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Chapter 241: Start of the Invasion

Katata continued to speak, “An Earth Saint Master are separated evenly between the cycles. A First Cycle Earth Saint Master is as far away from a Sixth Cycle as a Saint Master is from a Peak Great Saint Master. There is no chance of victory for the Saint Master, and even if my brother and I were to join hands, we both are only at the Second Cycle level. If we were to join hands, then we would be able to fight against a Third Cycle Earth Saint Master, but against a Fourth Cycle Earth Saint Master, then there is no chance. After all this, but our opponent is also a Magical Beast.”

Hearing Katata’s explanations, Jian Chen couldn’t help but be extremely serious. With this, he had finally understood just how wide the differences were between each cycle of an Earth Saint Master. A First Cycle Earth Saint Master was to a Saint Master as was a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master was to a Peak Great Saint Master. At this moment, Jian Chen couldn’t help but be anxious as he thought about Wake City’s chances of surviving the wave now.

Although Wake City wasn’t his home and had no feelings of it, Jian Chen had no desire to see the entire population of a city succumb to a magical beast invasion.

Wake City’s gates had long since closed and the traveling merchants still on the road had been notified of the magical beast wave long ago. So they had all taken a lengthy detour around Wake City’s vicinity before taking shelter in a nearby city and waited for the wave to be over before continuing on with their travels.

Far away, the dense crowd of magical beasts continued to stamp in a slow trail toward Wake City. Aside from the heavy stomps of their feet, not a single roar could be heard, and from the looks of it, it seemed as if these magical beasts were just soldiers practicing a drill.


Suddenly, the gigantic roar of a magical beast came reverberating from the depths of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Its roar was so loud that even the stones on top of the gates started trembling from the sound.

This sudden roar had jolted the tens of thousands of magical beasts whose eyes suddenly grew fearful. Immediately, the magical beasts suddenly stopped where they stood in unison five kilometers away from the city walls.

Looking at the crowd of magical beasts stop right in front of the city walls almost, Katata let out a breath of air. “This hidden Class 5 Magical Beast is very intelligent. It has fought against humanity multiple times and knows how our Magical Crystal Cannons work. At this distance, the magical beasts are just outside the range of our Magical Crystal Cannons.”

Katata immediately looked to his still silent brother Katafei, “Katafei, our opponent is far stronger than what we thought. By now, it is too late for Monarch City to send anymore reinforcements, so it is up to us to defend the city behind us.”

Katafei nodded his head without a single break in his expression. His eyes still pointed far ahead as if he were trying to find the Class 5 Magical Beast. Ever since the garden, he had only spoke a single phrase.

“Throw down the armored wall!”

Suddenly at Yun Li’s command, a large sheet of steel plating suddenly dropped down from the city walls and fully covered the entire city. From far away, it looked as if Wake City had been fully encased by a steel plating.

This steel plating was a meter thick and were connected to one another by a steel chain. With each steel plating being so thick, it would be able to repel a Class 3 Magical Beast with no problem.

Seeing how the steel platings were descending down from the walls, Jian Chen couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. With a steel plating like the one right in front of him, then the defenses would be extraordinarily strong and could withstand a large amount of force for some time. This truly was another example of how Wake City’s defenses could be said to be on par with a First Class City.

“Commence the firing of the Middle Tier Magic Crystal Cannons!” Yun Li barked out an order.

Straight after his command, Katata had an astonished look on his face, “I didn’t think Wake City would have a Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannon. Haha, they truly do deserve to be so near the Magical Beast Mountain Range. How rich, a Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannon can fire up to a range of ten kilometers; that’s double the range of a Primary Tier Magical Crystal Cannon and can definitely hit those magical beasts.”

The soldiers began to scamper here and there to follow Yun Li’s command. The Magical Crystal Cannons were constructed so that they would take in the energy from the monster cores and would then fire out a special type of energy.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, there were three types of Magical Crystal Cannons; Primary Tier, Middle Tier, and Advanced Tier. A Primary Tier cannon used Class 1 and 2 Monster Cores as an energy source, but the energy output was not always the same. Middle Tier cannons used Class 3 and 4 Monster Cores, but an Advanced Tier cannon required a Class 5 Monster Core at the least to supply the fuel.

A Primary Tier cannon had a range of three kilometers while an Middle Tier cannon had a range of eight kilometers. On the other hand, an Advanced Tier cannon could shoot up to a terrifying range of twenty kilometers.

This was the best offensive and defensive besiegement weapon. Magical Crystal Cannons were welcomed to every country and city on the Tian Yuan Continent with Primary Tier cannons being practically universal. Each and every major city had a few ready for use while always hoping to come across an Advanced Tier cannon. Each fortified stronghold by the empire borders had a few Advanced Tier cannons, but with it requiring Class 5 Monster Cores, they could fire it once. Thus, they preferred to use it in a disastrous situation or as their last resort, but no attackers would dare try to survive one of those shots head on.

Another reason was that with each shot of the Advanced Tier cannons, it was the equivalent of shooting away money.

After the Middle Tier cannon was charged up, an extremely tremendous amount of explosive energy began to stir within the cannon, making people feel as if it was about to explode. For those with a small amount of courage, they wouldn’t dare to get any closer.

In truth, there had been many cases where the cannon wasn’t able to handle the extreme amount of energy stirring inside when that would happen the energy exploded from within, causing massive damage to everyone around. However, this was a risk that every country was willing to face for the sake of a better chance of winning,

A few breaths later, the Middle Tier cannon was finally done charging, and with another order from Yun Li, the four cannons mounted on top of the walls fired immediately.


With an ear deafening blast, a gigantic blast of energy shot out from the Middle Tier cannon at an incredible speed toward the crowd of magical beasts five kilometers away.


Following a loud resonating blast, a large cloud of dust filled the air as the explosive energy destroyed anything within a thirty meter radius. Bits and pieces of magical beasts could be seen flying through the air in every direction.

The might of a Middle Tier cannon was extraordinary and could destroy a Class 3 Magical Beast with ease. Even a Class 4 Magical Beast wouldn’t be able to take a blast like that easily. If hit directly, they would be instantly fried and a Class 5 Magical Beast would at the very least be injured to some degree.

The four Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannons laid claim to at least thirty Class 3 Magical Beasts; a good start. As if this was the start of the battle, the magical beasts instantly grew restless and slammed their fists and legs where they stood while snarling angrily.

“Reload the Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannons and fire straight for the higher leveled magical beasts!” Yun Li thundered at the soldiers near the cannons.


At the same time, another heaven shaking roar came from the Magical Beast Mountain Range. This roar was louder than before and spanned for seemingly twenty kilometers so that even Jian Chen’s ears began to ring afterward.

Following this roar, it was if the magical beasts had received an order. With an explosive roar, they all began to charge recklessly toward the city walls.

Thousands of magical beasts charged at the walls with reckless abandonment, causing those on the top of the walls to pale for a moment. Even those at the top of the wall could feel a slight tremor growing stronger and stronger.

“Prepare the crossbows!”

Yun Li barked out another command.

Immediately, a series of holes spanning a foot wide opened up within the walls, and upon further assessment, there were about a hundred of them.

Then one by one, strong looking men began to prepare the crossbows as intense looking bolts protruded from the holes. The tips of the bolts looked like they were made with steel, even the shaft resembled that of a superior metal.

Each one of these bolts were two meters long, and because of that, they required an extremely strong and big crossbow to fire. These weapons were able to pierce through the body of a Class 3 Magical Beast, even the ones at the Peak level would be tremendously harmed.

When the thousands of magical beasts were three kilometers away, Yun Li gave out an order, “Fire the Primary Tier Magical Crystal Cannons, let them feel the pain!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

With a slightly less loud explosion, the ten Primary Tier cannons fired straight at the magical beasts with an extensively large amount of firepower. The bursts of energy landed firmly against the incoming crowd, completely obliterating large large groups.

After a short period of time, the Primary Tier cannons were ready to fire once more, and with another bang, a large amount of energy exploded forth toward the crowd of magical beasts. The blast sent a good few of them flying away while the remnants of a few magical beasts could be seen spinning through the air.

The Magical Crystal Cannons fired a few more rounds before the magical beasts were only 500 meters away.

“Fire the crossbows!” Yun Li cried out.

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