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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2407 - Sovereign Level Existence
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2407: Sovereign Level Existence

Immediately, Jian Chen’s supreme will engulfed the entire region forcefully. At that moment, he seemed to have become the ruler of the world, where everything was under his control as long as his will enveloped it.

At the same time, all the Primordial realm experts on the spatial battleship felt like a huge change had occurred to the world around them, seemingly becoming rather foreign.

The weaker Godhood cultivators also sensed in shock that they seemed to encounter a mysterious and great obstruction in their usage of laws. As a result, they were unable to use them as freely as before.

It was as if the laws they comprehended had completely vanished from this space.

That was not all of it. Even the origin energy was beyond their grasp. They were unable to absorb any of it.

Jian Chen’s supreme will was useless against Primordial realm experts, but Godhood cultivators were unable to put up any resistance before it at all.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

With a series of explosions, all the Godhood Goldensword Beasts within a range of a hundred thousand kilometres died.

The several tens of thousand Goldensword Beasts in the domain were instantly killed off. Not a single one remained alive. Their remains and blood drifted through space.

Immediately, a huge, gaping hole appeared in the dense swarm of Goldensword Beasts around the spatial battleship.

“W- what is this technique? It’s so powerful…” All the Primordial realm experts gasped in extreme shock at this sight.

Even though it was their second time seeing this, they were still unable to hide their shock.

As for the Godkings who had gathered on the deck as well, they were all stunned and felt great astoundment.

“Full speed ahead! Charge out of here!” Yi Jianping called out from the deck. His voice reached the interior of the spatial battleship, reaching the ears of the cultivators who were responsible for controlling the spatial battleship.

Immediately, the spatial battleship shook and activated all of its movements formations to set off.

Without the obstruction of the Goldensword Beasts, the spatial battleship charged out smoothly as a streak of light. Very soon, it charged out of the encirclement and vanished into the depths of space.

Immediately, the region of space there settled down despite the earlier fighting. Having lost their target, the remaining Godhood Goldensword Beasts wandered around aimlessly, waiting for orders from their leader.


Before long, a great rumble suddenly rang out, and Yi Jianping’s formation shattered. The Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast broke free. Its colossal, golden body shook in outer space as it produced furious mental pulses.

Sensing the rage of their leader, all the Goldensword Beasts stopped moving. Their sword-shaped bodies trembled gently as if they were fearful.

At this moment, a figure shot over from the sea of stars with lightning speed. He moved so fast that he was basically teleporting. Even Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Primes would not be able to sense his traces as he travelled.

Very soon, the figure stopped among the Goldensword Beast herd. He did not disguise himself at all. Instead, he hovered where the spatial battleship had paused earlier in a composed manner. He directly ignored the Goldensword Beasts in his surroundings.

He was the Elder of Mountains and Seas who had come all the way from the Desolate Plane in pursuit.

The Elder of Mountains and Seas hovered in the air with his eyes closed. It was like he was sensing for something.

A while later, he slowly opened his eyes. He looked at the remains of the Goldensword Beasts drifting through the surroundings, and his eyes lit up. He said excitedly, “Jian Chen has stayed here for a while. I can tell that he took part in the battle that erupted earlier. Hehe, I’m getting closer and closer to Jian Chen.”

“However, Jian Chen seems to be on a spatial battleship. Spatial battleships are fast, but how can they be faster than me?”

Spatial battleships were only as fast as Chaotic Primes as they moved through outer space. The Elder of Mountains and Seas was a Grand Prime, so he moved much faster than Chaotic Primes.

At this moment, a golden streak of light suddenly stabbed towards the Elder of Mountains and Seas.

The enraged Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime Goldensword Beast had discovered the Elder of Mountains and Seas. Without much thought, it immediately killed towards the Elder of Mountains and Seas.

However, the Elder of Mountains and Seas did not even glance at it. He only raised his hand leisurely, and by pinching two fingers gently, he effortlessly gripped the Goldensword Beast.

Afterwards, the Elder of Mountains and Seas pinched his fingers slightly. With a crisp crack, the Goldensword Beast that had even forced the spatial battleship to use its trump card, the Light of Destruction, immediately crumbled. Its colossal body turned into countless fragments that scattered through the surroundings. At the same time, its consciousness dispersed.

In the blink of an eye, the Goldensword Beast was dead. It had been killed with a simple gesture from the Elder of Mountains and Seas.

“Even a mere Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime dares to attack me. Space beasts really are space beasts after all, a bunch of creatures with low intellect.” The Elder of Mountains and Seas sneered scornfully.

At this moment, another dazzling streak of light shot over from the depths of space. It charged into the battlefield with a blanketing presence.

It was another Goldensword Beast, but it was much smaller than the Primordial realm ones. It was only a few hundred metres long.

However, its presence and the pulses of energy it gave off had completely exceeded the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime.

“There’s an emperor level existence, equivalent to Chaotic Primes, among this herd of Goldensword Beasts,” muttered the Elder of Mountains and Seas to himself as he paid attention to the golden streak of light. He still did not take it seriously.

The Chaotic Prime Goldensword Beast seemed to know that its Ninth Heavenly Layer clansmen had been killed, so it charged towards the Elder of Mountains and Seas aggressively. It gave off astonishing killing intent.

“Hmph, you have no regard for your life,” said the Elder of Mountains and Seas with a sneer. He swung his arm, and the surroundings immediately began to dim. The power of laws surged over like an ocean, blasting the Chaotic Prime Goldensword Beast far away.

“Don’t disturb me, or I’ll kill you too.” The Elder of Mountains and Seas snorted coldly before closing his eyes and using his innate ability to sense Jian Chen’s position.

His innate ability could only sense Jian Chen’s position, not his exact location. As a result, he had to stop and sense Jian Chen’s position every once in a while to avoid trailing off in the wrong direction.

After suffering once, the Chaotic Prime Goldensword Beast seemed to understand the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ strength. It no longer charged recklessly. Instead, it produced a sharp mental pulse that passed through the space and reached the depths of the starry sea.

“Hmm?” The Elder of Mountains of Seas was surprised inside. He immediately opened his eyes and became rather stern. He growled and said, “You’re actually asking for help? Don’t tell me the strongest in this Goldensword Beast herd isn’t an emperor equivalent to Chaotic Primes but a sovereign level existence equivalent to Grand Primes?”

As if confirming the Elder of Mountains of Seas’ words, the space before him suddenly ripped open and dazzling light immediately poured out.

A golden sword only ten metres long appeared from the crack with blinding light, shooting towards the Elder of Mountains and Seas with the power to kill.

“A sovereign level existence among Goldensword Beasts!” The Elder of Mountains and Seas’ face changed, and he cried out. He finally became stern.

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