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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2350 - The Last One
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Chapter 2350: The Last One

“You should be able to tell that I actually hold no ill intentions towards your Radiant Saint Hall, or the Radiant Godkings in the miniature world definitely would not be still alive. That’s because with my strength, killing them all will be a piece of cake even if they’ve broken through to late Godking, even if they have so many god artifacts,” Jian Chen said seriously.

“You’re not Qing Shan, so who are you?” Donglin Yanxue asked. Jian Chen’s actions were completely different from Qing Shan’s. This allowed her to determine that they were two different people. The Radiant Godkings that claimed he was Qing Shan in disguise in the miniature world were wrong.

Jian Chen looked at Donglin Yanxue and sighed gently, “Actually, I’m Jian Chen.”

Donglin Yanxue quivered when she heard that. She stared at Jian Chen in surprise as disbelief filled her face.

She had never seen Jian Chen, but she was simply far too familiar with that name. She was so familiar with it that she even knew quite a lot of Jian Chen’s past.

It was not just Donglin Yanxue. Basically everyone across the entire Desolate Plane knew Jian’s Chen’s name.

In recent years, experts had gathered on the Desolate Plane. Foreign peak experts roamed the Desolate Plane recklessly, basically creating a huge ruckus. They stifled the peak organisations on the Desolate Plane. In the very end, the blood medallion even appeared as the only form of identity verification on the Desolate Plane. All of this happened because of a single person.

And this person was obviously Jian Chen.

As a result, Donglin Yanxue immediately thought of everything she knew about him when she heard his name.

In the past, he had risen up in the Neptunean Divine Palace, standing up against so many supreme Godkings. He protected a weak little girl with all that he could so that she could inherit the Neptunean Divine Palace. In the end, he even caused an event that basically shook up the entire Saints’ World. He was directly responsible for the deaths of around half of all the supreme Godkings on the Godkings’ Throne.

Afterwards, he faced the pursuit of the famed Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance and Solitary Sword Ancestor. After exposing the Anatta Tower on planet Tianming, he became the target of all the peak experts in the Saints’ World. In the end, he fled to the Desolate Plane and seemed to vanish completely. Even when the peak experts overturned every stone in the Desolate Plane and used everything that they had, they still failed to find him.

As a matter of fact, without any exaggeration, Jian Chen was a figure of legends in Donglin Yanxue’s heart. After all, he was only a Godking, yet he evaded the pursuit and search of peak experts time and time again; this was basically an impossible feat in the eyes of many people.

However, Jian Chen had accomplished the impossible.

As a result, many people across the Saints’ World felt admiration towards Jian Chen. Donglin Yanxue happened to be one of them.

“A- are you really Jian Chen?” Donglin Yanxue stared at Jian Chen blankly. She had never thought that the Jian Chen that the peak experts were looking for for so many years, including even the vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall, had actually been hiding in the Radiant Saint Hall the entire time.

Such a legendary person had actually been beside her the entire time. Afterwards, the two of them had even spent a year together in the World of Moon and Star. It made Donglin Yanxue’s head spin.

“Qing Shan suddenly appeared back then in the World of Moon and Star. Was it because of you?” Donglin Yanxue asked soon afterwards.

Jian Chen shook his head and replied, “It actually had nothing to do with me. Although I also possess Martial Soul Force, I didn’t know Qing Shan at all before I entered the World of Moon and Star. I had no connection to the Martial Soul lineage either.”

Donglin Yanxue’s heart eased up slightly. After learning that Jian Chen had nothing to do with Qing Shan, she felt slightly better.

“In other words, I managed to escape from Qing Shan because of you? The attack from the vicious beast was a complete lie?”

“After you fainted, I fought Qing Shan…”

“You fought Qing Shan for my sake?” Donglin Yanxue had completely accepted the shock from the reveal of Jian Chen’s true identity. Now, she stared at Jian Chen with shining eyes.

“I’m leaving the Tower of Radiance, so I’ll be bidding farewell to you here.” Jian Chen did not answer Donglin Yanxue. He wanted to leave after throwing that down.

“Hold on. There are definitely elders watching over the Tower of Radiance outside. If you leave alone, it’ll look very suspicious. You’ll struggle to make it out of the Radiant Saint Hall.” Donglin Yanxue stopped Jian Chen in time and said, “You better let me take you out. If I’m by your side, it’ll save you a lot of trouble. You can’t have your identity exposed right now.”

“You already know my true identity, yet you still want to help me. If the upper echelon of the Radiant Saint Hall learn about this, you’ll be in deep trouble.” Jian Chen looked at Donglin Yanxue deeply.

“It’s not a problem at all. I’ll just forsake the position of Chosen Saint, that’s all. We shouldn’t tarry. Let’s go.” Donglin Yanxue completely accepted everything that she would be facing. With that, she flew towards the exit of the Tower of Radiance first.

Jian Chen sighed inside as he looked at Donglin Yanxue before following her closely.

The journey back was smooth. Several days later, Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue arrived at the exit.

“Master, I still need some time to fully grasp the Tower of Radiance, so I probably won’t be able to leave with you,” the artifact spirit’s voice rang out at this moment.

“Artifact spirit, there’s no need to follow me. Just stay here and take your time to grasp the power of the Tower of Radiance. Moreover, there’s a formation personally cast down by the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths outside. It locks the Tower of Radiance firmly to the sacred hall, which prevents anyone from taking the Tower of Radiance away. As long as the Grand Exalt’s formation remains in tact, you probably won’t be able to break free even if you gain complete control over the Tower of Radiance,” Jian Chen communicated with the artifact spirit.

“The lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak, Han Xin, was once my teacher. Bai Yu is my junior sister. Speaking of which, they were the people closest to me in the years I spent in the Radiant Saint Hall. If they enter the Tower of Radiance in the future, look after them for me.”

“Yes, master!”

“Chang Yang!”

The exit of the Tower of Radiance was empty. Donglin Yanxue stood there as the light in her eyes flickered. She stared at Jian Chen’s ordinary face with mixed feelings and said, “You’re about to leave and who knows whether we’ll meet again in the future. This might be the last time I see you, so can I see your true appearance?”

“As you wish.” With a thought, the mask on Jian Chen’s face slowly vanished, revealing his true appearance.

Immediately, the familiar face that Donglin Yanxue had seen who knows how many times was presented before her. It was a determined, handsome face. The facial features were sharp and refined, and it bore a sense of coldness that could only be developed through bloody hardships. The pair of eyes shone brightly and were piercing like swords. When one stared into them, they seemed to hide invisible sword intent.

As she looked at Jian Chen’s true appearance, Donglin Yanxue only felt Chang Yang’s only imperfection had been fixed perfectly. She stared at Jian Chen’s face in a daze as if she was trying to embed his true appearance into the depths of her heart.

At the same time, over a dozen powerful presences flooded into the Radiant Saint Hall. Over a dozen peak experts stood with their hands behind their backs outside the Radiant Saint Hall. They all took a single stride and appeared in the territory of the Radiant Saint Hall with a flash.

“Everyone, what are you trying to do?” The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall immediately appeared and stared at them with a sunken face.

“Please do not become angered, leader. We’ve come to wait for Chang Yang,” a person chuckled from among the experts. He acted rather friendly.

“The untested people from the other peak organisations have all undergone the test now. Their identities have been confirmed. Only Chang Yang remains…”

“Please do not take offence, leader. Just treat us as guests who are visiting you…”

The outsiders said amiably. They laughed and joked.

However, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall knew that they only behaved like this because they feared the Celestial Sword Saint. They were afraid of going overboard, which would draw out the Celestial Sword Saint.

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