Cover Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2401 - Under Attack In Outer Space (Two)
Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2401 - Under Attack In Outer Space (Two)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2401: Under Attack in Outer Space (Two)

At this moment, a skinny, black-robed old man sat in an extremely well-decorated cabin on the spatial battleship.

The old man’s appearance was nothing special. He was the type that would not catch anyone’s attention at all in a crowd. He kept his presence concealed, so he seemed like an ordinary person.

The skinny old man was the Spectral Elder that Anye Jiuyou referred to. He was an Infinite Prime of the Darkness clan and was here to escort Anye Jiuyou to the Star Brilliance Plane. He was responsible for Anye Jiuyou’s safety.

Before the Spectral Elder stood the old man who accompanied Anye Jiuyou before. He passed on what Anye Jiuyou said word for word to the Spectral Elder.

“Jiuyou wants the person who’s auctioning the god artifact dead?” After learning the entire story, the Spectral Elder opened his eyes slowly. His eyes were gloomy, possessing no light or emotions at all.

He seemed like someone who regularly roamed the night, constantly covering himself. Even now, it was very difficult for him to raise a lot of attention.

At this moment, the Spectral Elder closed his eyes, and the powerful senses of his soul emanated to the top floor of the spatial battleship.

Before long, he opened his eyes again and said slowly, “The subjects of the Float Empire have already confirmed the person to be a Primordial realm expert. Jiuyou has been a little too reckless with this matter.”

“Spectral Elder, what should we do now?” asked the old man politely.

“Although Jiuyou has been rather reckless, he is the most impressive junior of the Darkness clan, and it’s extremely likely for him to take over the clan. Since he wants this person dead, I’ll do it,” said the Spectral Elder indifferently. It was like assassinating Primordial realm experts was a daily task for him.

The people of the Darkness clan possessed an ancient darkness bloodline that made them natural kings of the dark. They were all assassins and were skilled at assassination. Even against opponents more powerful than themselves, they could use sudden sneak attacks to take their lives when their guards were lowered.

Even if the sneak attack failed, they could use their natural advantage to hide in the darkness. They could become invisible and simply retreat.

As a result, although the Darkness clan ranked third on the Jadefluid Plane, even the organisations that ranked first and second did not want to provoke them without good reason.

Perhaps the battle prowess of the people from the Darkness clan was not the greatest, but they were definitely the most difficult to deal with.


At this moment, a heavy sound suddenly rang out and filled every inch of the spatial battleship. Afterwards, the entire spatial battleship shook violently. Caught off-guard, many of the cultivators on the ship almost fell over.

The many cultivators gathered in the auction centre fell into disorder. Cries and curses constantly rang out.

The ship shook far too severely. Moreover, since the crowd in the auction centre had directed their focus elsewhere, many of them were caught off-guard and collided with the people beside them, creating chaos there.

“Space beasts are attacking! Everyone, return to your respective cabins immediately…”

The powerful senses of the soul swept over as a great voice boomed through the heads of every single cultivator thunderously.

“God dammit, why have we come across space beasts again? How many waves has it been…”

“We were warned beforehand when we encountered space beasts the last few times. Why did the reminder come so late…”

Grumbles rang out from various places on the spatial battleship. The cultivators gathered there all moved as quickly as they could, returning to their cabins in an orderly manner.

Their journey through outer space had not been smooth. They had encountered attacks from space beasts many times, so everyone had grown accustomed to this. They did not find it strange.


At this moment, another great rumble rang out. The spatial battleship endured an extremely violent attack, causing it to shake intensely.

Compared to before, it shook countless times more vigorously. The spatial battleship seemed to be knocked away, and the inertia made it difficult for all the cultivators to stand firm. Many were thrown into the air and rammed against their cabins heavily. Among these people, a large number became bumped and bruised.

“Everyone, return to your cabins immediately and channel energy into the formation.” The great voice rang out from the top floor again, booming through every corner of the spatial battleship. It was extremely stern.

Every single spatial battleship was like a flying fortress. It was covered with formations that connected every region together. They were extremely powerful.

Every cabin had a point where energy could be provided such that all the cultivators on board could provide energy to the formations of the spatial battleship to fend off outside attacks.

However, they would not do that for every single attack from space beasts. The spatial battleship would only borrow the energy from all the cultivators when the spatial battleship itself was threatened, and it was difficult to fend off the situation outside using the ship alone.

As a result, the hearts of all the cultivators on the spatial battleship sank when they heard that they needed to channel their energy.

All of them had clearly realised that they had probably encountered a huge danger this time.

The ongoing auction was forced to come to a halt as well.

“Sir, please come to the deck…”

At the same time, an old voice rang out in Jian Chen’s head.

One of the protectors who served the Float Empire had communicated to him from the top floor.

“Kai Ya, let’s go to the deck and have a look.” Meanwhile, Jian Chen remained extremely composed.

Kai Ya nodded and left the viewing box with Jian Chen, arriving on the deck of the spatial battleship.

It was possible to see the endless cosmos clearly from the deck. From this place, the stars would rapidly recede in the surroundings. However, the spatial battleship had become surrounded by many space beasts now.

The space beasts were several dozen metres long. They were completely golden, and their shapes were extremely strange as well. They seemed like sharp swords.

At this moment, many space beasts had gathered around the spatial battleship. They launched attacks wildly at the protective formations.

The powerful formations of the spatial battleship constantly distorted and twisted under the fierce barrage of attacks. The power of the formations was rapidly depleting.

At the same time, deafening booms rang out, shaking the entire ship violently. It was like the ship was getting knocked away.

There were powerful existences equivalent to the Primordial realm among the space beasts, and there were many of them.

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