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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2349 - Leaving The Miniature World
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Chapter 2349: Leaving the Miniature World

“What I wanted the most was the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method. Now that I’ve already obtained the entirety of the Method of the Exalted Saint from within the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint, I’ve basically reached my goal for visiting the Radiant Saint Hall,” thought Jian Chen. He calmly looked at Gongsun Zhi who was protected by the power of the Tower of Radiance.

He knew there was nothing he could do to Gongsun Zhi anymore now that the power of the Tower of Radiance protected him.

“What has happened? Why has the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint suddenly flown to the lord of the Scorching Sun Peak…”

Cries rang out from all around Gongsun Zhi. All the Hallowed Saint Masters looked at Gongsun Zhi with either confusion, mixed feelings, envy, or jealousy.

Afterwards, someone attacked Gongsun Zhi with confidence. He was one of the sixteen people with god artifacts. He swung his god artifact towards Gongsun Zhi without any hesitation.

The temptation of a Grand Exalt’s legacy was just too great. Everyone wanted it. Naturally, some people did not want to just watch Gongsun Zhi benefit.

Unfortunately, Gongsun Zhi was protected by the power of the Tower of Radiance. Even Primordial realm experts would not be able to harm Gongsun Zhi within the Tower of Radiance, let alone them as mere Godkings.

Boom! The person’s god artifact struck the power around Gongsun Zhi with lightning speed. With a great rumble, not only did his god artifact fail to approach Gongsun Zhi, but all of its power even rebounded, causing it to strike the person heavily.

Spurt! Blood immediately sprayed out from the Radiant Godking’s mouth. He was knocked far away by the god artifact’s power. He was shocked.

“There’s an invisible power protecting Gongsun Zhi!” Immediately, someone noticed the reason and cried out.

Jian Chen no longer had any intentions of sticking around now that he had obtained the cultivation method. He turned his head and looked into the distance, at the dejected Donglin Yanxue who stood several dozen kilometres away. He sighed inside as he experienced mixed feelings.

Afterwards, he took a step in the air. He seemed to have fused with space, completely disregarding the distance. He crossed over in a single instance and arrived before Donglin Yanxue.

“I’m going to leave this miniature world immediately. Leave with me. I’m afraid that some people will target you. Although you’re the Chosen Saint and you possess quite the status, I’m afraid that some of them have lost their minds and will no longer care about your identity as Chosen Saint,” Jian Chen said calmly.

Donglin Yanxue did not seem to hear Jian Chen’s words. She looked at him blankly, and after a while of silence, she asked with mixed feelings, “W- who are you?”

At this moment, a roar rang out in the distance. A furious voice boomed through the surroundings.

“Method of the Exalted Saint, the details of the Method of the Exalted Saint are actually gone. Chang Yang, return my Method of the Exalted Saint…” Gongsun Zhi awakened several dozen kilometres away. He had flown into a fury, charging towards Jian Chen madly as hatred burned within his eyes.

The cultivation method was the most important thing within the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint. Without the impressive cultivation method, he would struggle to reach the peak even with the Grand Exalt’s notes on comprehension and cultivation as well as the ancient secret techniques.

One day, he would find himself unable to take a step forward due to the limitations of his cultivation method.

“The master of the Tower of Radiance is my ancestor. My ancestor’s bloodline flows within me. I’m the one who’s supposed to inherit my ancestor’s legacy. You have no right at all to take it. Return my Method of the Exalted Saint,” Gongsun Zhi bellowed out. He had already learnt about everything from the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint. He had learnt that he possessed a noble bloodline. As a result, he treated the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint as his personal possession. He would not allow anyone to take it.

“What? The Tower of Radiance’s master is Gongsun Zhi’s ancestor?” All the Radiant Saint Masters in the miniature world were stunned by Gongsun Zhi’s calls.

“Gongsun Zhi, even if you have a Grand Exalt’s blood flowing through you, you would have never been fated to obtain the legacy imprint without me. You should be thankful,” Jian Chen snorted coldly. He had expended a lot for the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method.

The Origin of Ways could be ignored. After all, the Origin of Ways had assisted the artifact spirit in obtaining the Tower of Radiance. Now that the artifact spirit had successfully become part of the Tower of Radiance, the Origin of Ways could not be considered as wasted. After all, he had received something in return.

However, Jian Chen was confident that no one in the Radiant Saint Hall aside from himself could comprehend the diagram within the stele.

Even the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall would not be able to.

The final test in the diagram had nothing to do with talent or affinity for comprehension. It required Martial Soul Force.

If the diagram was a treasure chest, Martial Soul Force was the key to it. As a result, Martial Soul Force was required to remove the Grand Exalt’s legacy method from the stele.

Jian Chen waved his hand and light immediately flashed. A huge strand of sword Qi dozens of metres in length shot towards Gongsun Zhi with blinding light.

Gongsun Zhi was protected by the Tower of Radiance, so Jian Chen’s attack failed to harm him. However, the force from the sword Qi knocked him far away.

“Artifact spirit, open the gateway,” Jian Chen contacted the artifact spirit after the strike.

“Yes, master!” The artifact spirit responded. He had already recovered quite a lot of power while Jian Chen was comprehending the diagram.

In the next moment, the space behind Jian Chen twisted violently, and a gate rapidly formed.

Opening a gate from within the miniature world was far easier than opening one from the outside. This time, the artifact spirit did not take too long to open it up successfully.

“Let’s go. Come with me. It won’t be good if you stay,” Jian Chen said to Donglin Yanxue before pulling her through the gate while she remained in a daze. They vanished.

Many of the Radiant Saint Masters saw the gate open up, and all of them ran over with lightning speed. They wanted to leave the miniature world.

These people were all weaker Hallowed Saint Masters. Due to their weaker strength, they would be completely useless even if they continued to stay. They wanted to leave and spread the news that a member of the Martial Soul lineage had broken into the Tower of Radiance.

However, the gate closed extremely quickly. As soon as Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue had left, it closed up, giving them no chance to leave.

“God dammit. What’s up with the gate? Why did it close up as soon as Chang Yang left…”

“That’s strange. Why do I feel like the gate opened up just for Chang Yang…”

Many Radiant Saint Master cursed; they all found this matter strange.

Donglin Qiushui stood with the other peak lords with god artifacts. They stared in the direction that Jian Chen had vanished into as they sank into their thoughts.

“Just who is this Chang Yang?” Donglin Qiushui asked sternly.

“It doesn’t matter who he is, but he definitely isn’t Qing Shan. His actions and behaviors don’t match up at all,” the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak said emotionlessly.

“He really doesn’t seem like Qing Shan. If he were Qing Shan, we would not be alive right now. In reality, he already showed mercy when he attacked us before…” said another peak lord as he sighed gently.

“Gongsun Zhi is actually a descendent of the master of the Tower of Radiance. But fortunately, he was here. He stopped the Martial Soul lineage from taking away the complete legacy…” Another peak lord felt fortunate. Although he felt envious and jealous of Gongsun Zhi, it was better than having the Martial Soul lineage taking the legacy away.

“Chang Yang, I really never thought you’d be a part of the Martial Soul lineage. Since you’re from the Martial Soul lineage, why don’t you kill me? I’m the current Chosen Saint of the Radiant Saint Hall. Killing me would be a wonderful slap to the Radiant Saint Hall’s face, right?”

Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue reappeared in the mountain ranges outside. Several months had passed, so the mountain range had completely quietened down. It returned to its previous remote state.

However, Donglin Yanxue took a few steps back after leaving the miniature world. She maintained her distance from Jian Chen, staring at him sharply.

There was undisguised pain in the depths of her eyes.

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