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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2396 - Auctioning A God Artifact
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Chapter 2396: Auctioning a God Artifact

The fourteenth layer of the Chaotic Body was equivalent to early Infinite Prime, but his battle prowess was on par with mid Infinite Primes.

Of course, mid Infinite Prime was divided into three smaller levels, which were the Fourth Heavenly Layer, Fifth Heavenly Layer, and Sixth Heavenly Layer.

He needed to find an opponent and fight before he could accurately determine which Heavenly Layer his battle prowess had reached now.

“Infinite Primes can be considered as experts in the Saints’ World. On any plane, they’re people of status. Even among those peak organisations that stand at the apex of planes, Infinite Primes have the right to speak.” Jian Chen’s mood was great. Even though he knew his current strength could not garner any attention from Grand Primes at all, his ability to stay alive when he faced such experts had improved at the very least.

“Jian Chen, there are still five more years before we reach the Star Brilliance Plane,” Kai Ya walked over and said to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and calmed himself from the excitement of breaking through. First, he sank into his thoughts after hearing Kai Ya’s words before replying, “I’ve kept two droplets of Gusta’s essence blood. I plan on exchanging them for some five-colored divine crystals once I get to the Star Brilliance Plane.”

“Moreover, there are a few more god artifacts in the Grand Prime’s Space Ring I obtained from the Neptunean Divine Palace. I do not need to worry about revealing these god artifacts with my current strength. I plan on auctioning them off on the Star Brilliance Plane. Once we have enough five-colored divine crystals, we can immediately take a teleportation formation to the Prosper Plane and return the Anatta Tower to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.”

To Jian Chen, the only way to get to the Prosper Plane was through a teleportation formation because it was just too far away. He could not afford to waste over ten thousand years travelling.

“As long as you return the Anatta Tower to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, all the problems you face right now will be resolved. At that time, there will be no need for us to remain under disguise.” Kai Ya was eager as well.

Jian Chen nodded. If he returned the long-lost Anatta Tower to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, his service would be so meritorious that even if the Heaven-splitting Ancestor wanted to lay his hands on him, he would need to consider the response from the first majesty, Yi Xin.

Most importantly, he would be powerful enough to return to the Cloud Plane.

“It has been so long. I wonder how the Tian Yuan clan is doing. Back in the past, I was forced off the Cloud Plane by the pursuit of vice-leader Huai An of the Empyrean Demon Cult. Now that my strength has completely exceeded his, I need to take revenge when I have the time…” Jian Chen thought. As soon as he thought about how he and Kai Ya had been chased off the Cloud Plane, he became filled with inconcealable fury and killing intent.

Even though he knew the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult was Mo Tianyun, he still planned on resolving his grievance with Huai An through bloodshed.

“Alright. I heard that there are members of quite a few large clans from the Jadefluid Plane on this spatial battleship. They seem to be heading to some celebration on the Star Brilliance Plane. Perhaps you could auction a god artifact on the spatial battleship,” Kai Ya suddenly said.

“I want five-colored divine crystals. Only Primordial realm experts possess five-colored divine crystals. If they’re Godkings, they might not have what I want even if they come from large clans,” said Jian Chen.

“The members of the large clans are taking part in a celebration on the Star Brilliance Plane. In reality, it’s just offering up gifts. They really might have five-colored divine crystals,” said Kai Ya. She would constantly move around on the spatial battleship during the time Jian Chen cultivated in seclusion. She had learnt a lot of information.

Jian Chen mulled over her words and said, “Fair enough. I’ll take out a god artifact then. If I can get all the five-colored divine crystals I need on the spatial battleship, that would obviously be for the best.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen and Kai Ya went to the auction centre.

The spatial battleship was extremely large, and it used the Laws of Space, making it bigger on the inside. As a result, it was nothing special for a single spatial battleship to hold millions of people and possess all sorts of facilities. It was basically a special type of city.

Before long, Jian Chen arrived at the largest store on the spatial battleship.

There were various items placed around the store. It had a superb collection such that the entire place was bedazzling. Many cultivators moved through the place, picking out items that they needed.

“I want to meet your manager. I have a large business deal to discuss with him,” said Jian Chen to one of the staff as soon as he entered the store. At the same time, he tossed out some supreme grade divine crystals.

When the staff member saw how extravagant Jian Chen was, he did not dare to tarry. He greeted Jian Chen and immediately called over the manager.

Very soon, a skinny, middle-aged man walked over. Under the guidance of the staff member, he arrived before Jian Chen.

“I am Yu Chen, the one responsible for this store. May I ask how I can refer to you?” The middle-aged man clasped his fist towards Jian Chen amiably as he seemed to give off the pressure of a Godking. He studied Jian Chen and Kai Ya covertly.

However, when he discovered that he could not see through Jian Chen or Kai Ya at all, and their expressions remained the same despite the pressure he accidentally gave off, he immediately became stern.

Jian Chen did not answer the question. With a flip of his hand, a large sword appeared. He said, “I want to auction this item. Will you take it or not?”

The entire store became illuminated the instance the two-handed sword appeared. The dazzling treasures all paled in comparison, having been suppressed by the sword’s glow.

At the same time, the pressure of a god artifact radiated out, shocking everyone.

At that moment, the attention of everyone in the store was drawn over to the glowing sword.

“T- th- this…” The eyes of the manager of the store, Yu Chen, widened. He stared at the two-handed sword in shock as he became stunned.

However, he returned to his senses before long. Ignoring his shock, he immediately used a cloth to cover the sword.

His cloth was also a treasure. It was of an impressive quality and could conceal presences. Under the cloth, the glow and the pressure from the two-handed sword immediately vanished. It had all been covered up.

“Please come in; please come in. We’ll talk in the room for guests.” Immediately, Yu Chen became excited. His eyes lit up, and he became even more enthusiastic, inviting Jian Chen and Kai Ya into a better room in a hurry.

“A god artifact. That’s a god artifact…”

“Someone is auctioning a god artifact. That’s startling news…”

“Heavens, that’s a god artifact. I heard that even many Primordial realm experts don’t possess one…”

After Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and Yu Chen had vanished, a fervent discussion immediately broke out. No one was in the mood to pick treasures for themselves anymore. The god artifact had become the centre of their conversations as they talked enthusiastically.

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