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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2354 - Hun Zang
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Chapter 2354: Hun Zang

However, in a single instance, the peak experts all found Jian Chen.

“Does he plan on leaving the Desolate Plane through a teleportation formation…”

“Hehe, the teleportation formations across the plane have been sealed up a long time ago. He’s dreaming if he wants to flee through them…”

As they spoke, all the peak experts vanished from the Radiant Saint Hall. They pursued Jian Chen.

The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall hovered before the sacred hall as the light in his eyes flickered. He hesitated.

Clearly, he was rather tempted by the Anatta Tower on Jian Chen, along with the thought of obtaining it and handing it up to the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

It was his only opportunity to develop ties with the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

However, as soon as he thought of Xuan Zhan, he could not help but hesitate.

“Just don’t get involved. There are a lot of people who want the Anatta Tower. Even if you go, it’s unlikely for you to obtain the Anatta Tower.” At this moment, Xuan Zhan appeared. He stared at the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall deeply and said, “Moreover, things have happened with the Tower of Radiance. The mist inside is rapidly decreasing. The Tower of Radiance is enough for us.”

“It is extremely likely for your son to be inside the Anatta Tower. Aren’t you afraid that they’ll harm your son after they obtain the Anatta Tower?” asked the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall.

“The Anatta Tower is a peak god artifact after all. Even if it’s heavily damaged, it’s still impervious. Unless they refine the Anatta Tower, they can’t enter it.” Xuan Zhan was not worried at all. He said with composure, “And as for refining the Anatta Tower, I don’t think they’re bold enough.”

“Oh no. Leader, something terrible has happened…” At this moment, a panic-stricken voice rang out. An elder of the Radiant Saint Hall hurried over with several Radiant Godkings behind him.

However, the Radiant Godkings seemed to be in a rather horrible shape.

“Leader, I’ve just received news that the Grand Exalt’s legacy within the Tower of Radiance appeared. The supreme cultivation method within the legacy imprint was obtained by Chang Yang, and he’s a member of the Martial Soul lineage…” said the elder in a hurry.

“What? The Grand Exalt’s legacy appeared? The cultivation method actually fell into Jian Chen’s hands?” The expression of leader of the Radiant Saint Hall changed drastically.

Even Xuan Zhan’s eyes narrowed as he became extremely shocked.

The Tower of Radiance had a Grand Exalt’s legacy. This had always been an ancient rumor that had yet to be proven in the Radiant Saint Hall. They had never thought it would suddenly appear now.

“The Grand Exalt’s cultivation method is the greatest legacy of our Radiant Saint Hall. We can’t let it fall into the hands of others,” the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall became extremely stern. In the next moment, a terrifying presence radiated from him, and a white spear suddenly appeared. It concealed its glow, but it still possessed devastating power.

The spear swept past the space there and directly ripped it open. The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall directly stepped into the ripped space and left.

This time, Xuan Zhan did not stop him. Nothing would have changed if Jian Chen had not obtained the Grand Exalt’s legacy, but Xuan Zhan could no longer find any reasons to help him now that he had taken away the supreme cultivation method.

A hundred million kilometres away from the Radiant Saint Hall in the central region of the Desolate Plane, a small building of only three storeys tall sat within the noisy region of a bustling city.

The building was one of the many buildings on the street. It was located close to the centre of the city. The land prices there were astronomical.

However, ever since the building was purchased by a mysterious person many years ago, it had just sat there idly. No one moved in.

The building was empty. There were no decorations at all. There was only a formation disc several metres wide placed on the top floor, covered with profound inscriptions.

At this moment, the formation suddenly flashed, and with a powerful pulse in space, a person in white light appeared.

This person was Jian Chen.

As soon as Jian Chen appeared, he leapt out the window and shot towards the centre of the city like a bolt of lightning.

He was extremely stern. After his soul had fused with Chaotic Force, his senses became unimaginably powerful. He could vaguely sense that the senses of several dozen souls had locked onto him.

The owners of every single one of these senses was not someone he could stand up to.

There was even an extremely obscure senses of the soul that Jian Chen could barely discover. It sent chills down his spine.

“He really is Jian Chen. He truly hid deep. Now, I can finally return to master with what master wants.” At the same time, an old voice rang out from an estate within a distant city.

Afterwards, the wooden door of a building within the depths of the estate opened up, and an old man in coarse clothes walked out.

“Senior Tu!” Immediately, a middle-aged man appeared silently. He immediately showed respect when he saw the old man.

“Let’s go. Let’s get Jian Chen and return to the Heaven-splitting clan,” the old man said indifferently as if he did not take the peak experts on the Desolate Plane seriously at all. With that, he vanished completely.

The middle-aged man vanished as well, leaving the place as if he had teleported.

“Audriana, it’s time for us to go as well,” a benevolent old woman said to the woman in green beside her while she held a staff.

At this moment, Jian Chen had already arrived at the very centre of the city. This was the hub of the city, and the teleportation formations that could take people across planes happened to be located there as well.

“Jian Chen, the teleportation formation have already been sealed up. You can’t leave. Hand over the Anatta Tower, and I won’t make things difficult for you…”

“Jian Chen, give the Anatta Tower to me. Our Daohuang Empire will protect you…”

“Give me the Anatta Tower, and I’ll let you live. Otherwise, die…”

At this moment, the space above Jian Chen twisted. Peak experts appeared one after another. They were scattered throughout the surroundings, remaining vigilant of one another as they surrounded Jian Chen.

The sky above the city ripped open and endless light fell, illuminating the region. The leader of the Radiant Saint Hall had arrived as well. He looked at Jian Chen with mixed feelings and sighed gently, “I don’t care whether you’re Chang Yang or Jian Chen. But regardless, leave behind the cultivation method. That’s the greatest legacy of our Radiant Saint Hall. We can’t let others take it away, and we can’t let people of the Martial Soul lineage take it away even more.”

“The greatest legacy of the Radiant Saint Hall? Did that thing in the Tower of Radiance end up with Jian Chen instead of a disciple of your Radiant Saint Hall?” At this moment, a mocking voice rang out. A middle-aged man with an appearance that was nothing special had silently arrived. He seemed just like an ordinary person.

However, the appearance of the middle-aged man immediately caused the expression of the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall to change. He growled, “Hun Zang, you’ve actually come as well.”

The middle-aged man referred to as Hun Zang chuckled and said, “The eighth brother of our Martial Soul lineage has appeared. How can I not come for something so significant?”

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