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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2334 - The Artifact Spirit Awakens?
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Chapter 2334: The Artifact Spirit Awakens?

With that, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall took personal action. Through a special method, he opened a gate in the supreme formations around the Tower of Radiance and vanished with a flash. He had entered the Tower of Radiance.

Opening the Tower of Radiance required the combined efforts of vice-leaders Xuan Zhan and Mo He, but the leader could achieve the same feat all by himself without any difficulty.

This was a testament to the leader’s strength.

“I never thought the leader would personally enter the Tower of Radiance this time. It looks like what happened in the Tower of Radiance is quite significant, or it wouldn’t have alarmed the leader,” Mo He watched as the leader vanished and said sternly.

“The Tower of Radiance is the reason why our Radiant Saint Hall stands where it is today. It is our most valuable treasure. We can’t let anything happen to it,” Xuan Zhan also said sternly. Then he looked at Mo He and said, “Even the leader can’t tell if the happenings in the Tower of Radiance will be good or bad. However, just in case, we have to be ready for the worst case scenario. Immediately gather the six other vice-leaders. Get them to come here just in case something happens.”

“Alright. We can’t be careless at all since this involves the Tower of Radiance. We should make all the preparations we can. I’ll immediately contact the others,” Mo He said sternly before leaving immediately.

The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall currently stood within the barren world of the Tower of Radiance with his hands behind his back as he seemed to stroll about leisurely.

He did not take any rapid steps, but he seemed to go from a completely different space to another with each step. He would cross over a million kilometres.

It was like distance was no longer an obstruction to him. His strength had already reached a terrifying level where he could ignore distance. He could even twist the laws to a certain degree and barely disrupt the operation of the heavenly ways.

This was the terrifying strength that a Grand Prime possessed.

Grand Primes were existences who stood at the very apex of the Saints’ World. It was the highest realm for cultivation. Even the seven Grand Exalts who had shaken up the Saints’ World belonged to this cultivation level.

There were weaker and stronger Grand Primes. Sovereigns of the world who had gained the title of Grand Exalt were terrifying existences who had reached the limits of Grand Prime. They had truly comprehended a single law in all of its entirety, grasping its mysteries completely.

As a result, Grand Exalts were existences akin to the heavenly ways. They represented the greatest wills in the world. They were truly supreme.

“The mist in the Tower of Radiance has actually thinned out by so much, and it’s dispersing at an extremely gradual rate. If this continues, all of the mist will vanish from the Tower of Radiance after a few years.” The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall moved through the Tower of Radiance with terrifying speed, paying close attention to every difference.

At the same time, his gaze would shine sharply from time to time, piercing through space and seeing the very depths of the Tower of Radiance. The mist there did not affect him at all.

“What has happened in the Tower of Radiance? How did this pure Radiant Saint Force appear? And where did the fragments of the Laws of the Hallowed come from?” The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall was puzzled. The ancient books that had existed for who knows how long in the Radiant Saint Hall had no records of similar events.

In other words, this was the first time something like this had happened. It was unprecedented.

“Has the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance awakened? Apart from the artifact spirit, there’s nothing else that can make the Tower of Radiance change so much. Even I can’t achieve something like this.” The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall’s eyes became extraordinarily bright as soon as he reached this conclusion. Even with his mental fortitude, his emotions began to waver.

“Let me try peering a little to see if I can observe the truth from the heavenly secrets.” The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall closed his eyes and fused with the ways. He established a connection with the world, peering into the past and future.

However, he opened his eyes again very soon. He shook his head as he sighed gently. The Tower of Radiance was a peak god artifact personally forged by a Grand Exalt after all. Its quality was just far too great. With the leader’s current strength, he was unable to peer into any secrets about the Tower of Radiance.

With a flash, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall crossed an immeasurable distance and appeared outside a small building. He directly entered the building, arriving in the miniature world of the sacred pavilion.

Very soon, he arrived at the location where the sword spirits had reversed yin and yang to elude the heavens. He first stared at the place for a while before closing his eyes. He stood there quietly with his hands behind his back as he sensed the surroundings.

“This seems to be the origins of whatever the Tower of Radiance went through. It’s just a pity that a mysterious and great power disturbed the heavenly secrets as if they were purposefully trying to hide the events here. As a result, I can’t peer into the past. Was it the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance?” The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall pondered. He glanced into the distance indifferently. He was looking at the hill where Donglin Yanxue and the others cultivated.

However, he dismissed his thoughts soon afterwards. Even he was unable to tell what exactly had happened within the Tower of Radiance, so he naturally believed these juniors would not know anything either. It was even more impossible for him to become suspicious of them.

This was because countless powerful leaders had attempted to revive the artifact spirit throughout history, but none of them had managed to succeed in the end. Since the past leaders could not achieve this, it would be even more impossible for them to achieve it.

“It looks like it is extremely likely that these events were caused by the artifact spirit. After all, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths personally said back then that the artifact spirit was not truly dead. He would just recover slowly at a certain time in the future.”

“The past leaders have recorded what the Grand Exalt of Ancient Ways said. It has been passed down from generation from generation. It looks like now is the time when the artifact spirit awakens…”

The leader reached this initial conclusion. Afterwards, he vanished with a flash. He had left the Tower of Radiance.

“Leader, what’s the situation inside the Tower of Radiance?” A vice-leader immediately asked nervously as soon as the leader emerged.

Apart from Xuan Zhan and Mo He, six other people had appeared outside the Tower of Radiance. Their presences were extremely powerful.

The six other vice-leaders had arrived as well.

Currently, all eight vice-leaders had gathered together.

The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall cleared up his thoughts and said, “It should be the artifact spirit reviving. We can reach a basic conclusion right now that the artifact spirit is responsible for whatever happened in the Tower of Radiance.”

“What? The artifact spirit is awakening?” The faces of the eight vice-leaders all lit up.

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