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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2397 - Disturbance
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Chapter 2397: Disturbance

At this moment, in a well-decorated room specially used to receive the most esteemed guests on the top floor of the store, the manager, Yu Chen, sat with Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

“This sword is a low quality god artifact. Are you certain you want to auction it off?”

All the formations had been activated in the room, concealing everything within it. Yu Chen held the huge sword as he rubbed it affectionately. He was infatuated with it.

He seemed like he was touching something he loved the most.

Jian Chen nodded and said indifferently, “I want to exchange this god artifact for five-colored divine crystals. Remember, I only want five-colored divine crystals.”

Yu Chen’s heart shuddered when he heard that. He thought, “Five-colored divine crystals are only used by Primordial realm experts for cultivation and taking teleportation formations between planes. Is this person a hidden Primordial realm expert?”

Although that was what he thought, Yu Chen showed none of it on his face. Immediately, he agreed, and he even began treating them with more politeness.

He was unable to tell Jian Chen’s strength, but when he saw him take out a god artifact casually, he understood that even if Jian Chen was not a Primordial realm expert, he would surely have extremely astonishing origins.

Next, they discussed the details. After that, Jian Chen left the god artifact with Yu Chen and returned to the cabin with Kai Ya.

Shortly afterwards, the news of a god artifact being auctioned off soon spread across the entire spatial battleship through the advertising power of the shop. Immediately, the matter caused a huge uproar on the spatial battleship.

After all, basically all of the cultivators on the spatial battleship were at Godhood. There were probably only a handful of Primordial realm experts. Now, a god artifact that even some Primordial realm experts did not possess had been tossed into a group of Godhood cultivators. Obviously, they had all become crazed for the god artifact.

“What did you say? A low quality god artifact is about to be auctioned off?” A young man’s voice rang out from an extremely extravagant cavern high up on the spatial battleship. “A god artifact has actually appeared. Fantastic. Our clan just happens to be offering up a treasure that does not stand out at all for the young star lord’s thousand year birthday celebration. Let’s use this god artifact as the gift instead. Elder He, we have to get the god artifact.”

“Go investigate who the owner of the god artifact is. If we gift a god artifact for the young star lord’s thousand year birthday celebration on the Star Brilliance Plane, it’ll be far better than the gift we’ve prepared. Although a mere god artifact is nothing to the young star lord with his status, it’ll show off our clan a little,” a powerful voice boomed out from another luxurious cabin.

“Wei Shao, the person auctioning the god artifact stated that he only wants five-colored divine crystals. Aside from being used for teleportation formations between planes, five-colored divine crystals are only used for cultivation by Primordial realm experts. They’re extremely likely to be a Primordial realm expert, so it’s best if we don’t provoke them. The five-colored divine crystals on me are nowhere enough to buy a low quality god artifact,” an old man smiled bitterly.

“There aren’t many Primordial realm experts on this spatial battleship at all. Moreover, how many of them would be willing to sell a god artifact? Go find the exact location of the person on the spatial battleship, and then use the name of our clan to buy the god artifact for a low price,” said the young man referred to as Wei Shao.

At the same time, six old men sat in the air within a large room on the highest floor of the spatial battleship. Every single one of them possessed tremendous presences. Their old bodies hid extremely great power as if even the slightest gestures from them would possess devastating might.

The six old men were the protectors of the spatial battleship, the peak figures who watched over it. They protected the vehicle as it moved through outer space. They were all Infinite Primes.

“Interesting. There’s actually someone who wants to auction off a god artifact…” said one of the old men in interest.

“The person who wants to auction off the god artifact resides in a high class cabin. He shouldn’t be a Primordial realm expert because all Primordial realm experts, even if they have only broken through recently, are allowed to occupy a luxurious cabin free of cost. The person who’s selling the god artifact used supreme grade divine crystals to purchase a high class cabin, so he should be a Godking,” said another man. With a single thought, he learnt all the information that Jian Chen had provided when he boarded the spatial battleship.

The light in the eyes of a burly Primordial realm expert immediately flickered with excitement. He snickered and said, “The god artifact is a huge sword, which just happens to be perfect for me. I haven’t gotten my hands on a god artifact yet, so this god artifact will be mine.”

With that, a huge sword appeared in his hand. It was similar to the god artifact that Jian Chen wanted to sell, except for the fact that it was only a supreme quality saint artifact.

Although the old man was an Infinite Prime, he did not possess a god artifact.

“You’ve served the Float Empire of the Jadefluid Plane for far too short. You don’t have enough merit. If you wait for another few tens of thousand years, you should be able to exchange the merit you gathered through your services for a low quality god artifact,” a companion said from beside him.

The burly old man shook his head and replied, “A few tens of thousand years is a little too long. Who knows when I might die when I have to face space beasts in battle constantly as I watch over spatial battleships. The sooner I get a god artifact, the better it is. Only with greater strength will I have a higher chance of surviving and making it further.”

With that, the burly old man stood up and said, “I’ll go find the person and try to get the god artifact from him before it goes on auction. Otherwise, there’ll probably be no chance for me with the wealth I have on me once it goes up on auction…”

“Fa Yun, you serve the Float Empire, and this spatial battleship is the Float Empire’s property. At the same time, there are rules set down by the Float Empire. You must not break them and make things difficult for us…”

“I know what I can and can’t do.”

The disturbance from the auctioning of a god artifact continued to build up, and Jian Chen’s cabin had already been discovered by a few people of extraordinary origins through their various methods.

As a result, people constantly visited where Jian Chen stayed. Most of them possessed great backgrounds and directly expressed their interest in buying the god artifact from Jian Chen through a private deal or exchanging for it with heavenly resources.

Jian Chen did not turn them away.

“I only want five-colored divine crystals. I don’t need anything else apart from five-colored divine crystals,” Jian Chen said emotionlessly to a middle-aged man who had visited him. Who knows how many times he had said that already.

“Sir, we don’t have five-colored divine crystals right now, but the senior of our Myriad Water Estate does have quite a lot. You should know about the Myriad Water Estate of the Jadefluid Plane, right? We’re a large, renowned organisation. You can give us the god artifact first, and the seniors of our Myriad Water Estate will go to the Star Brilliance Plane before long and give you the five-colored divine crystals,” a middle-aged man said before Jian Chen. He spoke amiably, but there was also undisguised arrogance.

“I refuse.” Jian Chen gestured for him to leave. He no longer discussed terms with him, directly asking him to leave.

“Sir, don’t you trust and recognise our Myriad Water Estate?” The middle-aged man’s face sank.

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