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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2324 - Ancient Imprints
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Chapter 2324: Ancient Imprints

As elder Mu Zhong called out, Donglin Yanxue immediately made her way towards the Tower of Radiance. She disappeared into its entrance very soon.

After Donglin Yanxue, the eight newly-chosen protectors all showed reverence. They entered in awe and veneration.

As Jian Chen was the weakest out of them, he was obviously the last to enter.

“He only has a one-colored soulcore, yet he’s so eager to enter the Tower of Radiance. It looks like this kid is impulsive. It’ll be difficult for him to become outstanding in the future with his mental state.” Elder Mu Zhong stared at Jian Chen as he gradually vanished into the Tower of Radiance. He secretly shook his head.

The Tower of Radiance was a grey, hazy world. Visibility was not great. A faint, grey mist permeated the entire space, limiting one’s vision to a range of only a hundred metres.

The ground below was desolate. It was filled with a deathly stillness.

Jian Chen frowned slightly as he looked at the miniature world within the Tower of Radiance. He felt like he was suffocating the moment he entered the tower. He actually felt like his own life and death were no longer under his control.

Moreover, he could sense slivers of the grey mist deep in his body. He could sense a heavy presence of death from the grey mist.

“The grey mist is the resentment formed from the lingering regrets of the artifact spirit after it passed away. Once too much of it seeps into your body, it’ll cause severe damage. It can even affect the mind. As a result, you can’t stay here for too long. Once you feel like you’ve reached your limit, you have to retreat.” Donglin Yanxue looked back at Jian Chen and explained in detail, “The injuries won’t be anything significant to the Radiant Saint Hall. You can recover from them quickly no matter how severely injured you become.”

“However, once the mist invades the soul and affects the mind, it’ll be far too severe, as injuries to the soul are extremely hard to deal with even for our Radiant Saint Hall.”

Jian Chen nodded to express that he understood. He said, “Where are the cultivation methods and various secret techniques from the seniors hidden?”

“Many ancient imprints drift through this space. Every single ancient imprint was left behind by a past expert of our Radiant Saint Hall. They represent a cultivation method, a Radiant Arte, or the knowledge on cultivation from our past seniors. However, benefiting from these imprints have nothing to do with strength. It completely depends on personal talent and luck.”

Donglin Yanxue stared at Jian Chen deeply and explained in detail, “Close your eyes and open your mind. Call out with your heart. If you are lucky enough, those ancient imprints will come to find you and pass on their contents to you.”

Jian Chen immediately attempted what Donglin Yanxue told him. He faced the suppression from the lingering regrets of the artifact spirit and the influence from the Tower of Radiance itself, so both the senses of his soul and his regular senses had been reduced to a minimum. They were basically useless now. As a result, he could only try to follow Donglin Yanxue’s instructions.

Jian Chen was no ordinary person. He had comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed with a one-colored soulcore. That was more than enough to demonstrate his talent. He was far more talented than Donglin Yanxue.

As result, when he opened his mind and called out with his heart, he sensed the existence of three ancient imprints very soon.

Of course, this was not because of his regular senses. Instead, it was because the three ancient imprints had established a mental connection with him willingly. As a result, Jian Chen could sense their existence with precision.

Under Jian Chen’s senses, the three ancient imprints shot through the space there with terrifying speed. They would be in the air sometimes and underground at other times. They all arrived ten thousand kilometres away in a flash; it was like they could teleport.

Even when Jian Chen erupted with his full speed, he might not be able to catch up to them.

When she saw how Jian Chen had already begun calling for the ancient imprints, determination suddenly flooded Donglin Yanxue’s eyes. She waved her hand at the eight protectors behind her and said to them secretly, “You go first. Don’t mind me.”

“Your highness, our responsibility…” One of the Radiant Godkings hesitated, but before he could finish talking, Donglin Yanxue cut him off, “Don’t worry. I won’t be in any danger soon. On the other hand, Chang Yang only has a one-colored soulcore. He can’t remain here for long. I’ll take him out once he can’t last any longer, and then I’ll come to find you.”

The eight protectors looked at one another. After some slight hesitation, they left together.

The Tower of Radiance was also a holy land that hid great fortunes to them. It could even change their fate. It was possible for them to find a great fortune that would basically pave their future path to greatness. They did not want to waste a single moment at all. They were eager to find their own fortuitous encounters.

“Strange. Why does her highness care about Chang Yang so much? After all, Chang Yang’s identity is technically her highness’ protector. Instead, her highness is watching over him…”

“So much for living for so long. Can’t you tell? Her highness clearly holds feelings towards Chang Yang…”

“How is that possible? Chang Yang clearly has a one-colored soulcore. Apart from his support from vice-leader Xuan Zhan, he has nothing that stands out. But in the Radiant Saint Hall, there are countless people pursuing her highness. All of them are prodigies, and they are on a level that Chang Yang cannot compare to. Why would her highness choose him…”

“I also find it unbelievable. According to my understanding of her highness, she was not like this in the past. However, she seemed to have become a completely different person ever since she returned from the World of Moon and Star…”

The protectors traveled away. Donglin Yanxue stared straight at Jian Chen’s ordinary face. She seemed to be thinking of everything she had gone through in the World of Moon and Star with Jian Chen again, and her gaze gradually became gentle.

Three black-robed elders from the Disciplinary Hall sat within a majestic hall. They were all stern.

“The initial investigations of the World of Moon and Star have been completed. What I don’t understand is how Chang Yang and Donglin Yanxue managed to survive after encountering Qing Shan. It’s rather unbelievable.”

“I had a look at the place as well. Although there are signs of battle involving vicious beasts, it’s nowhere near enough for Chang Yang and Donglin Yanxue to escape from Qing Shan…”

“It’s just that vice-leader Xuan Zhan stands with Chang Yang. All the traces that lead to Chang Yang are difficult for us to handle. We can’t use some special methods at all, since it’ll be our loss if we offend vice-leader Xuan Zhan…”

The three elders sighed as they seemed troubled.

A while later, one of the elders stood up and made up his mind, “I’ll go see the vice-leader and report what we’ve found from our investigations.”

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