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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2392 - The Azure Peng King’s Shock
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Chapter 2392: The Azure Peng King’s Shock

The Pingtian Empire had formally changed hands.

The past patriarch of the Mo clan now held supreme authority in the Pingtian Empire.

It had to be mentioned that having Mo Xingfeng inherit the throne was an extremely clever decision.

Mo Xingfeng was not particularly powerful, but he was one of the people who had made contact with Jian Chen the earliest. Moreover, he was a founding member of the Tian Yuan clan. He held quite some status.

Now that he had become the emperor of the Pingtian Empire, the relationship between the Pingtian Empire and Tian Yuan clan became even closer.

Of course, all of these changes had been caused by the revelation of Ming Xie’s identity as a divine general of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

Not only did the statuses of the Pingtian Empire and Tian Yuan clan rise with the exposure of Ming Xie’s identity, but even the Xi clan in the northern region benefited tremendously.

Ever since Xi Lianxue fell under the Heavenless Demon Exalt’s control and made the Xi Empire that once dominated the northern region stand with the Tian Empire, the Xi Empire had been dragged into the war across the entire Cloud Plane. Eventually, they started to face destruction. Afterwards, due to the combined efforts of the Heaven-cracking sect and the Sword Sect of Four Poles, the imperial family of the Xi Empire was almost completely devastated. They even gave up on the imperial palace, allowing their enemies to occupy it.

Afterwards, the Xi Emperor and the other two Chaotic Primes broke free thanks to Ming Xie’s assistance, so their Xi clan finally escaped danger. They truly gained the ability to contend against the Heaven-cracking sect and Sword Sect of Four Poles.

Under the leadership of the current emperor, Xi Ziyun, the Xi Empire gradually stabilised and began to recover slowly.

However, at this moment, the Heaven-cracking sect and the Sword Sect of Four Poles that had completely fallen out with the Xi Empire banded together with the various organisations of the northern region, using Xi Lianxue as an excuse to form a powerful coalition. They stood against the Xi Empire, doing all that they could to prevent them from uniting the northern region.

As a matter of fact, the ancestors of the Heaven-cracking sect and the Sword Sect of Four Poles had even visited the Godsfallen clan located in the northern region in hopes of having them send experts to completely destroy the Xi Empire.

However, now that Ming Xie’s identity had been exposed, the Godsfallen clan and even the peak experts of the Righteous Alliance all treated the Xi Empire differently.

On this day, just when the important members of the Xi Empire were racking their brains over how to recover their lost territory and recreate the empire, the two Chaotic Prime ancestors of the Heaven-cracking sect and Sword Sect of Four Poles who had always stood against them brought the leaders of the various organisations with them to the boundary of the Xi Empire. They had come to seek forgiveness and to pledge their loyalty to the Xi Empire.

Ever since then, the Xi Empire had completely recovered all of its lost territory, successfully uniting the northern region again and becoming a dominating power there.

As for the Godsfallen clan, although they were a peak organisation and resided in the northern region as well, they behaved like hermits most of the time and did not interfere with worldly affairs.

The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance had returned to the Azure Brilliance Mountain on the Loneheaven Plane. He took on a human form and sat at the top of the mountain with an extremely sunken face.

Rage had been building up within him for a very long time now such that it seemed like he was about to explode at any time.

“Jian Chen, I have already firmly remembered you. I will never forget you…” The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance gritted his teeth as he nursed many grievances.

He failed to destroy the Tian Yuan clan and returned miserably instead. He was already petty and vengeful enough, so he placed all the blame on Jian Chen.

It made his resentment towards Jian Chen grow even more intense.

In particular, when he thought about how he was the infamous Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance, he struggled to think of any places he would not receive respect from. However, ever since he encountered Jian Chen, bad luck had been constantly with him. Not only did he fail to hunt down Jian Chen many times, but he even ended up injured time and time again. As a result, his resentment towards Jian Chen reached a devastating level.

Jian Chen had almost become an inner demon for the Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance.

“Jian Chen, you probably would have never thought that the true master of the Anatta Tower, the Anatta Grand Prime, hasn’t died like as rumoured. You’ve boldly taken possession of the Anatta Tower for yourself and refined it ignorantly, so you’ll die to the hands of the Grand Exalt sooner or later.” At this moment, the Azure Peng King thought of something and immediately smiled coldly.

“Hold on!”

However, his smile only lasted for a single moment before suddenly freezing up. The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance’s gaze became shocking. He said sternly, “The Anatta Grand Prime is a Grand Exalt of the Saints’ World. His abilities are exceptional. As long as he’s still alive, no matter where the Anatta Tower is hidden, even in the many spaces in the lower worlds, he will be able to find it with a single thought with his ability as a Grand Exalt. But why does Jian Chen still possess the Anatta Tower?”

“If the Anatta Grand Prime was dead, Jian Chen’s possession of the Anatta Tower would make sense. However, the Anatta Grand Prime is clearly still alive, and he has even accepted a ninth disciple. He should have found out about the Anatta Tower long ago, but why hasn’t he collected it…”

“Is it because the Anatta Grand Prime secretly permits Jian Chen to possess the Anatta Tower?” The Azure Peng King’s face immediately changed drastically, and his heart surged when his thoughts reached this point.

At that moment, he could not help but think back to what he went through when he hunted down Jian Chen. The memories flashed through his head, starting from when he first entered the spatial crack in search of Jian Chen to falling into so many temporal vortices for no reason in the end. He seemed to understand something, and he was immediately shocked.

“It’s the Anatta Grand Prime. It’s the Anatta Grand Prime. He’s secretly behind it all…” The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance cried out inside as he fell into emotional turmoil.

However, he simply could not understand the reasoning behind the Anatta Grand Prime’s actions.

At this moment, on a land distant from the Desolate Plane on the Saints’ World, there was an extremely bustling city with several large-scale formations. The teleportation formations would flicker with light from time to time, and the teleportation powers would surge, sending cultivators far away.

In the centre of the teleportation formations was one that was clearly even larger and more complicated. However, it would frequently remain unused for several months or even years.

People poured in and out of the teleportation formations around it. Compared to the busier teleportation formations, the larger teleportation formation clearly seemed rather special.

This was because it was a teleportation formation that could take people across great planes.

Across any of the forty-nine great planes or eighty-one great planets in the Saints’ World, there would not be a lot of these types of teleportation formations. Only organisations of great power could construct them.

At this moment, the teleportation formation suddenly shone with dazzling light. Its teleportation powers surged out, and a young man and woman appeared silently.

The man was burly and bare-chested. His muscles swelled, hiding explosive power.

The woman had an ordinary face. She did not seem to have any special features at all. She was the type who would not stand out at all from a crowd.

Obviously, the two of them were Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

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