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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2409 - The Darkness Clan’s Fear
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2409: The Darkness Clan’s Fear

“What! The Nine Brilliance Star Lord is actually a Grand Exalt’s disciple, and that Grand Exalt is the Bloodtear Grand Exalt?” Jian Chen’s heart shuddered. Such a person would definitely be one of the most dazzling figures in the Saints’ World as a Grand Exalt’s disciple.

Moreover, Jian Chen had never expected him to be a disciple of the Bloodtear Grand Exalt.

Back on the Desolate Plane, he had faced the Bloodtear Grand Exalt in person. He felt like there was nothing he could hide before a Grand Exalt, which filled Jian Chen with chills.

Grand Exalts were simply too powerful. They could not be compared to the Grand Primes who chased him around the Desolate Plane. Even though Jian Chen had reached the fourteenth layer of the Chaotic Body, and his strength had increased drastically, he had a strong premonition that it would be exactly the same if he faced a Grand Exalt again. He would not even be able to move a finger.

As soon as he thought of the Bloodtear Grand Exalt who appeared back then, Jian Chen could not help but feel uncertain from the bottom of his heart. He was certain that the Bloodtear Grand Exalt had discovered the twin swords on him.

Logically speaking, Grand Exalts would never spare him if his identity was revealed. After all, the twin swords had killed many experts of the Saints’ World in the hands of their previous master.

However, in reality, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt did not make anything difficult for him. He did not even say anything, leaving mysteriously. He even left the corpse of the strongest existence among the three dark gold ape kings of the Ancient Great Apes behind.

This filled Jian Chen with uncertainty.

“Fellow Yang Yutian…” said Fa Yun. He looked at Jian Chen before pausing in hesitance.

Jian Chen dismissed his thoughts and put the matter of the Bloodtear Grand Exalt aside. He glanced at Fa Yun and smiled. He asked, “Fa Yun, do you want to buy the god artifact?”

Fa Yun nodded. He desired it, but Jian Chen’s reserve price was just too high. It was five thousand five-colored divine crystals. He could not afford such a price no matter what. Even if he borrowed from his companions of the Float Empire, he would struggle to gather it.

After a while of thought, Jian Chen said, “Fa Yun, if you want the god artifact, wait until the auction ends.”

Jian Chen knew the value of five-colored divine crystals. It was simply too unrealistic for a regular Infinite Prime without any special background to take out five thousand of them suddenly. He planned on selling it to Fa Yun privately for a lower price after the auction, as it was unlikely for it to be sold.

Although he was uncertain about the true value of a low quality god artifact, he did not mind it even if he was on the short end of the deal. He only cared about gathering enough five-colored divine crystals soon.

The Nine Brilliance Star Lord dwelled on the Star Brilliance Plane, and he had ties with the Bloodtear Grand Exalt. As such, Jian Chen did not want to remain on the Star Brilliance Plane for very long.

Afterwards, Jian Chen conversed with the Primordial realm experts a little more before leaving.

The interrupted auction on the spatial battleship was about to continue.

Soon after Jian Chen’s departure, the Spectral Elder who sat on a jade bed to heal within the spatial battleship suddenly opened his eyes.

A strand of extremely obscure senses of the soul came down from the top floor of the spatial battleship, passing on a message to the Spectral Elder.

The Spectral Elder’s face immediately changed drastically when he received the message. He stood up in a hurry and went to find Anye Jiuyou.

“There’s horrible news. One of the protectors of the Float Empire had told me that the person auctioning the god artifact is called Yang Yutian. His background is extremely terrifying. It’s said that none of the organisations on our Jadefluid Plane can afford to offend the person behind him…” said the Spectral Elder grimly.

“What? Are you certain?” Anye Jiuyou was startled as well when he heard that. Although he was arrogant and abusive, that was only before people with backgrounds weaker than him. He would not dare to act like that once he encountered people he could not afford to provoke. He would shy away from them.

The Spectral Elder nodded with absolute certainty. He had already guessed that Jian Chen’s background was astonishingly great, and the news from the protectors of the spatial battleship confirmed his guess. He no longer doubted it at all.

He had clearly witnessed Jian Chen’s extraordinariness through both his astonishing battle prowess and his secret technique that had killed so many Goldensword Beasts in a split second.

Neither aspect were things that regular Infinite Primes could possess.

“We need to find a way to recover the situation. We can still make it…” muttered the Spectral Elder quietly. He had already come up with an idea.

Before long, the auction interrupted by the Goldensword Beasts finally started up again. It continued from the sale that had not been completed before.

Very soon, the auction centre was filled with cultivators again. Even though there were fewer people compared to before, it was still packed.

The low quality god artifact that Jian Chen wanted to auction off was placed on the display podium again.

“Our Darkness clan will bid six thousand five-colored divine crystals!”

However, as soon as the god artifact appeared this time, and before the host could say anything, an old voice rang out from the viewing box of the Darkness clan.

The voice came from the Spectral Elder. He had bid Jian Chen’s reserve price right from the start, and he even added a thousand more five-colored divine crystals.

The auction centre immediately fell silent. At that moment, all the cultivators gathered there looked at the viewing box of the Darkness clan. They were extremely stunned.

Previously, the Darkness clan had acted unruly and forceful. They secretly controlled the auction and wanted to buy the god artifact for the price of ten five-colored divine crystals.

Everyone had witnessed that before.

However, the Darkness clan had suddenly changed their attitude, bidding six thousand five-colored divine crystals right from the start. It was even higher than the reserve price of the god artifact. Such a contrasting move confused all the cultivators in the auction centre.

This act did not match up to the behaviour of the Darkness clan at all.

Jian Chen, who also sat in a viewing box, was slightly surprised as well once he heard the Darkness clan’s bid. He was already ready to sell the god artifact to Fa Yun for a lower price once it was passed over in the auction. He had never thought the Darkness clan would actually do this.

It had caught him by surprise.

“You’ve probably frightened the Primordial realm expert of the Darkness clan. He’s purposefully expressing his goodwill now,” said Kai Ya. She smiled gently as she sat before Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded with a smile and said, “This is fine as well. With these five-colored divine crystals, there’s no need for us to linger on the Star Brilliance Place at all. We can directly take the teleportation formation there and go to the Prosper Plane.”

In the end, Jian Chen’s low quality god artifact was purchased by the Darkness clan for six thousand five-colored divine crystals.

As soon as the auction ended, all the people that belonged to peak organisations on the spatial battleship gathered in the viewing box of the Darkness clan, offering up Space Ring after Space Ring.

Moreover, two of the six people who served the Float Empire had come as well, offering up a Space Ring each.

It was impossible for the Spectral Elder or Anye Jiuyou to take out six thousand five-colored divine crystals. For the sake of gathering this sum, the Spectral Elder had personally taken action, using the name of the Darkness clan to borrow from basically the entire spatial battleship. He only managed to gather this amount using such a method.

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