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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2325 - The Heaven-splitting Clan
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Chapter 2325: The Heaven-splitting Clan

Dressed in his clean, white robes, vice-leader Xuan Zhan stood in his residence within the sacred hall with his hands behind his back. He gave off a heavy pressure.

Before him was a black-robed elder who had condensed a soultree. He reported the situation.

He was one of the important members of the Disciplinary Hall.

“Are you saying that Chang Yang hides an unknown secret? Or that there’s something off with him?” A gleam of light immediately shone through the vice-leader’s eyes after he heard the elder’s report.

“I dare not jump to conclusions. I just feel like it doesn’t really make sense for Chang Yang and the Chosen Saint to escape from Qing Shan successfully because they did encounter Qing Shan. Even though a powerful vicious beast had burst out and kept Qing Shan busy, Qing Shan has the strength to hunt down Chang Yang and the Chosen Saint again after he kills the vicious beast.”

“Even Radiant Godkings were unable to avoid being hunted down, let alone Chang Yang and the Chosen Saint who aren’t even as fast as Radiant Godkings.”

“As a result, it should have never been possible for Chang Yang and the Chosen Saint to escape from Qing Shan unless Qing Shan let them off purposefully. Although there’s another three Radiant Godkings who survived as well, they did not encounter Qing Shan. You can explain it as they hid so well that even Qing Shan was unable to find them. Their situation is completely different from Chang Yang and the Chosen Saint’s…”

The elder of the Disciplinary Hall reported all the information he possessed as well as their conjecture to vice-leader Xuan Zhan. Afterwards, he glanced at vice-leader Xuan Zhan’s expression carefully and continued, “Aside from this, I also have a feeling that…” The elder paused as if he was worried and had no idea whether he should voice his thoughts or not.

“Speak,” the vice-leader commanded without any particular feeling.

The elder said gently after mulling over it, “I’ve carefully studied the location. From my many years of experience, I keep feeling that someone has purposefully made the place like that; it is like they’re hiding something. Of course, that’s only the feeling I have. There hasn’t been any viable evidence.”

“Have you turned back time and peered into the past?” Vice-leader Xuan Zhan asked. The space in the World of Moon and Star was rather fragile. It could only endure the presence of Infinite Primes. Experts such as the eight vice-leaders could not set foot there.

As a result, they could only use the elders to learn about the situation.

“We’ve asked guest elders to turn back time, but there were several dozen locations where Qing Shan fought in the World of Moon and Star. He disrupted the space-time there as well as the laws, so he rendered turning back time impossible.”

“There’s one more matter. I only just learnt that of all the disciples below Godking, Chang Yang is the only one who hasn’t gone through the blood test. Even the Chosen Saint obtained a blood medallion soon after recovering…” the elder said carefully.

The eyes of the vice-leader narrowed. After a moment of thought, he waved his hand and said, “You can go. Withhold the information for now unless the leader personally asks about it.”

“Yes, I understand. Then I will be dismissing myself…” The elder backed away politely.

Xuan Zhan held the greatest status among the eight vice-leaders because he had already reached the peak of his cultivation level. No one knew when he would break through and reach the next stage. Now that vice-leader Xuan Zhan had personally given an order, the elder of the Disciplinary Hall would never dare to pass this information onto the seven other vice-leaders no matter what.

With the elder’s departure, only Xuan Zhan remained within the large residence, standing there alone with his hands behind his back.

With a flip of his hand, he took out the jade bottle that held a droplet of Xuan Ming’s blood and the jade slip that recorded a message from Xuan Ming. He had obtained these things from Jian Chen.

As he looked at the two items, Xuan Zhan’s gaze deepened.

The Nine Clouds Plane was one of the forty-nine great planes. Although it was nowhere near as renowned as the seven sacred planes, the Nine Clouds Plane ranked towards the front among the forty-two other great planes and eighty-one great planets.

This was because the Nine Clouds Plane was home to an extremely powerful clan, the Heaven-splitting clan!

The Heaven-splitting clan was a peak clan that truly rose up in the past three million years, having made their name in the Saints’ World long ago.

All of this was because the Heaven-splitting clan possessed a supreme expert only second to Grand Primes.

He was the Heaven-splitting Ancestor, one of the few peak experts in the Saints’ World. He stood on the same level as the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. They were only a step away from Grand Exalt.

At this moment, an aqua divine hall stood quietly within the Heaven-splitting clan, giving off a vague pressure.

Basically everyone knew about this divine hall in the Saints’ World, as it had caused an uproar a few years ago in the Saints’ World. It was the Neptunean Divine Palace that had claimed the lives of around half of the supreme Godkings on the Godkings’ Throne.

At this moment, the new master of the Neptunean Divine Palace, Xiao Man, accompanied by Zi Yun, sat with a man who seemed to be in his thirties.

The man’s appearance was nothing special. However, his eyes were peculiar. They would shine brightly at times as if they could see the heavenly secrets and understand all the mysteries in the world. At other times, his eyes would become extremely profound as if they hid a vast galaxy that was enough to swallow the souls of people as the galaxy revolved.

He gave off no presence at all and seemed ordinary apart from his eyes, but Xiao Man and Zi Yun were clearly extremely cautious. They seemed to hold much fear towards the man.

Even when they were in the Neptunean Divine Palace, Xiao Man’s territory, they still did not feel safe at all.

“You can consider my suggestion. Although the Neptunean Divine Palace is of a high grade and is extremely powerful, it doesn’t make you invincible. If you leave here, even more experts will begin eyeing you. It’ll be very difficult for you to have peace. Only I can protect you and stop those people from eyeing the Neptunean Divine Palace,” said the man. His voice was extremely gentle, enough to refresh people.

With that, the man vanished silently.

“He has already left the Neptunean Divine Palace.” A short old man appeared before Xiao Man. He powerlessly stared at where the man previously sat.

“Artifact spirit, the Neptunean Divine Palace is a high quality god artifact. It has unbelievable power. Is there really nothing you can do to that person when you control this power?” Xiao Man asked.

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