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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2423 - The Fruit For The Sixth Way
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2423: The Fruit for the Sixth Way

After the Nine Brilliance Star Lord departed, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt’s figure vanished as well.

The Devour Plane was one of the seven sacred planes of the Saints’ World; it was also where the Bloodtear Grand Exalt cultivated.

As a consequence of the Bloodtear Grand Exalt remaining on the Devour Plane for long periods and cultivating there and comprehending the ways, his presence had affected all the laws of the world on the Devour Plane. Cultivators could comprehend the truths of the ways with much greater ease here. It was a heaven for cultivation, which was why it was renowned in the Saints’ World.

At this moment, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt sat on a throne with a thin layer of bloody mist around him within a grand, majestic hall in a blood-red divine hall on the Devour Plane.

The huge divine hall was empty as if there was no other living creature aside from him.

“It looks like Anatta is going to recover her cultivation soon…” The Bloodtear Grand Exalt murmured from the throne.

“Anatta has already comprehended the Laws of Creation, Destruction, Fire, and Space. She has reached a hundred percent with the Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire, while even the Laws of Space have reached around the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime. She was already extremely powerful, ranking within the top three of the Saints’ World. Only the person from the warring gods could keep her at bay. Now, she has comprehending a fifth law, the Way of Love…”

“Anatta is becoming more and more powerful. In the current Saints’ World, the person from the warring gods is already dead, while the Space-Time Elder who matched her over three million years ago is dead as well. Once Anatta recovers to her peak condition, will there still be anyone who can stand up to her?”

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt sat on the throne and felt pressured.

Anatta had comprehended three ways to the limit. Moreover, her fourth way, the Laws of Space, was close to the limit as well. On the other hand, he had only comprehended one way to the limit so far. Moreover, Anatta had already begun comprehending her fifth way, so the difference between them was widening.

“But the fifth way she’s comprehending is the Way of Love. Emotions are one of the hardest things to explain in the world. It’s a double-edged sword. Although it can allow Anatta’s strength to climb to a higher level, it also restrains her. It might even create a crisis for her.”

“If the heavens have emotions, they too will age. Grand Exalts have already become an embodiment of the ways, a part of the ways of the world. They represent the world. As a result, Grand Exalts shouldn’t have emotions, or they will be bound by countless crises. Not only will they be unable to advance their cultivation any further in the future, they might even meld with the ways and pass away. Anatta is playing with fire…”

The Bloodtear Grand Exalt seemed to realise something when he reached there. Suddenly, he shook and revealed his blood-red eyes.

His eyes were completely red, and blood seemed to surge within them. It was a chilling and terrifying sight.

“I understand now. After Anatta comprehends her fifth way, there will be her sixth way. She’ll make her reincarnation fall in love with Jian Chen first, and then pass this heart-throbbing feeling onto her original body so that she can comprehend the Way of Love. Once her feelings towards Jian Chen reaches an extremely, extremely deep level, she’ll personally take action and kill the person she loves most to comprehend her sixth way…”

“Her sixth way is a way of severance. With Jian Chen’s death, she’ll forge her sixth way, the Way of Heartlessness. Only once she gains her sixth way will she return to the path of emotionlessness…”

“Anatta’s reincarnation is the fruit for her fifth way, while Jian Chen is the fruit for the sixth way that she’s raising. No wonder she protects Jian Chen. As it turns out, she’s protecting her fruit of ways.”

“But that works as well. Jian Chen bears the Azulet sword spirits. He’ll definitely be someone who stands with the Immortals’ World, and Anatta had been injured by the master of the twin swords in the past. Now that she is using the successor of the twin swords to forge a fruit of ways, it’s a form of revenge…”

“A sixth way… A sixth way. I never thought Anatta would gain two ways from a single reincarnation. She’s becoming more and more terrifying. There might even be a day that the person from the warring gods won’t be able to overwhelm her…”

In a certain region within the Saints’ World, many scattered meteorites hovered about. Jian Chen happened to be sitting on the largest meteor emotionlessly in white robes.

He took off Mo Tianyun’s mask and no longer disguised himself. He revealed his true appearance.

Back then, after Kai Ya pushed him into the spatial crack, the Cosmic Movement Taliman had transported him to an unknown location. Even though he left the spatial crack as quickly as he could, he was already far away from the Star Brilliance Plane. It was impossible for him to hurry back in a short amount of time.

As a result, he simply found a meteor nearby and sat down. He adjusted his state to his peak condition.

He knew that even if he hurried back to the Star Brilliance Plane, it would all be pointless. Kai Ya was already dead. He had watched her gradually turn to nothingness. He could no longer find any trace of Kai Ya in the entire Saints’ World now.

His heart hurt very much. He was overwhelmed by grief. His entire mind was filled with hatred. It was so intense that it made him lose his mind.

He knew about the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ innate ability. No matter how far away he was, the Elder of Mountains and Seas would still be able to sense him with precision. As a result, he just sat there patiently, waiting for the Elder of Mountains and Seas to arrive.

“Sword spirits, if I make you fuse the swords with my current strength, are you confident about killing a Grand Prime?” Jian Chen secretly asked the sword spirits.

“There shouldn’t be a problem for those at the Fifth Heavenly Layer and below. Of course, we aren’t absolutely certain because if they sense it and flee before we’ve locked onto them, it’ll be very difficult for us to catch up,” said the sword spirits. They could feel Jian Chen’s sorrow and sense Jian Chen’s determination; he had even accepted death. They knew Jian Chen had someone to kill, so they did not try to persuade him otherwise this time.

Jian Chen nodded and no longer spoke. He fell into his thoughts again.

“Kai Ya, don’t worry. I will definitely avenge you, regardless of the cost,” Jian Chen swore inside. His eyes were filled with hatred towards the Elder of Mountains and Seas.

Afterwards, the Anatta Tower appeared in his hand. With a thought, he let out Xuan Ming, who was cultivating on the first floor.

“Xuan Ming, I really am sorry. I won’t be able to hold up the deal we had earlier. I have to end your cultivation in the tower early,” Jian Chen said apologetically.

As soon as Xuan Ming emerged, he discovered that something was off with Jian Chen. He asked in doubt, “Brother, what’s wrong? Has something happened? If there’s anything troubling you, just tell me. I might be able to help you.”

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