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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2327 - Talent Exposed
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Chapter 2327: Talent Exposed

“Your majesty, Jian Chen possesses the Anatta Tower, which has led to the coveting of many experts. Many organisations want to take the Anatta Tower from Jian Chen then hand it up to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng so that they can benefit from it. Jian Chen has already been trapped on the Desolate Plane now. However, his hiding method is extraordinary. As a result, the experts still haven’t found a single trace of him after three or four years of searching,” said a great elder. Although Jian Chen was someone insignificant, the matters that happened on the Desolate Plane recently were just too shocking. It had already spread across the Saints’ World such that many peak experts became familiar with Jian Chen’s name.

“It’s said that the peak experts gathered on the Desolate Plane have already begun holding blood tests for those below Godking while the peak experts will look into everyone at Godking and Infinite Prime personally. They want to find Jian Chen like this…” a second elder added.

“This kid is rather special. I also tried some forecasting in an attempt to peer into his fate, but in the end, I was actually unable to peer into anything that involved him. If the search continues like this, Jian Chen will be found sooner or later even if he’s rather special,” the third elder spoke as well.

Tie Ta snorted coldly as his gaze became piercing. He said seriously, “Jian Chen is my close brother. I will never allow anyone to do anything to him. Immediately send experts to the Desolate Plane to warn all those involved that as long as they harm my brother, they will become my enemy, regardless of who they are.”

“Yes, your majesty. We will immediately send a hall elder to the Desolate Plane personally.”

The three great elders who basically stood supreme in the God clan did not dare to disobey Tie Ta. They followed his orders without any hesitation.

This was because the War God was the supreme existence in the God clan. Regardless of his strength, his words would be a divine edict. It truly could not be disobeyed.

As a result, even though Tie Ta was only an Infinite Prime right now, making him an ant-like existence compared to the three great elders, he could directly order them.

Jian Chen stood with his eyes closed as he called out with his heart in the Tower of Radiance. He rapidly deepened his connection with the three ancient imprints. The three ancient imprints moved through the Tower of Radiance like fish in water. It was impossible to catch up to them, so the only method of obtaining them was to gain their recognition and have them approach you.

In the end, under Jian Chen’s efforts, one of the ancient imprints changed directions and directly headed towards Jian Chen.

After a few flashes, a fist-sized ball of light appeared between Jian Chen’s eyes. Ancient strands of thoughts poured out. Everything recorded within the ancient imprint had been passed onto Jian Chen.

“Sword Transformation Technique!”

With a thought, Jian Chen immediately understood that the ancient imprint actually recorded a Radiant Arte, but only Hallowed Saint Masters could grasp it.

Jian Chen could not help but become submerged in comprehending the Radiant Arte. At the same time, the Laws of the Hallowed descended and revolved around him. As he comprehended the Radiant Arte, the power of the Laws of the Hallowed pulsed according to a special pattern around him. They seemed to condense into a sword.

Donglin Yanxue stood beside Jian Chen to look over him. When the Laws of the Hallowed descended, her eyes immediately widened. Astonishment filled her face as she fell into emotional turmoil.

“The Laws of the Hallowed. It’s the Laws of the Hallowed. He has actually comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed with a one-colored soulcore. H- how is this possible…” Donglin Yanxue cried out inside. In that moment, she could not believe her eyes. She could not believe that this was reality.

Most starred geniuses in the Radiant Saint Hall would comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed with a four-colored soulcore. Only five star geniuses or above could comprehend the Laws of the Hallowed with a three-colored soulcore and become a Hallowed Saint Master.

Even a talented nine star genius like her and the four other candidates for Chosen Saint had all comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed with a two-colored soulcore.

However, Chang Yang had actually become a Hallowed Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore!

It was not like Hallowed Saint Masters with one-colored soulcores had never appeared. However, the last one to accomplish this feat appeared a million years ago.

This was more than enough to demonstrate the rarity of Hallowed Saint Masters with one-colored soulcores.

“Chang Yang is actually already a Hallowed Saint Master, and from the looks of things, he comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed quite some time ago. He can be directly elevated to the status of Chosen Saint from this feat alone. There would be no need for the trials and challenges at all, but why didn’t he do that and let me become the Chosen Saint instead?” Donglin Yanxue’s mind was a mess. She was stupefied.

She deeply understood just how great the status a Hallowed Saint Master with a one-colored soulcore would possess in the Radiant Saint Hall, as that represented a supreme genius that had not appeared for the Radiant Saint Hall in the past million years.

At this moment, the ancient imprint flickered and vanished. Afterwards, the Laws of the Hallowed around Jian Chen vanished He opened his eyes slowly and immediately saw Donglin Yanxue staring at him in shock. Jian Chen was immediately surprised by this.

But afterwards, he suddenly realised that he had accidentally used the Laws of the Hallowed when he accepted the Radiant Arte from the ancient imprint.

He did not make that happen. It was a completely instinctive action, so it was impossible for him to hide it.

However, only his talent as a Radiant Saint Master had been exposed. This was not necessarily a bad thing for him. Moreover, he already planned to leave the Radiant Saint Hall after emerging from the Tower of Radiance. Hence, even if he exposed his talent, the important members of the Radiant Saint Hall would not have enough time to look into his background in detail.

“Y- you actually became a Hallowed Saint Master a long time ago. Why have you been hiding it the whole time? Did you know that if the upper echelon of the sacred hall learnt about your talent, you would be directly elevated to Chosen Saint?” Donglin Yanxue stared at Jian Chen with mixed feelings.

“I have no interest in the position of Chosen Saint because I have no plans on staying in the Radiant Saint Hall for much longer.” Jian Chen suddenly became stern and said, “Donglin Yanxue, I hope you can keep this a secret. I don’t want too many people knowing that I’ve already become a Hallowed Saint Master.”

“Y- you’re going to be leaving the Radiant Saint Hall?” Donglin Yanxue looked at Jian Chen blankly. For some reason, she became flustered when she heard that Jian Chen would be leaving.

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