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Chapter 237: Magical Beast Invasion

Seeing the miserable situation the two envoys were in a hundred meters away, Jian Chen felt the final dregs of his anger flowing away from him. Although that envoy had placed an unbelievably strong amount of pressure on him, the consequences they had both suffered were much worse. Not only were their bodies damaged, but it had also been an attack on their superiority as an Earth Saint Master; this by itself would had been enough to insult their honor.

Jian Chen continued to survey the sight around him only to see the miserable environment that had been reduced to dust thanks to the Sword Qi he had emitted. Internally, he couldn’t help but to gasp in shock. With the azure and violet Sword Spirits being so strong, the little amount of Sword Qi they had released from his body could only make him tremble with shock. An endless amount of shock to be accurate. For only a small amount of Sword Qi to bring about such a large impact on an Earth Saint Master, that was unbelievable.

If the extremely weak azure and violet Sword Spirits had such an overwhelming amount of power now then Jian Chen couldn’t even begin to imagine just what kind of terrifying amount of power they might have at their strongest point.

“This…this is how strong he is? H-how…how terrifying…” The raggedy Yun Li went pale in the face as he muttered to himself. His forehead glistened with sweat like the other two envoys by his side. With his clothes no longer doing a proper job, every inch of his body could be seen with wounds and blood dripping all over. If it were not for the fact that he were bleeding, then no one would have believed that he had been injured.

The people in Jian Chen’s eyes had been completely terrified at his power. Looking at the three of them, he couldn’t help but take pleasure in their pain. With a faint smile, he spoke out at last, “Lord Yun Li, senior envoys, are you all fine now?” With each word spoken, Jian Chen took another step toward them.

“Brother Jian Chen…do-don’t come any closer!” Seeing how Jian Chen was slowly advancing, Yun Li couldn’t help but feel startled as he cried out loud while simultaneously taking a few steps back as well. From the sudden event that had just transpired, Yun Li was so terrified that his courage had completely been obliterated. That unbelievable amount of Sword Qi was far too terrifying, and if his reaction speed had been any slower, then he had no doubts that he too would have been reduced to nothing more than dust.

The two envoys also took a few steps back as they looked at Jian Chen with some dread. At that moment, they had realized a few more things than Yun Li. Both of them were painfully aware that despite the Saint Force they had been so proud of, against this threat, they might as well have had nothing to protect themselves with.

Seeing how the two Earth Saint Masters had been reduced to such a state due to the azure and violet Sword Spirits, Jian Chen couldn’t help but feel some self satisfaction. “Lord Yun Li and senior envoys, please forgive this one. My outburst was uncontrollable for a moment, but it is no longer a problem.”

Looking around the garden and its obliterated state, the two envoys couldn’t help but have an extremely grim expression on their faces. “That power just now, just what was it?”

Jian Chen shook his head with a sigh, “ Envoys, please forgive this one. There’s just some things that this one cannot speak of. However, that outburst of power just now wasn’t under my control. If this one has committed any offenses, this one hopes the seniors forgive it.”

“Ai, there is no problem, no problem at all. If we are in such a situation like this, then it is our fault completely. If I had not tried to test you with my Qi, then that power of yours would never have manifested.” The gentle looking envoy immediately responded. After he had come to Wake City, he had heard about Jian Chen’s achievements so far. The one called Jian Chen, he couldn’t help but wonder just what type of person this one was. They had also wanted to test his strength just to see if he was as amazing as lord Yun Li said he was. However, they had never expected that in a single experiment, they had eaten such a heavy loss and their face had been lost as well.

With this, the cold looking envoy looked at the other one with a meaningful glare, “This is your fault for looking for trouble.”

Hearing that, the first envoy couldn’t help but laugh sheepishly, “Jian Chen, if we have offended you, we do hope that you do not take it to heart.”

Hurriedly, Jian Chen replied back, “How could that be, your words should be coming from me; I truly do wish that seniors do not take offense.”

“Senior envoys, brother Jian Chen, because of this recent destruction, why don’t we switch places to talk?” Yun Li spoke up suddenly. Despite having a body full of injuries, they were nothing more than superficial wounds and would be nothing more than a hindrance. Seeing how the two envoys and Jian Chen had made up, Yun Li couldn’t help but sigh in relief secretly.

Afterward, the three followed Yun Li to an even more elegant lounge. On their way to the hall however, many guards gave strange looks at the ragged condition Yun Li and the two envoys were in, but no one said a thing.

A little while later, the four finally arrived in the quiet halls where they began to talk to each other. Finally, Jian Chen had found out the envoys names as well as understanding their natures a little bit more.

The two envoys were brothers from the same parents, but their characters had been the exact opposite. The kindly one was the older brother named Katata. Of the two, he was the well-natured one and only had a smile on his face, allowing people to feel at ease with him.

The other person was the younger brother, Katafei. Compared to his older brother, he was rather cold and silent, causing people to feel as if he was extremely distant from them.

After the talks, Katata had continuously tried to wrestle Jian Chen’s identity from him, but each time it was carelessly answered with a vague response. Even Katata had realized later that Jian Chen wasn’t willing to answer such a question so he ceased to ask such questions in order to avoid being confused and to avoid incurring Jian Chen’s wrath. After the situation in the garden, Katata didn’t dare to underestimate Jian Chen.

At this moment, Duo Li had came back with a serious expression. After greeting the envoys, he immediately turned to Yun Li, “My lord, a report just came in. There’s a large wave of magical beasts heading out from the forests toward Wake City.”

Suddenly, everyone there stopped talking as Yun Li gave a heavy stare, “How many are there?!”

“Many, just far too many for us to even count!” Duo Li replied gravely.

“Was there any traces of a Class 5 Magical Beast?” Katata asked.

“Our reports say the scouts are too afraid of entering the Magical Beast Mountain Range. At the most, they’ll enter the outskirts and so they weren’t able to find any traces of it.” Duo Li held his hands in an apologetic manner.

“Duo Li, prepare the entire city immediately! Withdraw the scouts and shut the city gates to prevent anyone from leaving!” Yun Li thundered as he jumped from his seat to run out of the room.

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