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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2360 - The Bearing Of Sword Immortal (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2360: The Bearing of Sword Immortal (Two)

At this moment, the tests from the Path of Swords became stricter and stricter. Consequently, Jian Chen was forced to stop for a while with his eyes closed to comprehend them.

In the ruins of the city, the hall elder of the God clan, Tu San from the Heaven-splitting clan, and the peak experts from various places all stood below the Path of Swords and watched Jian Chen climb upwards.

Jian Chen was unable to see anything outside while he undertook the tests from the Path of Swords. All of his senses were restricted within the Path of Swords, but the peak experts could see him clearly.

Under their watch, Jian Chen basically seemed unstoppable. He completed a third of the distance without slowing down at all, making many of the present peak experts nervous.

More than ninety percent of them did not wish for Jian Chen to pass the test of the Path of Swords.

If Jian Chen made it to the end and became the disciple of the Celestial Sword Saint, they would not be able to do anything to him under the Celestial Sword Saint’s protection.

“It’s just a pity that outsiders can’t interfere with the tests laid down by the Celestial Sword Saint. Otherwise…” At that moment, many of the peak experts sighed inside. If the situation allowed it, they would use various methods to make Jian Chen fall down. However, the fate of the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance and the Celestial Sword Saint’s might had drained all their courage.

“He has clearly slowed down. Don’t worry, he can’t pass through the Celestial Sword Saint’s tests…”

“The Celestial Sword Saint’s Path of Swords has already stood for several hundred thousand years. Countless prodigies have attempted it in hopes of becoming the Celestial Sword Saint’s disciple, but in the end, none of them passed. Jian Chen will definitely become one of the numerous people who failed…”

“Elder, do you think Jian Chen can pass through the Celestial Sword Saint’s tests?” Audriana looked at Jian Chen on the Path of Swords and asked in concern from beside Tyne.

“It’s very difficult to say. Although Jian Chen’s talent can be described as unprecedented, the Celestial Sword Saint’s tests can’t just be described as simply as almost impossible. Not only do they test talent and wit, but they also test a person’s temperament. If the Celestial Sword Saint is unsatisfied with their temperament, they can’t become the Celestial Sword Saint’s disciple no matter how great their talent is,” said Tyne of the God clan slowly. Her old eyes stared right at Jian Chen, and she continued, “As a result, not only is there a need for extremely great talent for the Way of the Sword, but the Celestial Sword Saint must also find you appeasing in order for you to become his disciple.”

“The Celestial Sword Saint is a loner. He never takes anyone seriously, nor does he make contact with other experts of the Saints’ World. His temperament is very strange, so it’s difficult to appease him.”

On the other side, Tu San, who stood before Tyne, stared at Jian Chen with squinted eyes. He sneered inside, “Jian Chen, do you think you’ve changed something by setting foot on the Path of Swords? The Celestial Sword Saint is very powerful, but no matter how powerful he is, he’s nothing in my master’s eyes.”

Tu San was very confident. After all, his master, the Heaven-splitting Ancestor, was one of the greatest experts below Grand Exalt. He stood at the same level as the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng and was only a single step away from becoming a Grand Exalt.

A person like that indeed had the right to look down on almost everyone in the Saints’ World.

At this moment, Jian Chen had arrived high in the sky. He had completed half of the Path of Swords that plunged into the clouds.

“What is the sword…”

Suddenly, a tremendous voice rang out in the hazy white world that Jian Chen was in. It boomed like a great bell, shaking up Jian Chen’s mind.

“The sword is a will, a spirit…” Jian Chen closed his eyes and opened his mind. He explained his understanding of the Way of the Sword through his comprehensions of its essence, its spirit.

“What is the Way of the Sword…”

The booming voice rang out again.

“The Way of the Sword is a law. The Way of the Sword is the world…”

The tests became tougher and tougher on the Path of Swords. Gradually, it approached the very essence of the Way of the Sword, the core of the three thousand ways in the world.

The resistance that Jian Chen encountered became greater and greater as well such that the amount of time it took for him to take each step multiplied.

In the blink of an eye, a month had already passed since Jian Chen set foot on the Path of Swords.

During that month, Jian Chen had completed three-quarters of the Path of Swords. He only had a quarter of the distance remaining before he could reach the end.

Nothing too drastic happened during this month. However, the number of peak experts gathered on the Desolate Plane did increase. These people had hurried over from various places across the Saints’ World with various intentions after learning that Jian Chen had been exposed.

Naturally, some people wanted to try and benefit from the situation.

After all, when Jian Chen was hidden on the Desolate Plane before, no one knew where he was hiding. It was extremely difficult to find him, so there were obviously many peak experts who were unwilling to take part in something so arduous.

However, now that Jian Chen had been fully exposed and had been forced onto the Path of Swords, these people finally found their opportunity.

None of them believed Jian Chen would really pass the Celestial Sword Saint’s test, as they had already learnt about the details of the tests from those who had attempted it in the past. They were confident that he could not complete it.

All of the peak experts had already departed from around the Path of Swords. Of course, they did not truly leave. Instead, they hid in the distance, paying close attention to the situation there.

With their cultivation levels, they would be able to capture the slightest disturbances. They could also travel a huge distance in a split second.

Jian Chen managed to benefit from the month of tests on the Path of Swords. As he rapidly advanced through the tests, he tested and verified his comprehensions of the Way of the Sword with the mysteries within the tests. He found many areas he was lacking in, allowing him to deepen his comprehension of the Way of the Sword even more.

“I’m at the great perfection of Sword Spirit right now. My next realm is Sword Immortal…”

“The great perfection of Sword Spirit is equivalent to a late Godking’s comprehension of laws, while Sword Immortal is equivalent to the Primordial realm…”

Jian Chen sat there as the light from the Laws of the Sword enveloped him. Countless strands of sword Qi revolved around him.

The sword Qi was sharp, but every single strand seemed to possess a hint of intelligence, as if they had a spirit.

This was a sign of Sword Spirit.

However, at this moment, the sword Qi around him gained a sense of elegance, a sense of liberation, as if they had become unbound from the word.

“At Sword Spirit, the sword Qi is about the word ‘spirit’. They’re intelligent, as if they have a spirit of their own. Sword Immortal is about the word ‘immortal’. They must possess an ‘immortal’ bearing.”

“‘Immortals’ are liberated. They’re untainted, unshackled from the world and free…” Jian Chen murmured. In that moment, he seemed to gain an immortal bearing.

He had already understood the true essence of Sword Immortal. He had touched upon its boundary, but he did not crossed it just yet.

However, since he had seen it, since he had found the path, truly crossing over was only a matter of time now.

He basically had a foot planted in the Sword Immortal realm now!

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