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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2335 - Donglin Qiushui
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Chapter 2335: Donglin Qiushui

“The mist inside is rapidly thinning out. When it full disperses, it will become a safe haven. We can let all our late Radiant Godkings hide in there. As long as they have the protection of the Tower of Radiance, that mysterious person won’t be able to harm the Radiant Godkings even if he comes again,” the leader said sternly as a vicious light flashed through their eyes.

The eight vice-leaders all fell silent from that. They thought about the mysterious expert who had forced the Radiant Saint Hall into horrible shape several hundred thousand years ago. They all became bitter.

The mysterious expert had caused endless humiliation to their Radiant Saint Hall. Not only did he slaughter all of their Radiant Godkings, but he had even killed his way into their sacred hall alone. He had been unstoppable.

By himself, he had basically pressed the Radiant Saint Hall to the point of suffocation. Even when the Radiant Saint Hall requested help from the other peak organisations, promising great rewards, none of them would help.

This was because the person’s strength sent shivers down the spines of all the peak experts on the Desolate Plane. Many of them believed that no one could stand up to him apart from the Celestial Sword Saint.

“Something huge is happening in the Tower of Radiance right now. Not only has even purer Radiant Saint Force appeared, but the Radiant Saint Force also contains fragments of the Laws of the Hallowed. These fragments will not exist forever, so we have to make good use of them before they disperse. We can’t waste them.”

“Immediately pass down the order that we will be opening the Tower of Radiance in advance. Let all disciples with enough merit enter the Tower of Radiance to cultivate,” the leader continued, giving an order firmly.

“But leader, we’ve opened the Tower of Radiance for the Chosen Saint this time,” said Mo He.

“Let the Chosen Saint keep her opportunity of opening the Tower of Radiance. Immediately get all the elders to gather their disciples and send them in as soon as possible. Do not waste too much time. Moreover, these fragments won’t be able to benefit the elders with soultrees much at all, so limit the people who can enter to those below the elder level…”

After receiving the leader’s orders, the eight vice-leaders immediately got to work. They passed on the message to the elders below, telling them to get ready.

Whatever happened in the Tower of Radiance this time held extremely great significance to the Radiant Saint Hall. As a result, they opened the Tower of Radiance in advance and also lowered the requirements drastically, allowing many people to enter.

As soon as the news broke out, it immediately led to an uproar in the Radiant Saint Hall. All the disciples signed up eagerly. In just a single day, over a hundred thousand people signed up.

Basically all of them were Radiant Saint Masters who had comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed. On one end were the Radiant Godkings, people who stood as lords of peaks, and on the other end were Hallowed Saint Masters with only four-colored soulcores.

Of course, there were even more people who had no right to enter. Over a hundred thousand disciples was only around a tenth of the total amount of disciples in the Radiant Saint Hall, which had more than a million disciples.

All the disciples who signed up gathered outside the Tower of Radiance in a tightly-packed but neat line. They were led by the several thousand Radiant Godkings. When the Tower of Radiance was opened up, they all turned into streaks of light and shot in.

“Heavens, what dense Radiant Saint Force. The sacred hall has always been a holy land for cultivation in our hearts, but the energy within the Tower of Radiance right now is far, far more abundant in comparison.”

“Most importantly, the Radiant Saint Force contains fragments of the Laws of the Hallowed. This is a huge fortuitous encounter that can only be happened upon. Cultivating in here for a year is probably equivalent to several hundred years or even over a millennium of cultivation outside…”

“And this is just the outer layer of the Tower of Radiance. It’s already so dense here. Wouldn’t it be even more terrifying the further we venture in…”

As soon as they stepped into the Tower of Radiance, the Radiant Godkings could not help but sigh in amazement. Their eyes lit up as they became extremely excited. They all flew towards the sacred pavilion.

As Radiant Godkings, they had all cultivated for many years. This was not the first time they had entered the Tower of Radiance, so they were familiar with its interior. They basically knew where to go.

At the same time, Jian Chen sat with Donglin Yanxue and everyone else within the sacred pavilion, focusing on cultivation on the hill. They rapidly absorbed the energy that permeated the surroundings along with the fragments of the Laws of the Hallowed.

At this moment, the Radiant Saint Force around Jian Chen surged. The Radiant Saint Force that had condensed around him immediately strengthened drastically while the soulcore in his head revolved rapidly and gradually gained a second color.

With the appearance of this second color, Jian Chen was formally a Radiant Saint Master with a two-colored soulcore.

“I still ended up breaking through. I can’t keep it suppressed,” Jian Chen was not happy at all after he broke through. Instead, he sighed inside.

He had used four years to go from a one-colored soulcore to a two-colored soulcore. It was indeed a little too fast compared to other Radiant Saint Masters who needed centuries for the same breakthrough.

In reality, he never properly tried to cultivate during those four years. Instead, he spent most of his time comprehending the Laws of the Hallowed. He could have broken through long ago if he wanted to.

But since he wanted to absorb the fragments of the Laws of the Hallowed, he could not avoid absorbing the Radiant Saint Force as well. As a result, he could no longer keep his breakthrough suppressed, condensing a two-colored soulcore uncontrollably.

At this moment, Jian Chen seemed to sense something. He suddenly looked into the distance. He could see through the thin mist to several tens of thousand kilometres away. He immediately frowned.

“Why have so many Radiant Godkings suddenly appeared?” Jian Chen thought. He could clearly see over thirty Radiant Godkings making their way over several tens of thousand kilometres away.

“It looks like what happened in here has alarmed the upper echelon of the Radiant Saint Hall,” the light in Jian Chen’s eyes flickered. He closed his eyes without revealing any of his thoughts on his face at all, acting like it was nothing as he continued cultivating.

“Oh no, people are coming!”

The eight protectors around Donglin Yanxue all sensed the group when they were a thousand kilometres from the hill. They all called out and stopped cultivating.

The mist within the Tower of Radiance was rapidly thinning out, so its impact on the senses of the Radiant Godkings’ souls had decreased as well. Their senses could reach a thousand kilometres away now.

Very soon, the group of Radiant Godkings gradually appeared on the horizon.

A small portion of the group was female. They varied in age, but they all possessed great beauty and refined bearings.

The woman at the front seemed like she neared middle age, but she still possessed charm. Time did not leave a single trace on her face. The Radiant Godkings behind all seemed to be following her.

“Aunty!” Donglin Yanxue immediately stood up in surprise when she saw the middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman at the very front was the lord of the Myriad Flowers Peak, Donglin Qiushui.

“Aunty, why have you come?” Donglin Yanxue immediately went up to receive her, asking in surprise. Logically speaking, no one else apart from her and her nine retainers could enter the Tower of Radiance at this time.

Despite that being the case, so many Radiant Godkings had suddenly appeared now.

“It’s not just us this time. There are even more people who’ve entered the Tower of Radiance. Basically all ninety-nine lords of the main peaks have come,” said Donglin Qiushui. She glanced past Donglin Yanxue’s protectors before pausing on Jian Chen slightly. She continued to say, “Everyone knows that something has happened to the Tower of Radiance. You’ve been in here the entire time, so did you find out just what has happened?”

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