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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2352 - Exposed
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2352: Exposed

After Xuan Zhan received the message outside the Tower of Radiance, the light in his eyes flickered rapidly. His gaze would be piercing at times and calm at other times. He was clearly deeply conflicted.

However, he gradually calmed down. He dismissed all the elders nearby before slowly turning around. He faced the entrance with his back. He stared at the hazy white sea of clouds outside the Tower of Radiance as his gaze deepened.

At this moment, the screen of light near the entrance of the Tower of Radiance pulsed. Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue suddenly appeared.

As soon as they emerged, they discovered vice-leader Xuan Zhan standing right before them. Immediately, they became taken aback.

“Donglin Yanxue greets the vice-leader,” Donglin Yanxue immediately bowed and glanced at Jian Chen beside her. Her heart could not help but tighten.

“Chang Yang greets the vice-leader!” Jian Chen also clasped his hands and bowed. He glanced at the vice-leader’s back as he suddenly felt an ill omen.

He could clearly sense that something was off with the vice-leader.

“You’ve come out?” At this moment, Xuan Zhan turned around. He was calm as if nothing had happened at all. However, his dignified, fierce eyes were abnormally deep.

“Many matters have happened recently. Many peak experts on the Desolate Plane have gathered within the sacred hall. Donglin Yanxue, although your status is no lower than an elder’s, you need to be careful in the next few days. Don’t run into these people, alright?” Xuan Zhan continued as he looked at Donglin Yanxue with shining eyes.

Donglin Yanxue’s expression immediately changed slightly, and she responded in a hurry.

Jian Chen’s heart sank. He glanced at Xuan Zhan deeply. Although Xuan Zhan was talking to Donglin Yanxue, he felt like the vice-leader was purposefully directing these words towards him.

“Have I been discovered already?” Jian Chen thought. Now that all the experts had gathered in the Radiant Saint Hall, Jian Chen’s suspicions were basically confirmed.

“The Tower of Radiance resides in a forbidden ground, so don’t stay here. Leave immediately, just in case you violate any rules,” Xuan Zhan waved his hand and said indifferently.

Afterwards, Donglin Yanxue left in a hurry with Jian Chen.

“Xuan Zhan, Chang Yang is extremely likely to be Jian Chen. Are you just going to let him go like this? You need to know that if he’s Jian Chen, he’s also the eighth member of the Martial Soul lineage. If he matures in the future, he’ll become a huge threat to our Radiant Saint Hall.”

The voice of the Radiant Saint Hall’s leader rang out in Xuan Zhan’s head again after Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue’s departure.

With the voice, an illusionary body conjured from a sliver of the leader’s soul silently appeared. He looked at Xuan Zhan in confusion.

“He must leave here.” Xuan Zhan showed no politeness towards the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall as he stared in the direction that Jian Chen had left in.

“Xuan Zhan, I really don’t understand why you want to protect him. After all, he might belong to the Martial Soul lineage. What happened in the World of Moon and Star might be directly related to him,” the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall looked at Xuan Zhan helplessly.

“Because he brought me this.” With a wave of his hand, a jade bottle and a jade slip was tossed to the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall.

The leader was curious. He directly opened the jade bottle and saw a droplet of bright red blood within it.

When he saw the blood, the leader’s eyes immediately flashed with light. He said sternly, “This is Xuan Ming’s blood!”

Very soon, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall understood everything. He said gently, “I’m basically certain that Chang Yang is Jian Chen now. If I’ve guessed correctly, Xuan Ming must be in the Anatta Tower.”

Xuan Zhan nodded and continued sternly, “That’s only one of the reasons. The second reason is that if he doesn’t leave and is directly exposed in the Radiant Saint Hall, the outsiders will definitely try to capture him regardless of the cost. They’ll start fighting in the Radiant Saint Hall. They’re all Grand Primes and possess devastating power. Once they start fighting in our Radiant Saint Hall, the result will be unthinkable.”

“Chang Yang, what should we do now?” At the same time, Donglin Yanxue and Jian Chen moved through the sacred hall in a hurry. Right now, she had become rather flustered.

After all, many peak experts had gathered in the Radiant Saint Hall. All of them had come for Jian Chen, so Donglin Yanxue immediately became clueless about what to do since she had never faced a situation remotely like this before.

“I’ll leave the Radiant Saint Hall first. As long as I make it out of the protective formations, everything will become much easier,” Jian Chen replied secretly. The sacred hall was very large. He and Donglin Yanxue basically chose an extremely obscure path, avoiding as many people as possible as they directly made their way out of the sacred hall.

Fortunately, the sacred hall itself was a god artifact. It could block the senses of the soul, so Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue did not need to worry about the outsiders discovering them.

Very soon, Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue made it out of the sacred hall unobstructed. Without any hesitation, they directly flew towards the protective formation around the Radiant Saint Hall.

Many Radiant Saint Masters hurried through the mist and clouds with Radiant Saint Force. Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue were enveloped by light as well, so it was very difficult to recognise them.

Just like that, they managed to disguise themselves among all the Radiant Saint Masters. Soon, they made it to the protective formation safely.

“Stop! Who are you, and why don’t you have the presence of the blood medallion?”

However, as soon as they emerged from the protective formation, a husky voice rang out.

A bald old man suddenly appeared before Jian Chen. He gave off a powerful presence. He happened to be an Infinite Prime, and he looked at Jian Chen judgmentally.

“I’m Donglin Yanxue, and who are you, sir? The matters of our Radiant Saint Hall aren’t something that you outsiders should stick your noses into,” Donglin Yanxue dispersed the light around her and called out with a frown. They were right outside the protective formations of the Radiant Saint Hall, so she feared no one.

“Donglin Yanxue? So you’re the current Chosen Saint of the Radiant Saint Hall. Hmph, if it weren’t for that identity, I would have made you suffer after what you just said so that you can learn what the outcome is for disrespecting your seniors,” the bald old man sneered at Donglin Yanxue before looking at Jian Chen. He demanded sternly, “Hand over your blood medallion, or I can only arrest you.”

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