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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2432 - The Myriad Bone Guild
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Chapter 2432: The Myriad Bone Guild

Jian Chen did not lighten up at all when Xu Ran offered to help. He shook his head gently and said, “The person who killed Kai Ya was a Grand Prime.”

“A Grand Prime!” As expected, Xu Ran frowned. Although she had recovered her cultivation and even progressed compared to the past, she was still a Chaotic Prime. A huge difference still existed between her and a Grand Prime.

After a while of thought, Xu Ran told Jian Chen, “The Anatta Tower’s value is immeasurable. Your merit from returning the Anatta Tower should be enough to exchange for some formations that can deal with Grand Primes. Although they might not be able to kill Grand Primes, as long as they keep the Grand Prime busy, I might be able to kill them. Of course, that’s only if the Grand Prime isn’t too powerful.”

“I could only go to the first and second levels of the Legacy Hall within the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. I only took a Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation that can kill Seventh Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes and below,” said Jian Chen.

Xu Ran’s eyes lit up when she heard that. “You actually exchanged a Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation. If you have that formation, I am confident about heavily injuring a Grand Prime that’s not too powerful.”

Xu Ran explained when she saw Jian Chen’s surprise, “Don’t underestimate the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation. Indeed, the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation can only kill Seventh Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes, but it’s no ordinary formation. It’s a wondrous killing formation that specially targets the soul. Even some Grand Primes will be affected once they become trapped in it.”

“Although the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation can’t injure Grand Primes, as long as it affects them, I’ll be able to harm them from outside.”

“Only harm and not kill?” Jian Chen asked.

“Jian Chen, don’t underestimate any Grand Prime. With my current level of cultivation and the formation, injuring a Grand Prime is already extremely impressive. Killing one is basically impossible.”

Xu Rang paused for a split second there before she added, “Of course, it’s not impossible for you to kill a Grand Prime.”

“How so?” Jian Chen immediately asked.

“You can seek help from outsiders.” Xu Ran looked at Jian Chen deeply and said, “There has always been a saying among the people. Anything can happen with money. This saying is also prevalent in the Saints’ World. As a result, as long as you’re rich enough, you can ask an expert from the Myriad Bone Guild to take action.”

“The Myriad Bone Guild?” Jian Chen was confused. He had never heard of this organisation before.

“The Myriad Bone Guild is the most powerful assassination organisation in the Saints’ World. They have many assassins, ranging from the Origin realm to Grand Prime. As long as you’re willing to pay the price, you can even get their Grand Primes to kill people for you,” said Xu Ran.

Jian Chen’s eyes lit up and asked, “What’s the price to ask the experts of the Myriad Bone Guild to kill a Grand Prime for me?”

“In terms of five-colored divine crystals, a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime costs a million of them. The stronger they are, the more it’ll cost.”

Jian Chen gasped. A million five-colored divine crystals was an astronomical figure to him.

After all, he had only managed to sell a low quality god artifact on the spatial battleship from the Jadefluid Plane for several thousand five-colored divine crystals. Jian Chen could not even consider a million of them.

Even weaker Grand Primes would not be able to take out such a sum.

Colored divine crystals were simply too precious. They were condensed from the presence of ways, so they possessed the power of ways. Usually, they only formed in outer space, making them a truly wondrous item created by the world. They were not like the regular divine crystals that could be harvested en mass through mines.

Although there were many five-colored divine crystals among the resources he had taken from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, it was nowhere near a million.

Moreover, even if he did gather a million five-colored divine crystals, he would only be able to kill a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

Although he had no idea how many Heavenly Layers the Elder of Mountains and Seas was at, he was certain that it was not just the first.

“However, we have the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation now, so there’s no need for us to ask the Myriad Bone Guild to kill a Grand Prime. We only need to ask for a full-strength attack from an expert of the Myriad Bone Guild to injure the person you want to kill. I’ll handle the rest. Jian Chen, how many five-colored divine crystals do you have on you?” Xu Ran asked.

“Around a hundred thousand,” said Jian Chen. He had exchanged this sum from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Originally, he planned to save these up for his sister.

“A hundred thousand? That’s enough. Let’s go. I’ll take you to the Myriad Bone Guild. They happen to have a branch on the Prosper Plane.”

The branch was located in a bustling city within the central region of the Prosper Plane.

When Jian Chen saw the Myriad Bone Guild, he found that it was like what its name suggested. It was a small building completely constructed from white bone.

The building was only three storeys tall, and it sat in an extremely remote alleyway that barely anyone would walk past. It added a sense of gloominess to the building of bones.

Jian Chen followed Xu Ran into the branch. The building was dark inside, and the powers for great formations operated there. Not only did it cut off all senses of the soul, but even vision would be greatly affected.

At this moment, darkness descended. The entire building immediately lost all of its light and became pitch-black.

Jian Chen immediately felt like he had lost all his senses. He could not even see anything with his eyes.

Jian Chen knew that this was caused by the powers of the formations here.

“Who do you want to kill? What is their cultivation?” A child who only seemed to be eight or nine years old appeared before Jian Chen within the darkness. He shone with a mysterious light, preventing the darkness there from swallowing him. As a result, he stood out.

Jian Chen’s eyes narrowed as soon as he saw the child, as the child did not give off any energy at all. He just seemed like an ordinary kid. The child felt like a ball of mist, difficult for Jian Chen to see through and understand.

“We want the Myriad Bone Guild to send a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. We only need a single full-powered strike from them,” Xu Ran’s voice rang out from the darkness, but Jian Chen was unable to sense her at all.

The power of the formations within the Myriad Bone Guild obscured all his senses. All he could see was the child right now.

“A full-powered strike, which is a single attack. Eighty thousand five-colored divine crystals,” the child said emotionlessly.

Afterwards, Jian Chen handed over eighty thousand five-colored divine crystals, and the child passed him a jade talisman. He said, “When you need the Myriad Bone Guild to take action, just activate the jade glyph. Remember, there will only be an attack on the level of a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime!”

“When we activate the talisman, will your person arrive on time?” Xu Ran frowned. The process seemed slightly different than rumoured.

“You do not need to worry about that…” said the child coldly before vanishing.

The darkness in the building vanished, and everything returned to normal.

Jian Chen and Xu Ran looked at each other before looking at the jade talisman and then the empty Myriad Bone Guild. They said nothing and just left.

After the two of them departed, the child appeared silently. He stood in the Myriad Bone Guild as he looked at Jian Chen with a deep, piercing gaze.

It was also at this moment that a grey-robed old man hurried down from upstairs. Several people followed behind him.

These people were all the members who watched over and managed this branch.

The old man took his people and arrived behind the child in a hurry. He bowed towards the child politely and asked fearfully, “S- s- sir, why have you come personally?”

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