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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2427 - The Disturbance From The Rankings
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People from various clans around the Cloud Plane naturally gathered around the Godkings’ Throne. As soon as they saw Qing Yixuan make it into the rankings as a mid Godking, their eyes lit up. They immediately passed on this news to their clan.

The Godkings’ Throne only recorded the strongest Godkings, so as long as someone made it into the rankings, even if they were only last place, it would be enough to make many clans and organisations try to rope them in. Not to mention how Qing Yixuan had made it into the rankings as a mid Godking, so the potential she demonstrated was so great that it was enough to interest all the organisations on the Cloud Plane.

If a prodigy like that had been roped in, they would become a pillar of support once they matured.

Immediately, the name of the supreme Godking, Qing Yixuan, spread to the ears of the people in charge of the various organisations.

“What! She’s only a mid Godking, and she made it onto the Godkings’s Throne? Moreover, she ranks at nine hundred and fiftieth? Are you sure…”

“Mid Godking? Really?”

“What’re you staring for? Hurry up and send people to investigate which organisation Qing Yixuan belongs to, and then do all that we can to rope her in…”

“What’re you reporting a prodigy like that for? Rope her in immediately without even thinking. If she’s willing to join the clan, the clan will nurture her with everything the clan possesses…”

Similar voices rang out in various clans across the Cloud Plane.

As a matter of fact, this news even reached the two dominant forces of the Cloud Plane, the Righteous Alliance and the Four Symbols Alliance.

Immediately, the people responsible for the day-to-day affairs in the alliances sent people to the Godkings’ Throne.

The teleportation formations near the Godkings’ Throne constantly flickered. People arrived there through their teleportation formations. They were from various large clans, and all of them stared at the rather slim figure that sat on the Godkings’ Throne. They all murmured.

“Is that woman Qing Yixuan? She really is beautiful…”

Unknowingly, Qing Yixuan had already become the centre of attention.

However, Qing Yixuan did not sense any of this. She sat there without moving at all with her eyes closed. She had no idea that she had shaken up the Cloud Plane.

Only half a day later did Qing Yixuan open her eyes slowly and glide down from the Godkings’ Throne.

Her name had risen from nine hundred and fiftieth to nine hundred and fortieth.

She truly was strong since she could rank so high, ranking above so many peak Godkings as a mid Godking.

“Fellow Qing Yixuang, we are from the Zihao Empire of the eastern region. I was wondering if you would grant us the honour and come visit our Zihao Empire…”

The Zihao Empire of the eastern region was an eternal empire. They had Chaotic Primes and once stood supreme in the eastern region.

Even after the changes on the Cloud Plane, the Zihao Empire was still a peak organisation in the eastern region, and they had the right to state what they thought.

“Fellow Qing Yixuan, I’m from the imperial family of the Jinjian Empire of the eastern region. Under my father, the emperor’s orders, I’ve specially come to invite you to our Jinjian Empire as a guest…” said an old man. He was a Primordial realm expert, a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

The Jinjian Empire placed an unbelievable amount of focus on Qing Yixuan by sending a Primordial realm expert to invite her over.

Afterwards, representatives from various organisations stated their identities. They either invited Qing Yixuan over, or they directly asked about her origins. They used various methods to try to rope her in.

There were stronger and weaker organisations among them. The weaker were organisations with only Infinite Primes, while the stronger were like the Zihao Empire and the Jinjian Empire.

“Hmph!” Suddenly, a cold snort rang out. It was thunderous, and it immediately silenced everyone.

An imposing young man directly ignored the fact that flying was forbidden in the city and stood high in the air. He said, “Woman, I’m Hu Wei, the lord of the Battle Hall from the Four Symbols Alliance. With your potential, you will definitely receive the full support of our Four Symbols Alliance. It’ll only be a matter of time before you reach the peak…”

Qing Yixuan immediately frowned when she heard this person mention the Four Symbols Alliance. Although she still did not understand the situation on the Cloud Plane very well, she had heard about the two organisations in control of the Cloud Plane.

Neither of them was an existence she could afford to offend.

“Hmph, is your Four Symbols Alliance supposed to be impressive? Aren’t you just the cowardly remnants of the Tian Empire that we’ve chased to the southern region? Since when did you become so arrogant?” A scornful voice rang out after Hu Wei spoke.

An elegant, handsome young man in white robes walked over from a distance steadily with a fan in his hand. He looked at Hu Wei like he was challenging him.

Hu Wei’s face sank slightly when he saw the white-robed young man. He barked coldly, “Tong Tian, it’s you. If it weren’t for the Tong family behind you, I would only need a flick of my finger to kill you, you mere Overgod.”

Tong Tian curled his lip scornfully and replied, “Hu Wei, don’t you think your nonsense called the lord of the Battle Hall or something is impressive. If it weren’t for the fact that you have the Four Symbols Alliance behind you, I would only need a single word to have you disintegrated. Your so-called occupation of lord of the Battle Hall is jacksh*t in front of me. Why don’t you run back to the southern region obediently? The central region isn’t a place you should come to.”


Tong Tian’s words made Hu Wei so angry that he could no longer reply. His face darkened and paled. He was furious.

However, he did not dare to lay his hands on Tong Tian. Although he had no need to take Tong Tian, who was only an Overgod, seriously at all, Tong Tian’s identity was significant. He was the most beloved descendant of the ancestor of the Tong family, Tong Wuming.

In the end, Hu Wei looked at Qing Yixuan who stood in front of the Godkings’ Throne. Tong Tian’s appearance and scornful remarks had put him in a bad mood. With a cold expression, he asked, “Qing Yixuan, are you willing to join our Four Symbols Alliance?”

Qing Yixuan became troubled. Originally, she only wanted to attempt the Godkings’ Throne and return to the Tian Yuan clan as a supreme Godking so that she could elevate the fame and status of the Tian Yuan clan.

In the end, she underestimated the weight that the Godkings’ Throne held in the Saints’ World. She never thought that a single ranking would make her famous and even draw over the people from the Four Symbols Alliance.

Not just that, Tong Tian, who seemed to come from a large clan, had appeared as well.

Tong Tian’s appearance had put Hu Wei in a rather embarrassing situation, while the reason why Hu Wei had been angered by Tong Tian arose from her in the first place. If she did not accept Hu Wei’s invitation, she might end up offending the Four Symbols Alliance.

If she was alone, she would not care. If she offended them, then so be it. She could just leave the Cloud Plane if worst came to worst. However, the Tian Yuan clan founded by Jian Chen was here as well. If she offended one of the two major powers of the Cloud Plane right from the start, it would be extremely detrimental to the Tian Yuan clan.

After a moment of hesitation, Qing Yixuan clasped her fist and said, “Thank you for your kind intentions, but I already have a clan. It would be inappropriate for me to join another organisation.”

Hu Wei’s face sank from that. His voice gradually turned cold as he asked, “May I ask which clan you come from?”

Hu Wei was already in a bad mood. Coupled with Qing Yixuan’s declination, he immediately became furious. He secretly swore that no matter which clan Qing Yixua belonged to, he would teach them a lesson.

The Four Symbols Alliance was one of the two major powers of the Cloud Plane. They stood against the Righteous Alliance and were a colossal existence on the Cloud Plane. Aside from the Tian Yuan clan in the southern region, there really was no organisation that the Four Symbols Alliance could not afford to offend.

Hu Wei did not think too much about Qing Yixuan’s identity as a supreme Godking. Being a supreme Godking was only a representation of potential. It did not mean they would be able to reach the peak of their potential. They might end up dying halfway.

Such a thing had happened not too long ago. Half of the names on the Godkings’ Throne had directly vanished.

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