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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2408 - A Grand Exalt’s Disciple
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Chapter 2408: A Grand Exalt’s Disciple

The Goldensword Beast Sovereign was equivalent to Grand Primes. It was the one of the most powerful existence that stood at the apex of outer space.

The Elder of Mountains and Seas had never expected this small herd of Goldensword Beasts he encountered here would have given birth to a sovereign level existence.

Afterwards, deafening booms rang out. The Elder of Mountains and Seas engaged in an intense battle against the Goldensword Beast Sovereign, causing space to collapse and the sea of stars to tremble.

In the distance, the spatial battleship that Jian Chen rode had already unleashed its full speed. Like a ghost, it shot through space silently.

There were many cultivators on the deck of the spatial battleship, who were either cleaning up the blood or gathering the corpses gloomily or sorrowfully.

Many cultivators had died during the battle against the Goldensword Beasts. There were many Godkings among them. If the Primordial realm experts had not returned relatively soon, probably even more cultivators would have died.

These cultivators were all people without significant backgrounds. People who did remained within the cabins and did not take part in the battle.

Anye Jiuyou of the Darkness clan happened to be one of them.

“Spectral Elder, you’re actually injured?”

At this moment, Anye Jiuyou stared at the Spectral Elder in surprise. Currently, he was inside the luxurious cabin occupied by the Darkness clan. He cried out. The light in his eyes flickered, and he asked, “Is the person auctioning the god artifact dead?”

The Spectral Elder could not help but think back to the scene of despair when he faced Jian Chen now that Anye Jiuyou had mentioned him. He immediately became angered, and his impression of Anye Jiuyou worsened.

“We can’t afford to provoke that person. Jiuyou, it’s best if you don’t offend him. You must know that although our Darkness clan is feared by all on the Jadefluid Plane, our clan is nothing in respect to the entire Saints’ World. There are far too many existences that can devastate our clan. I don’t wish to see your harassment create a great enemy for our Darkness clan,” the Spectral Elder said coldly. After his battle in outer space, his fear of Jian Chen had become embedded in his heart.

With his strength, even if it were impossible for him to defeat a Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime like Yi Jianping, he was still confident about fleeing. After all, it would be difficult for even an expert like Yi Jianping to see through the hiding techniques of their Darkness clan.

However, before Jian Chen, he truly felt like he was unable to hide at all. He did not know how Jian Chen had managed to see through his concealing techniques.

His Laws of Darkness and the ancient secret techniques of their Darkness clan were completely useless before Jian Chen.

Moreover, Jian Chen’s method of killing countless Godhood Goldensword Beasts with a single thought had filled the Spectral Elder with even more shock. It led to suspicions about Jian Chen’s identity.

He could not be a simple person if he possessed such astonishing battle prowess and such terrifying techniques. The Spectral Elder struggled to imagine just how powerful the organisation behind Jian Chen was.

Anye Jiuyou frowned and asked grimly, “Is this person really that powerful? Where even you, the Spectral Elder, are not his opponent?”

The Spectral Elder sighed, and lingering fear appeared in his ordinary eyes. He said, “You might not believe me, but if it weren’t for his mercy and the fact that he didn’t want to kill me, I probably wouldn’t be alive right now. The person who’s auctioning the god artifact has the strength of a Sixth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime at the very least or… or even more…”


Anye Jiuyou’s face changed drastically.

Meanwhile, the Primordial realm experts who served the Float Empire had all gathered on the top floor of the spatial battleship under Yi Jianping’s lead.

This time, they were not sitting in the air. Instead, they had taken out a white jade table and invited Jian Chen up, receiving him with aged wine.

The strength that Jian Chen displayed during the fight against the Goldensword Beasts had earned their respect. His services made them admire him.

Fa Yun, who had tested Jian Chen several days ago, took the initiative to say a toast, apologising to Jian Chen for his past brashness.

Jian Chen waved his hand and did not mind it. It had only been a small test from Fa Yun earlier. He did not do anything overboard, so Jian Chen did not care about what had happened.

“Fellow Yang Yutian’s Way of the Sword is so powerful that it’s rarely seen. I’m afraid your master must be a renowned, supreme expert in the Saints’ World,” said Yi Jianping. His eyes shone brightly with sword intent.

Everyone on the Desolate Plane knew the name of Chang Yang already, so Jian Chen changed his name to Yang Yutian after he left the Desolate Plane.

Jian Chen knew that Yi Jianping was investigating his background. He immediately smiled mysteriously and replied, “My master is indeed a renowned, supreme expert of the Saints’ World. There are not a lot of people who don’t know about him. However, he especially warned me to not admit that I’m his disciple or mention my background unless I become a Grand Prime.”

Jian Chen’s words contained some lies and truth. The master he referred to was obviously one of the five Grand Exalts of the Immortals’ World, the old master of the twin swords.

His words towards the end were all lies. However, he indeed could not disclose his true identity before he was powerful enough to fend off Grand Primes.

However, when they heard that, the Primordial realm experts immediately became shocked. They were quite frightened.

Grand Primes were figures on the level of ancestors in their Float Empire. They were terrifying people who could make the entire Jadefluid Plane tremor from a simple gesture.

However, this supreme realm of cultivation had become only the minimum requirement for this fellow called Yang Yutian to mention his master’s name.

This astounded Yi Jianping and the others. They struggled to imagine just how terrifying and proud his master was.

That short sentence completely severed Yi Jianping’s intentions of investigating Jian Chen.

“Oh right, I heard that an extremely grand celebration is going to be held on the Star Brilliance Plane soon. Many peak clans on the Jadefluid Plane are hurrying over for this celebration, and they seem to be bearing rich gifts as well. May I ask what is happening on the Star Brilliance Plane?” Jian Chen took the opportunity to ask this question. He was about to land on the Star Brilliance Plane, so he needed to have some prior knowledge about it.

“You actually don’t know about something so important?” Fa Yun looked at Jian Chen in surprise before explaining patiently and in great detail, “The supreme figure of the Star Brilliance Plane, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, suddenly accepted a foster son a thousand years ago. As the Nine Brilliance Star Lord never had any children or partners, his foster son naturally became the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s only son. He’s known as the young star lord by everyone.”

“In a few year’s time, it will be the young star lord’s thousand year birthday. As a result, many peak organisations across the Saints’ World have arranged for their juniors to cross through the distant outer space and arrive on the Star Brilliance Plane to celebrate the young star lord’s thousandth birthday…”

“Just the thousand year birthday celebration of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord’s foster son has made so many peak organisations across the Saints’ World frantically offer up gifts. It looks like the Nine Brilliance Star Lord is definitely a renowned figure who stands at the apex of the Saints’ World. Sigh, it’s all my master’s fault for not telling me about the important and powerful people in the Saints’ World, so I didn’t even know who the Nine Brilliance Star Lord is,” Jian Chen said with a sigh.

Yi Jianping chuckled when he heard that and said, “The Nine Brilliance Star Lord is one of the supreme experts who stand at the apex of the Saints’ World. He’s so powerful that he’s a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, an existence only second to Grand Exalts.”

Yi Jianping continued, “Moreover, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord has another dazzling identity, and that’s a Grand Exalt’s disciple. He’s one of the three disciples of the Bloodtear Grand Exalt.”

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