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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2403 - Easy Killings
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Chapter 2403: Easy Killings

In the blink of an eye, a range of a hundred thousand kilometres around Jian Chen emptied out. All the Goldensword Beasts there vanished. Under the control of his powerful will, they all gathered above his head, turning into a colossal sword forged from blood and flesh that shone with dazzling golden light.

This was the first time Jian Chen had truly fought after becoming a Sword Immortal and comprehending the Ultimate Way of the Sword.

The might of his attack this time was world-shaking. It formed a terrifying scene such that all the Primordial realm experts who were busy fighting their Goldensword Beasts looked over in shock.

“What powerful sword intent! W- what is this ability? It’s so astonishing!” Yi Jianping, who fought against the Ninth Heavenly Layer Goldensword Beast, noticed the disturbance near Jian Chen as well. When he looked at the huge sword condensed from the remains of many Goldensword Beasts above Jian Chen’s head, he struggled to remain composed.

This was because even he could not create such a grand scene.

“He actually killed so many Goldensword Beasts in the blink of an eye. What is this secret technique…”

“Originally, I thought he was only a regular Primordial realm expert because he was hiding in the high class cabins. I never thought he would be so powerful…”

The five other Primordial realm experts of the Float Empire were shaken up as well. Even though the Godhood Goldensword Beasts were really nothing to them, it was still rather terrifying for someone to kill so many of them in a single moment.

“I’m probably not his opponent. I didn’t offend him earlier, right?” Fa Yun looked at Jian Chen, who stood in outer space like a sword. At this moment, he became filled with fear.

Suddenly, there was a flash of intense white light. Sharp sword Qi swept out. The huge sword condensed from the remains of the Goldensword Beasts above Jian Chen’s head suddenly shone with dazzling light.

It was so bright that it illuminated the entire space like a sun.

The huge sword suddenly fell with powerful sword Qi. Its target was one of Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beasts attacking the spatial battleship.

Even though the Goldensword Beast had low intellect, it could still sense danger instinctively. Immediately, it stopped its attacks and turned around. It turned into a streak of golden light and stabbed towards Jian Chen. It was extremely fast, vanishing with a flash.

However, no matter how fast it was, it was unable to avoid Jian Chen’s slash because his will had already locked onto it. Unless its strength exceeded Jian Chen’s, it would not be able to avoid Jian Chen’s attack.


Jian Chen used the sword condensed from the remains of the beast’s companions to slash the Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast, producing a heavy sound.

The Second Heavenly Layer Goldensword Beast was blown away by the strike. A deep gash appeared on its body, and golden blood flowed out.

Even though the Goldensword Beast managed to survive, it was heavily injured by Jian Chen’s attack. Its light dimmed.

With just the first attack, Jian Chen had heavily injured an extremely tough Goldensword Beast, a creature that was extremely difficult to deal with.

Jian Chen stepped out and crossed through outer space in pursuit. His will enveloped the surroundings such that all the Godhood Goldensword Beasts within a hundred thousand kilometres of him exploded and died. They were all killed by his will.

With just a few flashes, Jian Chen arrived before the heavily-injured Goldensword Beast. He extended his arm, and his hand shone with dazzling light. He pressed it against the colossal sword-shaped body of the Goldensword Beast.

Immediately, the Goldensword Beast shook violently. The supreme power of the Laws of the Sword poured into its body through Jian Chen’s hand, wreaking havoc inside its body.

The Goldensword Beast struggled wildly, but it was unable to break free from Jian Chen’s hand no matter how it resisted.

Its wounds became heavier and heavier, and its life force rapidly leaked away. It was becoming weaker and weaker.

A few seconds later, the Goldensword Beast stopped struggling. It lay in outer space, still.

Its consciousness had been wiped out by Jian Chen; this was equivalent to a cultivator’s soul shattering and dispersing. It was completely dead.

“How is that possible? H- he actually killed a Second Heavenly Layer Goldensword Beast so quickly…”

“H- how is this person so terrifying…”

All the Primordial realm experts paid close attention to the details of the battlefield. They obviously saw Jian Chen kill the Goldensword Beast, so they were all shocked. They felt emotional turmoil.

“I can sense that his cultivation isn’t that much greater than the Goldensword Beast, yet it was unable to fight back at all against him. It looks like his origins are not simple. It’s extremely likely for him to be a figure from some ancient organisation.” Yi Jianping glanced at Jian Chen deeply. At that moment, Jian Chen actually became mysterious to him.

Whether it was Jian Chen’s Way of the Sword or his battle prowess, they were both extremely astonishing. Neither of them was something a regular Primordial realm expert could possess, so Yi Jianping became suspicious about Jian Chen’s origins.

The black-robed Spectral Elder of the Darkness clan hid his presence and traces with a secret technique in another region of space. He seemed to have fused with the darkness, preventing anyone from noticing him.

He stared at Jian Chen in the distance indifferently as he quietly paid attention to all of his actions. He was ready to assassinate Jian Chen.

“This person is extremely powerful. He’s definitely not as simple as having just reached the Primordial realm like I previously imagined. He probably has a great background. Do I kill him or not?” thought the Spectral Elder. Originally, he was prepared to kill Jian Chen. After all, regular Primordial realm experts were nothing in his eyes.

However, after he witnessed the strength Jian Chen displayed when he killed the Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast, he ended up hesitating.

Very few members of their Darkness clan fought in open confrontations. What they were truly skilled with were assassinations, killing by delivering a fatal strike while the enemy was unaware. They would often be able to kill people even more powerful than themselves.

As a result, the Spectral Elder did not fear Jian Chen. What really made him hesitate was Jian Chen’s background and origins. He was afraid of offending a large organisation and making trouble for the clan.

He would take the risk and attack without any hesitation if there were any great treasures or profits on the line. However, this entire matter occurred because of a low quality god artifact and Anye Jiuyou’s impulsive actions. The Spectral Elder had to reconsider.

Jian Chen had already begun stowing the Goldensword Beast’s corpse away now.

He did not care about the Godhood Goldensword Beasts because they were not particularly valuable in his eyes. However, he needed to take note of the Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast before him.

The corpses of Goldensword Beasts were filled with treasure. Their hides were one of the best materials for forging weapons, and some formations required components of their bodies.

Their blood was a crucial material in refining pills and possessed many other wondrous uses.

As a matter of fact, the entire corpse of a Goldensword Beast could even be handed to a blacksmith and directly forged into a powerful weapon.

If the Goldensword Beast before him was forged into a weapon, it would definitely be a god artifact!

As a result, the corpse of the Goldensword Beast was a sizeable sum of five-colored divine crystals in Jian Chen’s eyes.

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