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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2435 - Endless Harassment
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Chapter 2435: Endless Harassment

However, the matter did not end there. After he was exposed as Jian Chen, Han Xin was greatly affected as well. His status in the Radiant Saint Hall plummeted daily. Many of the Radiant Godkings he had been on good terms with avoided him. They stayed as far away from him as possible like he was a god of the plague.

Sometimes, Radiant Godkings that had disagreements with Han Xin in the past would even come to the Soaring Clouds Peak to provoke him. They would make scornful remarks, showing no respect to Han Xin at all.

This was because in many people’s eyes, Han Xin had already become a criminal of the Radiant Saint Hall. Accepting a member of the Martial Soul lineage was a crime punishable by death in the Radiant Saint Hall. Even though Han Xin had been completely clueless, he would not be able to avoid punishment.

However, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall never got around to dealing with the matter, which was why Han Xin was still the lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak.

However, everyone believed that Han Xin’s day of judgement would be soon.

At this moment, a powerful senses of the soul swept over and passed on the same message to all the Radiant Godkings in the region.

Han Xin’s eyes lit up slightly before becoming gloomy again very soon. He murmured, “Protector swords? What does that have to do with me?” Han Xin immediately lost interest. He knew it was impossible for him to gain the recognition of a protector sword.

However, after hesitating slightly, he said, “Bai Yu, come immediately!”

Before long, the white-robed Bai Yu arrived at the top of the mountain with Radiant Saint Force. She stood behind Han Xin and bowed. “Greetings to teacher.”

Bai Yu was just as pretty as before. Her white robes wrapped around her body, perfectly depicting her beautiful figure. Her long, black hair was blown around by the wind on the mountain peak, making her seem extremely elegant.

The only problem was that her face seemed slightly worried, making her seem much more haggard than before.

The Soaring Clouds Peak’s status in the Radiant Saint Hall had plummeted because of Jian Chen. Bai Yu was also affected, so it had not been easy for her either.

Out of the three past disciples of the Soaring Clouds Peak, only she remained.

“Bai Yu, I’ve just received a message from the elders that nine protector swords have appeared in the Tower of Radiance. Those who obtain one will reach the level of peak experts. You can go try it,” said Han Xin.

“Sir, my talent is unimpressive. I probably have no right to obtain a protector sword,” said Bai Yu calmly. She did not lighten up at all.

“Bai Yu, don’t underestimate yourself. There aren’t a lot of people who become Hallowed Saint Masters with just a two-colored soulcore.”

Bai Yu sighed gently when she heard that. She was gloomy. Only she understood that her talent was not impressive. She could only become a Hallowed Saint Master so soon because of her second senior brother.

She had comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed from her second senior brother and became a glorious Hallowed Saint Master. However, ever since her second senior brother left, her progress had become insignificant compared to the past when she had her second senior brother’s help.

As a matter of fact, it could be described as no progress at all.

“Go. You’re the pride of my Soaring Clouds Peak. If you obtain a protector sword, our status will rise. We won’t have to worry about being harassed by others anymore,” Han Xin encouraged.

“Yes, sir.” Bai Yu could only agree reluctantly when she saw Han Xin’s haggard face, even though she might disappoint him.

She did not even consider the nine swords because she knew it was impossible for her.

The Donglin clan was one of the peak organisations on the Desolate Plane as well, but they were truly the weakest.

This was because the ancestor of the Donglin clan, Donglin Ce, was a Grand Prime who had only broken through recently. He was only a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime right now.

However, even with that being the case, the Donglin clan still held some power on the Desolate Plane.

Currently, Donglin Yanxue sat within a pavilion in a garden inside the Donglin clan. A zither was placed on the stone table before her as she played it.

Back then, when Jian Chen’s identity had been exposed, the ancestor of the Donglin clan, Donglin Ce, had fetched Donglin Yanxue from the Radiant Saint Hall. She had not returned to the Radiant Saint Hall since then.

As there had never been a formal judgement, and the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall had never formally revoked her identity as Chosen Saint, she was still the Chosen Saint of the Radiant Saint Hall.

At this moment, a middle-aged man walked over. He looked at Donglin Yanxue gently and said, “Yanxue, your master just sent a message to me. She said that there’s a huge fortuitous encounter in the Radiant Saint Hall, and she wants you to come immediately.”

The middle-aged man was Donglin Yanxue’s father, the current patriarch, Donglin Xiong.

Donglin Yanxue stopped playing the zither. She seemed slightly doubtful and asked, “A fortuitous encounter? Father, tell me what it is exactly.”

“I don’t know the exact details either, but your master, Mu Shui, would never harm you. It’s best if you go. The clan stands behind you, so the Radiant Saint Hall won’t do anything to you,” said Donglin Xiong.

With that, Donglin Yanxue stood up. She stowed the zither away and slowly made her way out of the pavilion. When she passed by Donglin Xiong, she paused slightly and asked after a slight hesitance, “Father, I acted alone and helped Jian Chen escape, offending the Radiant Saint Hall, so why hasn’t the clan placed any blame on me at all?”

Donglin Xiong chuckled and said, “Protecting you was the ancestor’s intentions. The ancestor is not short-sighted like others. He could tell from long ago that Jian Chen was someone extraordinary. You can only befriend people like that, not offend. As a result, the ancestor did not blame you at all when you assisted Jian Chen’s escape. Instead, he praised you.”

“That is because you’ve shown kindness to Jian Chen. If Jian Chen matures in the future, he will definitely return the favour manyfold…”

Many Radiant Saint Masters had already gathered outside the Tower of Radiance now.

These Radiant Saint Masters possessed various cultivation level, but without any exception, all of them had comprehended the Laws of the Hallowed.

At this moment, they all stared at the Tower of Radiance excitedly, studying it carefully.

“Hmm? Isn’t that Bai Yu of the Soaring Clouds Peak? You actually have the face to show yourself here?” A surprised and scornful voice suddenly rang out.

A young man pointed at Bai Yu and sneered.

Bai Yu stood in the crowd. She gritted her teeth silently as her eyes flowed with unyielding light.

She had heard these remarks many times in the past years. She had cried. She had grieved. She had been in pain. She had been in despair. As a result, she had already adapted to it.

“What? Bai Yu, do you think you can become the master of a protector sword? Do you think you have the ability?”

“Bai Yu, you had ties with a member of the Martial Soul lineage. Do you think sir artifact spirit will let you inherit a protector sword?”

“Hahaha, Bai Yu, you actually have the courage to enter the Tower of Radiance. Jian Chen of the Martial Soul lineage stole the supreme legacy of our Radiant Saint Hall under sir artifact spirit’s watch, and you’re related to Jian Chen. Do you think sir artifact spirit will just kill you off out of anger once you enter the Tower of Radiance…”

“Hmm? Now that you mention it, that really does seem to make sense. Everyone, do you think sir artifact spirit will kill Bai Yu as soon as she sets foot in the Tower of Radiance…”

Many Hallowed Saint Masters in the surroundings sneered.

Bai Yu had already paled. She clenched her fists tightly and silently endured the scorn and sneers from around her. She said nothing.

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