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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2391 - The Divine King Abdicates
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Chapter 2391: The Divine King Abdicates

Luo Mantian nodded understandingly after listening to the words of Tong Wuming and Zhou Zhidao. He had made up his mind.

In reality, ever since he learnt the mysterious Chaotic Prime of the Tian Yuan clan was a divine general of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, Luo Mantian had already planned on treating the Xi clan like that.

He had asked this question to understand the thoughts of the others.

Now, he basically knew that their thoughts aligned with his.

“Let’s go pay a visit to the Tian Yuan clan as well,” said the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak. He was ruddy and sage-like. As he hovered in the air, his white robes swayed in the wind. He really did seem quite like an immortal.

Afterwards, he took a step and instantly vanished.

In just a single step, he crossed an extremely vast distance.

Afterwards, all the other peak experts gathered on the Heaven’s Link Peak followed him.

All the experts of the Righteous Alliance arrived in the southern region. Immediately, the Four Symbols Alliance reacted like they were facing their mortal enemies. The powerful killing formations that surrounded the entire southern region seemed to begin operating.

“Don’t worry, we haven’t come to fight this time,” the lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak said calmly.

Beside him, the other peak experts of the Righteous Alliance stared at Zheng Hu and the others coldly.

The five experts of the Four Symbols Alliance all calmed down when they heard that. However, they did not dare to drop their guard. They remained vigilant, and the powerful killing formations could be activated at any time.

The lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak and everyone else no longer paid any more attention to the Four Symbols Alliance. They all arrived outside the barrier of the Pingtian Empire, wanting to visit the Tian Yuan clan.

However, Ming Dong showed them no respect. He did not let them in.

“Spare me the visit. I can’t be bothered about the grievances between your Righteous Alliance and the Four Symbols Alliance. As long as you don’t impinge on the Tian Yuan clan, do whatever you want,” Ming Dong’s voice rang out from the Tian Yuan clan, directly drifting out of the Pingtian Empire to the ears of the experts of the Righteous Alliance.

Having been denied entry, the peak experts who basically stood at the apex of the Cloud Plane were not angered at all. Instead, this further confirmed for them that Ming Dong’s background was astonishing.

This was because the Chaotic Prime divine general from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng said nothing at all; this basically indicated he completely listened to Ming Dong.

At this moment, the Infinite Prime, the Pingtian divine king, stood on a ceiling of the imperial palace in his dragon robes. He stared towards the boundary of the Pingtian Empire.

Behind him was a white-robed old man. He was the Grand Imperial Protector of the Pingtian Empire, Bo Wen.

The divine king stood as straight as a sword. Vaguely, a sense of sharp sword Qi seemed to radiate from him. He possessed the bearing of a Sword Immortal.

He stood there quietly and stared into the horizon. After a long while, he sighed softly and murmured, “I never thought, I really never thought that Jian Chen’s Tian Yuan clan would have such might today, enough to make all the peak experts famed on the Cloud Plane visit them. Even in my eyes, they are indomitable figures of great importance.”

“Your majesty, this is the glory of the empire. Today, because of the Tian Yuan clan’s existence, our Pingtian Empire is renowned across the entire Cloud Plane. As long as the Tian Yuan clan remains, no one will be bold enough to offend our Pingtian Empire on the Cloud Plane. We are respected everywhere…” said Grand Imperial Protector Bo Wen in high spirits.

“The glory of the empire? Indeed. Because of the Tian Empire, both the renown and status of the Pingtian Empire has risen to a peak that even I struggle to imagine, enough to resolve all past disputes and receive respect everywhere. However, this is not what I want,” said the divine king slowly. His eyes were extremely profound.

“Your majesty, why do you say that?” The Grand Imperial Protector asked in confusion.

After a while of thought, the divine king said, “First, times that are too peaceful will result in the gradual decline of people. With the deterrence from the Tian Yuan clan, our Pingtian Empire won’t face any conflict for a very long time.”

“Without conflict, without the baptism of blood, the Pingtian Empire will be like an orchid raised under special circumstances. We will die from even the smallest storm. It will be very difficult for us to become truly powerful.”

The divine king paused when he reached there. Mixed feelings appeared on his face, and he continued slowly, “The other reason is that I am the divine king, the emperor, of the Pingtian Empire. I am he who controls the empire, yet I must live under the glory of the Tian Yuan clan. As the emperor, I feel ashamed.”

The Grand Imperial Protector’s face changed slightly, and he immediately became flustered. He said frantically, “Your highness, there are countless organisations across the Saints’ World that try to gain the protection of a larger organisation so that they can exist forever. The encounter our Pingtian Empire has experienced now is enough to make countless organisations across the Saints’ World feel envious.”

“I comprehend the Way of the Sword. The sword must maintain its edge, or it will rust away sooner or later. Days of peace are detrimental to my way.” The divine king paused when he reached there. At that moment, he seemed to have made a great decision. Resolve appeared in his eyes.

“Bo Wen, I plan on abdicating and passing on the position of emperor to someone else.”

The Grand Imperial Protector was shocked when he heard the divine king’s words. He became bitter. Only after a moment of thought did he ask hoarsely, “Then may I ask which prince has caught your highness’ eye?”

The divine king shook his head. “The current Pingtian Empire completely thrives under the shielding of the Tian Yuan clan. None of my princes are suitable for inheriting the throne. Give the throne to someone in the Tian Yuan clan.”

“Before the Tian Yuan clan, a small organisation called the Mo clan existed. The patriarch of the Mo clan, Mo Xingfeng, showed kindness to Jian Chen many years ago, while Mo Xingfeng’s daughter, Mo Yan, is deeply adored by Jian Chen. The foster daughter he took in was also the princess of the Xi Empire of the northern region. I think Mo Xingfeng is the most suitable person for inheriting the throne in the Tian Yuan clan.”

The next day, the divine king personally visited the Tian Yuan clan. He engaged in a secret conversation with the past patriarch of the Mo clan, Mo Xingfeng, in a secret room. He left three days later.

Before long, the divine king formally announced his abdication of the throne and that Mo Xingfeng would inherit it. The Grand Imperial Protector would assist with the ascension.

After abdicating the throne, the divine king completely vanished from public view. He left silently all by himself, leaving the Cloud Plane to wander the vast Saints’ World and pave his own way.

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