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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2377 - Returning To The Cavern
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2377: Returning to the Cavern

Jian Chen did not take to the skies. Instead, he walked on the ground, moving at an ordinary speed like a mortal. He made his way out of the Sword God Mountains step by step.

He was not fast, but his steps were firm. His every single step seemed to possess some presence of ways, hiding the truths of the world and great wonder.

He had successfully reached the Sword Immortal realm. Even though his cultivation level remained the same as before, his comprehension was no different from a Primordial realm expert’s.

Even though he had only just reached the Primordial realm, it was still the Primordial realm!

A Primordial realm expert already stood towards the higher end of cultivation in the Saints’ World. Once a divine kingdom possessed a Primordial realm expert, they would immediately be elevated to an ancient empire.

“My will can change everything in the world, and I can use everything below my will.” Jian Chen remained completely calm. As he left the Sword God Mountains, he sensed the various wondrous changes from the Sword Immortal realm closely.

At a closer glance, every single leaf and blade of grass, every single pebble and grain of sand, and even origin energy became permeated with the power of ways wherever Jian Chen passed by. It would suddenly glow with a hazy light with Jian Chen’s approach.

Everything within a certain distance from Jian Chen would be affected by his will as a Sword Immortal, turning into sword Qi.

“The Primordial realm is truly profound. Although I comprehend the Way of the Sword, I feel like I can control everything. It is like my will can replace the world and form its own, independent domain,” thought Jian Chen.

Unbeknownst to him, not all Primordial realm experts possessed this ability. He could do this because he comprehended the Ultimate Way of the Sword.

The Ultimate Way of the Sword stood supreme among the Way of the Sword.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already arrived at the boundary of the Sword God Mountains.

However, he did not set foot beyond the Sword God Mountains. Instead, he stopped near the boundary and looked around. He was at ease. He felt no fear.

“I know you’re all here. Since you’ve come, why stay hidden? Why don’t you show yourselves?” Jian Chen said loudly. His voice boomed through the surroundings like thunder.

With that, figures immediately flickered in the distance. The peak experts gathered in from the surroundings while keeping their presence concealed, appearing in the distance silently.

“Jian Chen, we actually have no ill intentions towards you. We only need the Anatta Tower. We do hope you can part with your cherished treasure. We will definitely return the favour with gratitude,” said a peak expert who had recently arrived on the Desolate Plane.

“You have no ill intentions? The most precious treasure on my person has caught your eyes, so you want to force me to hand it over. If I don’t hand it over, you’ll take it. Is this your so-called no ill intentions?” Jian Chen condemned them severely.

“Cut the bullsh*t. Jian Chen, we only want the Anatta Tower. It’s destined that you won’t keep the Anatta Tower, so just hand it over. Don’t force us to lay our hands on you…” said another person coldly.

“Although you’re a part of the Martial Soul lineage and you have the protection of the God clan, you need to understand that not everyone fears them in the Saints’ World…”

Some peak experts spoke up. They desired the Anatta Tower.

Jian Chen looked at the group of people silently and said nothing more. He took out a formation disc from his Space Ring unhurriedly and tossed it onto the ground.

Although reaching the Sword Immortal realm had caused his strength to increase drastically, he knew better than anyone else that he was not the opponent of even one of these experts.

Many of the peak experts secretly shook their heads and scoffed when they saw Jian Chen’s actions.

They could tell from a single glance that the teleportation formation Jian Chen had taken out could only be used on the Desolate Plane. It would teleport him very far away, but it was not enough to help him flee from the Desolate Plane.

The Desolate Plane was very vast, but for experts with their cultivation levels, crossing the entire place only took a few seconds.

As a result, they believed that Jian Chen was dreaming if he wanted to use a teleportation formation to escape from them.

At this moment, the teleportation formation was activated, and a great power wrapped around Jian Chen, suddenly taking him away.

The peak experts did not try to stop him because Jian Chen still stood in the territory of the Sword God Mountains. They did not dare to stop him, so they could only watch him leave.

However, the senses of their souls had already enveloped the entire Desolate Plane. They did not miss even an inch of land.

“I found him. I would like to see how he plans on keeping the Anatta Tower now that he has left the Sword God Mountains…” Very soon, the peak experts sneered and departed.

The War Dragon Empire was one of the few everlasting empires on the Desolate Plane. They stood on the same level as the Radiant Saint Hall as a peak organisation on the Desolate Plane.

There was a stinking swamp covered by poisonous mist several million kilometres away from the imperial capital of the War Dragon Empire.

A very simple-looking stone slab laid at the bottom of the swamp.

At this moment, the simple stone slab suddenly shone brightly and Jian Chen appeared on it.

This was a path of retreat he had set up beforehand. He had already come up with a method of leaving the Desolate Plane when he learnt about the existence of the underground cavern, so he had set up everything secretly. He could finally use it all now.

At this moment, there was a flash and Jian Chen’s figure vanished from the teleportation formation with a pulse of the Laws of Space. When he reappeared, he had arrived at the very bottom of the swamp; he had discovered the fortune jade here.

Afterwards, he moved to one side and suddenly vanished. Even his presence evaporated at that moment.

Several seconds later, figures appeared above the swamp one after another. All the peak experts who had come for the Anatta Tower had arrived.

“He suddenly vanished here. I actually can’t find him with the senses of my soul…”

“There’s definitely an extremely powerful concealing formation in this swamp, or it would have been impossible for Jian Chen to vanish under our watch…”

“I’ll personally look around…”

Immediately, several people dove to the bottom of the swamp, scouring every inch of the place. Meanwhile, the other peak experts hovered in the sky and paid close attention to the people in the swamp.

“Hmm? Someone suddenly vanished…”

“It’s over there. There really is a concealing formation there…”

“What a powerful formation. It’s traceless and gives off no energy at all, seemingly naturally created. Even the senses of my soul can’t discover the slightest trace of it…”

Very soon, the concealing formation hidden in the depths of the swamp was discovered. The eyes of all the peak experts there lit up, and with a flash, they entered the concealing formation.

However, as soon as they entered the formation, all of their faces changed because a mysterious power suppressed the senses of their souls.

“God dammit. I can only extend the senses of my soul to three kilometres away. What is this damn place…”

“What a great power. It’s actually suppressed the senses of our souls to such a level. There’s definitely an astonishing mystery hidden in this place…”

“There’s actually such a mysterious place on the Desolate Plane. I’ve stayed on the Desolate Plane for countless years, but I actually know nothing about here…”

Immediately, many of the peak experts cried out.

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