tower of Radiance Opens

“T- this is the Chosen Saint’s personal residence…” The two female servants became troubled. They had no idea how to turn him away.

The two of them were Hallowed Saint Masters with five-colored soulcores, making them equivalent to Gods. However, they were extremely careful around Chang Yang despite his one-colored soulcore. They were afraid of offending him.

Clearly, they knew that although Jian Chen’s cultivation was limited, he had the support of a vice-leader, so his status was extraordinary.

At this moment, the door opened. Donglin Yanxue walked out gently in her attire as the Chosen Saint. She looked at Jian Chen, who stood outside, and mixed feelings flashed through her eyes. After hesitating slightly, she dismissed the two female servants and said gently, “Chang Yang, come in.” With that, she turned around and returned to her residence.

But in the instance she turned around, her face seemed slightly unnatural. However, she returned to normal very soon.

Jian Chen did not think too much about it. He directly entered Donglin Yanxue’s residence, closing the door along the way.

“Why have you come looking for me?” Donglin Yanxue looked at Jian Chen with her shining, black pupils.

“When can we enter the Tower of Radiance?” Jian Chen directly asked.

“You’ve come looking for me because of the Tower of Radiance? Not because of anything else?” Donglin Yanxue stared straight at Jian Chen and replied with more questions.

“The Tower of Radiance is extremely important to me because it contains all the cultivation methods and knowledge of cultivation from the seniors. It has a direct correlation to my future accomplishments. As a result, I hope to enter the Tower of Radiance as soon as possible,” Jian Chen said seriously.

“Do you only see the Tower of Radiance?” A sliver of disappointment flashed through Donglin Yanxue’s eyes.

Jian Chen was slightly surprised by that. He glanced at Donglin Yanxue deeply and said, “Indeed. For a spot into the Tower of Radiance, you should know just how much time and energy I’ve spent.”

“Chang Yang!” Donglin Yanxue called out as she stared straight at Jian Chen with her limpid eyes. Her voice became slightly shrill as she said quickly, “I really don’t understand. You clearly have a vice-leader’s medallion in your hands. If you want to enter the Tower of Radiance, you can just ask the vice-leader to open it for you. Although there’ll be some objections if other vice-leaders want to open it for you, it’s only a matter of a single sentence from vice-leader Xuan Zhan with his status in the Radiant Saint Hall. Since you need to enter the Radiant Saint Hall so urgently, why did you take the longer path and find me? You even gave me a precious puresoul.”

“I only obtained vice-leader Xuan Zhan’s medallion a few days before entering the World of Moon and Star. Moreover, I don’t want to owe vice-leader Xuan Zhan too much. As a result, even if I knew vice-leader Xuan Zhan could directly allow me into the Tower of Radiance, I didn’t want to trouble him, as I want to obtain that spot through my own efforts,” said Jian Chen.

Donglin Yanxue stared at Jian Chen with mixed feelings. She actually said nothing for a moment.

Even though Jian Chen’s mask had given him an ordinary appearance that would not catch any attention if thrown into a crowd, he had already established a great, sturdy image in Donglin Yanxue’s heart when they were in the World of Moon and Star.

A person’s beauty was not their appearance but their true nature. Only a beautiful true nature would be considered as true beauty. Jian Chen’s behaviour in the World of Moon and Star seemed to allow Donglin Yanxue to see his true nature, so the image he had established in Donglin Yanxue’s heart was handsome.

A while later, Donglin Yanxue sighed gently. A hint of disappointment filled her heart as she said, “I will be using my right to the Tower of Radiance in half a month’s time. I’ll send someone to contact you when it’s time.”

“Half a month?” Jian Chen frowned in response, “It’s too long. Can you do it sooner? The sooner, the better. It would be best if it’s tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? So soon?” Donglin Yanxue was surprised.

“Yeah… It’s so soon due to some reasons. Donglin Yanxue, just treat it as helping me out this time. I will remember this favour,” Jian Chen said seriously.

Looking at how stern Jian Chen was, Donglin Yanxue actually could not turn him down, so she said, “Alright then. Tomorrow it is.”

Just like that, Donglin Yanxue had chosen the day the Tower of Radiance would be opening.

As the sun rose up the next day, the clouds and mist near the mountains were dyed a deep red. A group of people with Donglin Yanxue at the lead stood near an ancient tower several hundred metres tall on the highest floor of the Radiant Saint Hall.

Jian Chen happened to be among them.

There were eight other Radiant Godkings aside from him. They stood in a row with Jian Chen behind Donglin Yanxue.

The eight Radiant Godkings were Donglin Yanxue’s newly-chosen protectors. They would be responsible for protecting the Chosen Saint during the millennia Donglin Yanxue held the position. They would completely follow her and serve her.

Jian Chen raised his head slightly and studied the white tower before him. The white tower was naturally the Radiant Saint Hall’s treasure, the Tower of Radiance.

It was completely silver-white. It seemed to possess a natural beauty where it was impossible to find any flaws.

Although it was a treasure left behind by a Grand Exalt, it gave off no pressure at all. As a result, they even struggled to connect the Tower of Radiance to a Grand Exalt.

“Don’t underestimate this place. As the highest floor in the sacred hall, this entire place has been filled with supreme formations. It’s said that after the many hardships of the past leaders, they managed to get the Grand Exalt of Ancient Ways to cast down a formation on the level of a Grand Exalt, firmly locking the Tower of Radiance here. It has stopped all experts from eyeing the Tower of Radiance,” Donnglin Yanxue’s voice rang out.

Jian Chen nodded gently. He studied every inch of the space there. As expected, an astonishing formation seemed to exist around the Tower of Radiance.

The formation was extremely well-hidden. If it were not for the changes to Jian Chen’s soul after fusing with a strand of Chaotic Force, he definitely would not have discovered the formation’s existence.

“Donglin Yanxue, have you thought it through? Do you really want to open the Tower of Radiance now? The number of times you can open the Tower of Radiance will only go down once you use it,” elder Mu Zhong appeared silently at this moment, and he stared at Donglin Yanxue with shining eyes.

“Esteemed elder Mu Zhong, I’ve already made my decision. I formally use my special right to the Tower of Radiance,” Donglin Yanxue said without any hesitation.

Elder Mu Zhong nodded and no longer said anything more.

In the next moment, two tremendous, terrifying energies descended from the sky like floods, pouring into the Tower of Radiance with horrifying pressure.

The Tower of Radiance immediately lit up. The Grand Exalt’s formation that locked up the Tower of Radiance seemed to change slowly, causing the invisible formation to part. It exposed the entrance to the Tower of Radiance.

“Vice-leader Xuan Zhan and vice-leader Mo He have opened the Tower of Radiance for you. You can go in now,” elder Mu Zhong called out.

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