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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2383 - The Fleshly Core
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2383: The Fleshly Core

“I can’t be greedy. The priority right now is to find a way off the Desolate Plane…” Jian Chen suppressed his urges. Although he had just reached Sword Immortal, he would not be able to collect a lot of essence blood if he charged in.

Instead, it would be extremely likely for him to get exposed.

After much difficulty, he had finally managed to hide again under the watch of the peak experts. He could not afford any more risks.

As a result, Jian Chen could only give up on Gusta’s essence blood.

While Jian Chen collected the five droplets of essence blood, he completely failed to notice that Kai Ya’s eyes had silently become extremely cold.

It was a kind of coldness that was completely emotionless, looking down on all lives as if she had surpassed everything.

The cold eyes pierced through space and time, through the ways and the laws and looked at the battlefield where the peak experts fought.

At this moment, all the peak experts revolved around Gusta’s essence blood as they engaged in a great struggle. Energy surged in the surroundings and space shattered. No one noticed a thumb-sized, dark gold ball fall with the blood rain.

The ball seemed extremely ordinary. Even when it was scanned with the senses of the soul, it seemed like nothing special at all.

It was exactly because of this that no one paid any attention to the thumb-sized ball.

However, Kai Ya stared right at the ball.

In the next moment, the dark gold ball seemed to experience the calling of a mysterious power. It stopped falling down and flew to one side, directly approaching Jian Chen.

The mysterious presence of ways seemed to permeate the surroundings as it flew, preventing anyone from noticing it as it approached Jian Chen.


The ball shot through the air as it headed directly towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had just collected the five droplets of essence blood. He was about to return, but he suddenly discovered the ball that flew towards him.

The moment he saw the golden ball, his mind shuddered. His soul that had fused with a strand of Chaotic Force seemed to discover something, and his eyes immediately shone brightly. He extended his hand without any hesitation, catching the dark gold ball.

As soon as the pill-sized ball entered Jian Chen’s hand, he immediately felt his heart heat up.

At that moment, he struggled to keep calm despite his mental fortitude. His heart beat uncontrollably.

He could sense an indescribably vast energy within the dark gold ball. Even calling it a sea of energy would be nowhere near enough to describe a tenth of it.

“I- i- is this Gusta’s neidan? His energy reserve?”

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath. He could roughly guess the origins of the ball with his current insight. He suppressed his emotions and immediately stowed the dark gold ball away before arriving beside Kai Ya in a flash.

“Quick, let’s leave this place. The further we go, the better…” Jian Chen grabbed Kai Yas arm and shot off into the distance with lightning speed excitedly.

He could already guess that the peak experts would search for the dark gold ball like madmen. He needed to leave this place and go as far away as possible.

Kai Ya’s eyes returned to normal. Her gaze was filled with doubt and confusion as Jian Chen pulled her along.

She could vaguely feel that she seemed to have lost a short part of her memory. She felt like her mind had blanked out for a short moment earlier. No matter how she tried to recall her memories, she found nothing, so she could only leave the matter unsettled.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya fled into the distance quickly.

“Hold on, Where is the fleshly core? Corpses of Ancient Great Apes should have fleshly cores…”

“The fleshly core is gone? Who, just who was it? Who obtained the fleshly core…”

“The fleshly core is the most precious item in the body of an Ancient Great Ape. It’s even more valuable than essence blood because it’s the energy reserve of Ancient Great Apes…”

“This Ancient Great Ape must have possessed extremely terrifying strength when he was still alive. His fleshly core would be invaluable…”

At this moment, a series of cries rang out. The peak experts gathered there all look around as they called out.

Afterwards, they expanded the senses of their souls in search of the fleshly core’s presence.

Suddenly, the surroundings changed in colour. The entire world became flooded by a blood red colour as a supreme pressure suddenly descended.

At that moment, the world darkened as the celestial bodies vanished. The entire Desolate Plane seemed to become a world soaked in blood. A tremendous sea of blood descended and enveloped the entire place.

The sea of blood was terrifying and boundless. No one knew how wide it was. It seemed to possess devastating power.

The appearance of the sea of blood caused the expressions of all the Primordial realm experts on the Desolate Plane to change; they became frightened.

Even the Grand Primes who stood at the apex of a plane felt their very souls tremble. Shock filled their faces.

This was because in the moment the sea of blood appeared, the laws of the world changed. The sea of blood seemed to replace the world and represent the laws, creating its own laws on the Desolate Plane. It was like the entire Desolate Plane had become its territory. As a result, the Primordial realm experts, including the peak figures, completely lost control over the laws.

Even the abundant origin energy of the Desolate Plane fled from them, no longer under their control.

“T- the Bloodtear Grand Exalt…”

“It’s the Bloodtear Grand Exalt. W- why has he come out…”

The peak experts were all shocked. They felt both frightened and uneasy.

Grand Exalts were true sovereigns of the world. They were existences like the heavens. With a single thought, they could change the operation of the world. They could set down laws of the world. Their powers were limitless.

With the personal arrival of the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the thought of the huge, underground cavern, all the peak experts immediately understood that this place was probably connected to the Bloodtear Grand Exalt.

Even Gusta’s body that they had been fighting over was probably related to the Bloodtear Grand Exalt.

As soon as they thought about how they were actually taking something that belonged to the Bloodtear Grand Exalt, all the peak experts present paled. They became frightened and uneasy.

Several million kilometres away, Jian Chen became immobilised the moment the sea of blood appeared. A terrifying power that he could not resist locked down the world, restraining him.

It was not just him. Even Kai Ya was affected.

As a result, the two of them were locked in the posture of flying through the air. They could not move from that position.

Jian Chen was shocked. At this moment, he could clearly feel that he seemed to have been reduced to a mortal despite being a great Sword Immortal.

He could not use the Laws of the Sword. The Chaotic Force in his dantian had frozen up. His blood had stopped flowing. Even his heart had stopped beating.

Time seemed to come to an absolute standstill.

The only thing unaffected was his thoughts.

Apart from his thoughts, he could not even raise a finger.

A bloody mist silently appeared before Jian Chen. The ways of the world resonated around the mist as the laws changed.

The bloody mist seemed to be a supreme incarnation of the heavenly ways, enough to reign over everything.

At this moment, the mist changed. It condensed into a blurry figure with an unclear, obscured face.

Jian Chen immediately like he was being watched, as if a pair of invisible eyes had landed on him.

The gaze was extremely terrifying, as if it could peer through all mysteries, including the past and future. Jian Chen immediately felt like all his secrets had been seen through; even Mo Tianyun’s mask was rendered useless.

Under the invisible gaze, Jian Chen seemed to hold no secrets. Everything he possessed—the Anatta Tower, the fleshly core, the few strands of Profound Sword Qi in his soul—seemed to be exposed before the gaze.

As a matter of fact, the twin swords hidden deep within him were unable to avoid the invisible gaze and were clearly exposed to the pair of eyes.

“Grand Exalt…” Jian Chen’s throat became parched as his heart completely sank.

Just an invisible gaze had been enough to see through all his secrets. He knew that probably only Grand Exalts, figures of legends, possessed such terrifying ability.

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