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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2351 - Gathering In The Radiant Saint Hall
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2351: Gathering in the Radiant Saint Hall

The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall’s face was originally sunken, but when he heard that Chang Yang was the only person who had not undergone the blood test, his eyes immediately shone.

“Are you saying that a disciple of my Radiant Saint Hall is actually Chang Yang?” The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall asked coldly before shaking his head, “That’s impossible. Jian Chen is a fighter. He can’t be a Radiant Saint Master.”

“That’s difficult to say. What if Jian Chen is the eighth member of the Martial Soul lineage…”

“There’s no need to jump to conclusions, leader. Since Chang Yang is the only untested person right now, it’s extremely likely for him to be Jian Chen. Of course, we haven’t tested him personally, so we’re not completely certain…”

The outsiders said leisurely. They glanced at the sacred hall that stood above the clouds, perhaps unintentionally, and burning greed filled the depths of their eyes.

They happened to look towards the top floor of the sacred hall, where the Tower of Radiance stood.

The Tower of Radiance was a peak god artifact used by a Grand Exalt in the past. It was on the same level as the Anatta Tower. Such a powerful god artifact would obviously tempt all the experts in the Saints’ World.

However, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ formation had locked the Tower of Radiance in place, severing all hopes of obtaining the god artifact. There was nothing they could do about the Tower of Radiance.

At this moment, another group of a similar size arrived. However, they seemed to maintain a much lower profile than the outsiders. They all concealed their presence, making them seem just like ordinary people. They flew over at a steady pace.

They were also peak experts, the type who could make the entire Desolate Plane tremor from a few gestures. They stood on the same level as the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall.

They were the native experts of the Desolate Plane.

An old man in dragon robes stood out very much among the group of native experts. Even though he kept his presence concealed, he would still give off an astonishing bearing, causing the surroundings to tremble. He seemed to be the strongest out of the entire group.

The old man was the ancestral emperor of an everlasting empire on the Desolate Plane, the Daohuang Empire.

“Let’s wait for the junior called Chang Yang to come out of the Tower of Radiance and get him tested. Once his identity has been confirmed, please leave here immediately,” the ancestral emperor said. His old, dignified voice was filled with a firmness that could not be defied.

The native organisations of the Desolate Plane had already become irritated by these outsiders since a long time ago.

The outsiders felt no fear towards the ancestral emperor of the Daohuang Empire. They remained composed and one of them said, “Of course. Once we test Chang Yang and verify that he’s not Jian Chen, all of us will leave the Desolate Plane.”

“I hope you can keep your word,” the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall said coldly. He glanced past the group of people with the ancestral emperor and clasped his fist, “Since everyone has already come, why don’t you enter the sacred hall? I’ll send people to summon Chang Yang.”

Afterwards, this group of people who would remain significant wherever they went entered the sacred hall with the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall.

At the same time, one of the eight vice-leaders, Xuan Zhan, stood on the top floor of the Radiant Saint Hall as he stared at the entrance to the Tower of Radiance with brimming interest.

“Xuan Zhan, all of the outsiders have already gathered in our Radiant Saint Hall. Chang Yang is the last person to be tested. It’s extremely likely for him to be Jian Chen in disguise. Enter the Tower of Radiance immediately and get him tested.” At this moment, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall’s voice rang out in Xuan Zhan’s head.

A gleam of light flashed through Xuan Zhan’s eyes, and they immediately deepened.

At the same time, a huge estate sat quietly in a corner of an extremely bustling city in the central region of the Desolate Plane. There was a small building in the depths of the estate. A middle-aged man stood outside. He bowed as he reported some information politely.

“Senior Tu, aside from a disciple of the Radiant Saint Hall called Chang Yang, everyone on the Desolate Plane has been tested now. It’s extremely likely that this Radiant Saint Master is Jian Chen in disguise. Both the outsiders and native experts have gathered at the Radiant Saint Hall. Senior Tu, do you think we should go as well?”

“Chang Yang? Radiant Saint Master? Is Jian Chen a part of the Martial Soul lineage?” An old voice rang out from the building.

“We are unable to verify this right now,” the middle-aged man replied politely.

“I understand. You are dismissed.”

“Yes, senior Tu!” The middle-aged man backed away politely.

A black-robed old man sat within the pavilion. He looked in the direction of the Radiant Saint Hall and murmured, “Jian Chen sure is hard to find. However, he is extraordinary. He can actually evade the heavenly secrets, preventing all of us from forecasting even a trace of him. Even master is unable to do anything about it. I just wonder whether this person called Chang Yang is Jian Chen in disguise.”

“I hope he is, or who knows when we’ll be able to find Jian Chen. Master has become rather impatient…”

“We can just toss the Anatta Tower out there for them to fight over it. I only need to take Jian Chen back to complete the mission…”

At the same time, in a verdant estate brimming with life in another bustling city, a benevolent-looking old man explained the mysteries of the ways to a beautiful woman in a green dress who only seemed to be in her twenties.

“Audriana, you’ve recently reached the Primordial realm, so your usage and understanding of the Way of Life has reached a completely new level. However, Infinite Prime is only the start of the Primordial realm. You still have a very long path ahead of you, so you are still lacking in many aspects in your comprehension of the Way of Life…”

At this moment, a middle-aged man made his way over quickly and stopped in the distance. He said politely, “Hall elder, there’s news about Jian Chen…”

The eyes of the woman in green who was listening to the old woman’s explanations immediately lit up. She looked at the middle-aged man and said before the old woman could reply, “There’s finally news. Where is he?”

“Everyone is focused on a Radiant Saint Master called Chang Yang in the Radiant Saint Hall right now because he’s the only untested person left. Many people suspect him to be Jian Chen,” said the middle-aged man.

“A disciple of the Radiant Saint Hall? Does Jian Chen possess Martial Soul Force? Otherwise, it will be impossible for him to disguise himself as a Radiant Saint Master,” the old woman frowned when she heard this news.

Audriana smacked her forehead in annoyance. She grumbled, “Sigh, how did I forget about that? Jian Chen is not just a fighter.”

“Elder, Chang Yang is probably Jian Chen because Jian Chen is also a Radiant Saint Master. Let’s go to the Radiant Saint Hall immediately,” Audriana said to the old woman beside her.

She had remained in a lower world for several million years as the Elven Godtree. She was one of the people who had known Jian Chen for the longest, so she naturally knew Jian Chen was a talented Radiant Saint Master and a fighter. She even knew that he was the only Class 9 Radiant Saint Master on the Tian Yuan Continent.

“There’s no need to hurry. There’s no need to hurry at all. Since Jian Chen can remain hidden for so long, he’s definitely skilled at it. Let’s see Jian Chen’s upcoming performance first. After all, his escape from the hands of the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance was a first. Perhaps the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s strength isn’t the greatest, but he really does have almost unmatched speed across the entire Saints’ World. Escaping from him is extremely difficult even for Grand Primes, let alone Godkings…” said the old woman mysteriously as she squinted.

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