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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2433 - The Protector Swords Appear
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Chapter 2433: The Protector Swords Appear

“I’ve come to see Jian Chen. I want to check out just how different this person is,” said the child without even looking back. He was extremely indifferent.

“Jian Chen?” The old man behind the child was puzzled.

“The young man earlier was the person who stirred up the Saints’ World with the Anatta Tower, Jian Chen.” The child’s gaze became extremely deep, and he continued, “The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng actually learnt about the Anatta Tower’s appearance long ago. Logically speaking, they should have retrieved it as quickly as they could, but they turned a blind eye to its appearance, allowing the experts of the Saints’ World to fight over it. Originally, I was extremely puzzled by this. I wondered what the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was planning.”

“However, I finally understand it now. The Heavenly Palace of Bisheng allowed Jian Chen to hold onto the Anatta Tower because the Anatta Grand Exalt had allowed it…”

“What! The Anatta Grand Exalt…” The old man behind the child was immediately startled when he heard that. In disbelief, he asked, “The Anatta Grand Exalt… d- didn’t he die over three million years ago?”

“I only learnt about this recently from that azure peng; a ninth majesty had appeared from the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Since there’s a ninth majesty, it means that the Anatta Grand Exalt is still alive, as all people who take up the title of majesty in the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng are the Anatta Grand Exalt’s disciples…”

Only the old man could hear the child’s words. The people that stood behind the old man heard nothing at all.

The old man took in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself down. He said, “I understand. Jian Chen probably has some sort of connection to the Anatta Grand Exalt, so our Myriad Bone Guild will do our best to be on good terms with him.”

“On good terms, is it?” The child crossed his arms and gradually smiled.

However, the smile just seemed frightening. It was chilling.

On the Desolate Plane, within the Tower of Radiance, all the mist that permeated the place had dispersed. As a result, the miniature world within the Tower of Radiance had become the safest place in the Radiant Saint Hall.

In the Radiant Saint Hall, there were actually many Radiant Godkings who could break through to the level equivalent to late Godking. However, due to the threat of the mysterious expert, they never dared to take that step.

Now that the Tower of Radiance had become the greatest sanctuary of the Radiant Saint Hall, all of these Radiant Godkings broke through and formally condensed their late seven-colored soulcore.

As a result, many Radiant Godkings gathered within the Tower of Radiance. They were scattered everywhere, cultivating alone and comprehending the Laws of the Hallowed. They decided to remain here until they condensed a soultree, which was equivalent to the Primordial realm. Only then would they leave.

Xuan Ming had returned to the Radiant Saint Hall recently, so he was also in the Tower of Radiance.

Due to Xuan Ming’s father being one of the eight vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall, he was one of the people with the greatest status in the Tower of Radiance. There would always be some Radiant Godkings around him such that it seemed like people would gather towards him.

“I never thought, I never actually thought that brother Jian Chen would actually be a part of the Martial Soul lineage…” Xuan Ming sighed emotionally. He had learnt many things about Jian Chen from the Radiant Godkings.

“Hmph, Xuan Ming, you were actually working with a member of the Martial Soul lineage. Do you know your crimes?” This moment, the gateway to the miniature world suddenly opened. Gongsun Zhi walked out. There was a sliver of arrogance on his face. He stared at Xuan Ming coldly as if he was judging a criminal.

Over thirty Radiant Godkings followed behind Gongsun Zhi. They were all lords of main peaks in the Radiant Saint Hall. Some of them even wielded god artifacts.

However, the lord of the Myriad Flowers Peak, Donglin Qiushui, was not among them.

Gongsun Zhi used his identity as the descendant of the Grand Exalt to take the miniature world for himself. As a result, it became his personal territory. Only the people who followed him could cultivate in the miniature world.

Donglin Qiushui was unwilling to yield to Gongsun Zhi, so she left the miniature world and cultivated outside.

Xuan Ming obviously knew about Gongsun Zhi’s new identity, but he did not fear Gongsun Zhi at all. His face immediately sank, and he said coldly, “Gongsun Zhi, do you think you’re the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall? Whether I’m guilty or not is not up to you to decide.”

“Not only did Jian Chen steal the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method from our Radiant Saint Hall, but he’s also a part of the Martial Soul lineage. He’s our mortal enemy, so all those people who have ties with Jian Chen should be executed. Bring me Xuan Ming!” Gongsun Zhi said coldly.

The peak lords behind Gongsun Zhi all hesitated, but very soon, eight of them made up their minds and charged towards Xuan Ming at the same time. Three of them even used god artifacts.

Sure, Xuan Ming’s father was a vice-leader, but Gongsun Zhi was the descendant of the Grand Exalt. Even the leader’s treatment towards Gongsun Zhi had changed evidently, so they believed that Gongsun Zhi’s current status was even greater than Xuan Ming’s father.

“Gongsun Zhi, stop!” The expressions of the Radiant Godkings around Xuan Ming all changed drastically.

Xuan Ming’s face was sunken. Cold light flickered in his eyes. He was fearless. Laws of the Hallowed condensed around him; he was clearly ready to fight.

However, at this moment, the world within the Tower of Radiance suddenly began to shake violently. The earth tossed as the entire world trembled. It seemed like the end of the world.

Nine sword-shaped mountains suddenly appeared high in the sky, standing there like swords. They shone with blinding light, making them seem like nine suns from afar.

This alarmed all the Radiant Godkings within the Tower of Radiance, and Xuan Ming and Gongsun Zhi’s argument ended just like that. Everyone raised their heads and stared at the nine mountains in the sky. They had no idea what was happening.

“Look, it seems like there’s a sword planted in each of the nine mountains…”

“There really is a sword. They’re god artifact at the very least…”

“What terrifying pressure. The nine swords must be of great quality…”

The Radiant Godkings cried out in the Tower of Radiance as discussions sprang up everywhere.

At this moment, a thunderous voice boomed out, echoing through every corner in the Tower of Radiance, “Master had nine retainers in the past. They were all extremely powerful and went to war with master. They all committed services of great merit.”

“After master passed away, his nine retainers did not choose to live on either. Instead, they used their innate secret techniques to condense their vital energies, using their bodies and powers to condense nine swords, which were sealed here. They became the protector swords, which would be used by the next master of the Tower of Radiance to conquer the world!”

“With the nine swords, you will possess power equivalent to the nine retainers…”

The voice came from the artifact spirit.

The breathing of all the Radiant Godkings in the Tower of Radiance became ragged when they heard that. They looked at the nine protector swords greedily as their blood surged.

Gongsun Zhi’s body trembled from excitement.

The most powerful nine retainers under the master of the Tower of Radiance…

As long as someone wielded a protector sword, they would possess the power of a retainer. Just how tempting of a thing was that?

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