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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2428 - The Deterrence Of The Tian Yuan Clan
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Chapter 2428: The Deterrence of the Tian Yuan Clan

Hu Wei’s forcefulness angered Qing Yixuan slightly. Although Hu Wei was a Primordial realm expert, he was only a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. He had only broken through recently. Although there was still a certain gap between Infinite Primes and her current level of cultivation, Qing Yixuan did not fear him at all.

This was because she had obtained Swordmaster Yun Chi’s legacy. There were several extremely powerful secret techniques within the golden core of laws from Swordmaster Yun Chi. They possessed startling power. If she used them, she could instantly kill opponents of the same level. She could even handle those who had recently stepped into the Primordial realm.

However, Qing Yixuan dreaded the Four Symbols Alliance behind Hu Wei very much, so she could only endure his aggressiveness.

“What does that have to do with you? Hu Wei, don’t forget that you were a regular Godking who could not even make it onto the Godkings’ Throne in the past. Even if you’ve reached the Primordial realm now, there’s not a great future ahead of you. You’re nowhere close to any of the supreme Godkings who have made it onto the Godkings’ Throne in terms of status and future,” said Tong Tian as he snickered to one side. The Righteous Alliance and Four Symbols Alliance had never been on particularly good terms, so he did not hold back at all.

Afterwards, Tong Tian looked at Qing Yixuan and said politely, “I come from the Tong family of the central region. Aside from the southern region, all the regions of the Cloud Plane are under our Righteous Alliance’s control. As a result, there is no need for you to worry about the Four Symbols Alliance here at all. They won’t dare to do anything reckless.”

Tong Tian ignored Hu Wei’s darkened face and continued, “Of course, you are welcome to join our Tong family. As long as you become a part of our Tong family, even the higher echelon of their Four Symbols Alliance would have to properly think of the consequences of offending our Righteous Alliance, let alone a mere lord of the Battle Hall.”

“Thank you for your kind intentions, but I already have a clan, so it’s inappropriate for me to join other organisations,” said Qing Yixuan, declining once again.

“How about this…” Tong Tian did not try to force anything on her. After a moment of thought, he continued, “Why don’t you tell me which clan you belong? I can let the people in the alliance keep an eye out for you, just in case the Four Symbols Alliance decides to make trouble for you. The Four Symbols Alliance consists of the remnants of the Tian Empire. They tend to do everything they can to get what they want, so it’s best to be wary of them.”

Qing Yixuan hesitated when she heard that. According to her understanding, the clan founded by Jian Chen was only a small, nameless clan in the Saints’ World. Perhaps they did not have another Godking aside from Jian Chen in the entire clan.

After all, she knew Jian Chen’s origins extremely well. Although Jian Chen was the human sovereign on the Tian Yuan clan, the Saints’ World was no resource-lacking Tian Yuan Continent. How long had it been since he came to the Saints’ World? It was impossible for him to create a powerful clan in such a short amount of time.

If she revealed that she came from a tiny Tian Yuan clan, probably both the Four Symbols Alliance and the Tong family could make the entire clan vanish with a single breath.

As a result, Qing Yixuan felt troubled. She had no idea whether she should tell them. After all, the Tian Yuan clan was just too small. If it raised the attention of the dominant organisations on the Cloud Plane too soon, it would not be a good matter.

However, when she realised that both the Tong family and the Four Symbols Alliance could discover that she came from the Tian Yuan clan with the slightest investigation, she stopped hesitating. She said, “My clan is a small place called the Tian Yuan clan in the Pingtian Empire of the southern region. It’s nothing impressive, so the Righteous and Four Symbols Alliance naturally will not know about it.”

Qing Yixuan had already become prepared for the worst when she mentioned the Tian Yuan clan. As soon as Hu Wei wanted to overwhelm the Tian Yuan clan, she would lead the people of the Tian Yuan clan against the threat and fend off Hu Wei.

If they really ran out of choices, she would join the Righteous Alliance to fend off the Four Symbols Alliance.

However, what confused Qing Yixuan was that as soon as she mentioned the Tian Yuan clan, both Tong Tian and Hu Wei revealed extremely strange expressions.

It was not just the two of them. Even the other representatives of various organisations in the surroundings revealed rather interesting expressions.

“What did you say? You’re from the Tian Yuan clan? Really?” Hu Wei’s face changed. He stared straight at Qing Yixuan, and he became extremely stern.

The Tian Yuan clan was the only organisation on the Cloud Plane that the Four Symbols Alliance did not dare to provoke.

Hu Wei had never thought that a person he met on the street would actually come from the Tian Yuan clan.

Sure, he was a Primordial realm expert and the lord of the Battle Hall in the Four Symbols Alliance. However, if he actually offended someone important in the Tian Yuan clan, the people in charge of the Four Symbols Alliance would skin him alive.

“You’re actually from the Tian Yuan clan? Who are Jian Chen and Ming Dong of the Tian Yuan clan to you?” Tong Tian snapped his folding fan shut and stared at Qing Yixuan with brimming interest.

Now, Qing Yixuan was the one in doubt. According to her understanding, the Tian Yuan clan should have been a small clan that did not hold any importance at all. However, it seemed like a completely different case from everyone’s reactions and expressions.

This young master of great renown actually knew Jian Chen and Ming Dong, which surprised her very much.

“Jian Chen is my good friend, while Ming Dong comes from the same homeland as me,” said Qing Yixuan. Her relationship with Ming Dong was nowhere near as close as her relationship with Jian Chen, but they did come from the Tian Yuan clan. As such, she could only say that they shared the same homeland.

Tong Tian came up with an evil idea and said strangely, “I know Hu Wei’s personality and temperament extremely well. When you declined Hu Wei’s invitation earlier, you’ve completely offended Hu Wei. According to his personality, he will definitely seek revenge. He might even use the power of the Four Symbols Alliance to destroy your clan. As a result, when you return, you have to explain this to the people of the Tian Yuan clan so that they can handle this appropriately…”

Qing Yixuan’s face changed slightly when she heard that, but she seemed to sense that something was off.

“Shut up, Tong Tian! Quit spewing bullsh*t!”

However, before she could think too much about it, Hu Wei had cut Tong Tian off with a darkened expression. Afterwards, he changed from his cold and haughty manner drastically and clasped his fist towards Qing Yixuan with a face full of smiles. “Lady, ignore Tong Tian’s blabbering. The Four Symbols Alliance is the Tian Yuan clan’s best friend, the best neighbour, so how is it possible for us to do anything to the Tian Yuan clan? What happened before was all a misunderstanding, so please don’t take it to heart. If I have offended you in any way, I will make it up to you in the future…”

Qing Yixuan stared at Hu Wei blankly. The haughty lord of Battle Hall of the Four Symbols Alliance was now apologising to her submissively. The drastic change in behaviour left Qing Yixuan at a loss. She had no idea what had just happened.

“Is the Tian Yuan clan a peak organisation that even the Four Symbols Alliance does not dare to offend?” This thought suddenly appeared in Qing Yixuan’s head, but she quickly shook her head. She refused to believe it.

“Are you looking to return to the Tian Yuan clan? Allow me to lead the way.” Hu Wei’s attitude changed completely. He was very enthusiastic, leading the way for Qing Yixuan with great politeness.

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