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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2332 - Eluding The Heavens
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Chapter 2332: Eluding the Heavens

This was the original energy of the sword spirits. It was not sword Qi but yin and yang Qi from when chaos immediately split during the formation of the universe.

From chaos arose yin and yang. The original energy of the sword spirits, the yin and yang Qi, were naturally extremely powerful. Both were powers on the level of the artifact spirits of the Primeval Divine Hall and the Tower of Radiance. It might have even surpassed them.

This was because once yin and yang Qi were brought together, it would return to its most basic form. It would be reduced to chaos—true Chaotic Force.

However, both Zi Ying and Qing Suo had yet to recover from their feebleness, so their powers right now were naturally nowhere near their peak condition. The power they unleashed did not possess overly powerful pressure.

However, Jian Chen could sense a presence that seemed to come from when heaven was split from earth. The appearance of this presence even interfered with the laws of the world.

At the same time, the artifact spirit’s blinding body also dimmed at a visible rate.

His body was rapidly vanishing. He was following the method he had learnt from the sword spirits. He fused his body bit by bit with the Tower of Radiance and the world here so that he could truly become one with the Tower of Radiance, and the Tower of Radiance would become the new shell which held him.

This was the most crucial and important step. Whether he could replace the original artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance or not would depend on this.

At this moment, a tremendous, heavenly might suddenly appeared. It descended upon the Tower of Radiance with supreme power that seemed capable of killing anything and everything.

This heavenly might was not power from within the Tower of Radiance. Instead, it came from the outside world. It passed through the obstructions of the Tower of Radiance unimpeded and directly descended upon the sacred pavilion.

The power from the heavenly ways was terrifying and great, enough to send chills down the spines of everything. It truly seemed capable of destroying the world.

After all, the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance evolved from the universe, from a power that was on the same level as the sword spirits and the artifact spirits of the Primeval Divine Hall and Anatta Tower. He was protected by the laws of the world, making him undying. Now that the artifact spirit of the saint artifact had attempted to devour and replace him, he had naturally infringed on the laws.

The laws would never allow something like this occur, so the power of the heavenly ways descended in an attempt to eliminate the artifact spirit.

However, as soon as the power of the heavenly ways appeared, all the heavenly secrets within the Tower of Radiance were thrown into a blur. A mysterious power suddenly appeared, disrupting the laws and obscuring the heavenly secrets. It seemed to shroud the region.

At this crucial moment, the sword spirits took action. They were unable to directly stand up to the heavenly ways right now, but they could reverse yin and yang and prevent the heavens from sensing the events happening here.

“Master, Chaotic Force!” the sword spirits called out.

Jian Chen did not hesitate. The chaotic neidan in his dantian revolved rapidly as strands of pure Chaotic Force surged out. It turned into a turbulent stream of energy that poured into the sword spirits uninhibited.

His Chaotic Force was like poison to other cultivators. Their bodies would not be able to withstand the terrifying power, but it was like the greatest nourishment to the sword spirits.

With the assistance of Jian Chen’s Chaotic Force, the powers of the sword spirits immediately began to rise. As they grew in strength, their ability to reverse yin and yang and disrupt the laws became even greater such that all the heavenly secrets in the region were immediately obscured.

The heavenly secrets were obscured and the laws had been disrupted. The power of the heavenly ways immediately lost its target as if it had been blinded. After lingering about for a while, it slowly dispersed.

However, the sword spirits did not stop. They continued to use up their original energy to maintain the reversal of yin and yang, disrupting the laws, and obscuring the heavenly ways to avoid the heavenly ways from sensing the events here.

Currently, their actions were truly eluding the heavens. They were cheating the heavens.

Jian Chen did not have it easy during this time either. The sword spirits clearly had to keep up the disruption for quite a lengthy period of time. As long as the sword spirits continued, he had to provide Chaotic Force.

Jian Chen immediately frowned when he sensed the rate at which his Chaotic Force was depleted.

This was because it was getting drained away at a rate several hundred times faster or even a thousand times faster than when he fought. He could sense his chaotic neidan shrink almost constantly.

“I wonder how much resources I’ll have to exhaust to replenish my Chaotic Force after this. However, as long as the artifact spirit succeeds, it’ll be worth it no matter how much Chaotic Force I use up,” thought Jian Chen. He sat on the ground like a bottomless well of energy, supporting the sword spirits.

The artifact spirit had completely vanished from the surroundings. Even Jian Chen was unable to sense him; it was like he had completely fused with the space here.

However, as long as the sword spirits continued to act, it would mean that the artifact spirit still had not achieved success.

Time passed silently. Two whole days later, the sword spirits finally stopped and turned back into the figures of a man and a woman.

However, their figures were even fainter compared to before. Their faces were filled with exhaustion, clearly having overexerted themselves.

“We’ve successfully eluded the heavens. This is all we can do to help. The final fusion with the Tower of Radiance will be up to him. We can only wait for the final result now,” Zi Ying said feebly. With that, he and Qing Suo turned into two streaks of light and vanished into Jian Chen’s body. They fell into a deep slumber.

Jian Chen sat on the ground as he looked at the barren world where the mist had mostly dispersed. He felt eager inside, “Artifact spirit, you have to succeed. You can’t let us down!”

Suddenly, Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed. Immediately, he saw through the mist to several tens of thousand kilometres away.

Now that the mist in the Tower of Radiance had thinned out drastically, its influence on Jian Chen had been reduced as well. As a result, he could clearly see several tens of thousand kilometres away.

He clearly saw the eight protectors and Donglin Yanxue rapidly make their way over.

“I need to go somewhere else.” Jian Chen stood up and removed all the traces there before leaving silently.

Soon after his departure, Donglin Yanxue and the eight protectors appeared.

“The source of the disturbance should be here, but that’s strange. Everything is normal. There’s nothing weird about this place.” The eight protectors paced around nearby and carefully studied it. They were all puzzled.

“Use the senses of your souls,” said Donglin Yanxue.

“Under the influence of the mist here, we can only expand the senses of our souls for several dozen kilometres, but we’ve already checked that range. We found nothing,” said a protector.

“The mist here has thinned out for no reason. Something must have happened in the sacred pavilion. We were just late…” another protector said.

Afterwards, the protectors scoured every inch within a range of a thousand kilometres under Donglin Yanxue’s request.

The result was obvious. They found nothing.

Jian Chen sat quietly on a hill ten thousand kilometres away from them. Originally, he had entered the sacred pavilion in search of a high level cultivation method for Radiant Saint Masters, but he was in no mood to look for the ancient imprints drifting through the place now.

Currently, the success or failure of the artifact spirit was countless times more important than the cultivation methods to him. Even if a Grand Exalt’s cultivation method was placed before him, it would not make his concerns for the artifact spirit waver.

Unfortunately, he knew nothing about the artifact spirit’s situation, nor was there anything he could do about it. He could only wait there patiently.

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