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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2437 - The Masters Of The Protector Swords
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Chapter 2437: The Masters of the Protector Swords

As she looked at the middle-aged man who appeared before her silently, Bai Yu felt like he had fused with the white light from the nine mountains. As a result, he became the only thing that existed in this hazy-white world.

However, Bai Yu’s heart shuddered in the next moment. Aside from the middle-aged man, there was nothing else around her. As such, she could guess the middle-aged man’s identity. Her heart immediately tightened, and she became uneasy, “Who are you?”

The middle-aged man smiled warmly, making him seem extremely friendly. “Looking at your response, you must have guessed who I am already. I am the artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance.”

After receiving the confirmation, Bai Yu immediately paled. She subconsciously staggered backwards as her heart became chilling.

The artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance was a god-like existence in Bai Yu’s eyes. He was supreme. All the Radiant Godkings and elders had to lower themselves before him. They even had to refer to him politely as sir or senior. He was truly an indomitable existence.

However, now that this supreme existence had come to meet her, Bai Yu immediately thought back to the words of the Radiant Godkings.

Surely the artifact spirit had not come to kill her because of her relationship with her senior brother.

After all, not only was her senior brother a member of the Martial Soul lineage, the mortal enemy of the Radiant Saint Hall, he had also entered the Tower of Radiance and taken away the most important thing here, the supreme legacy.

“Don’t be nervous; I have no ill intentions,” said the middle-aged man. He gently extended a finger, and two stone chairs and a stone table immediately rose up from the ground. He sat down on one of the stone chairs before pointing at the other stone chair and saying, “Let’s sit and talk.”

If other Hallowed Saint Masters saw how the artifact spirit had come to look for Bai Yu and even specially prepared a stone seat for her, their mouths would definitely hang agape.

This was because this treatment was something that even the descendant of the Grand Exalt, Gongsun Zhi, did not receive.

In reality, even the leader and vice-leaders of the Radiant Saint Hall had never seen the artifact spirit’s appearance. They had only heard his voice before.

Bai Yu hesitated as she looked at the stone chairs before her. She was rather confused about what the artifact spirit was trying to do, but she still sat down fearfully in the end.

“Your second senior brother’s true identity is a member of the Martial Soul lineage. He has tricked you for so long, so do you resent him?” asked the artifact spirit calmly. It was impossible to tell what he was feeling from his voice.

After a moment of hesitation, Bai Yu made up her mind and worked up the courage to say, “I don’t resent him. No matter who my second senior brother is, he will always be my best second senior brother.”

The artifact spirit glanced at Bai Yu deeply. He did not say anything else and suddenly vanished.

In the next moment, all the Hallowed Saint Masters gathered within the Tower of Radiance felt the ground shake violently. A stifling power suddenly filled the surroundings. At the same time, they heard the crisp, clear thrum of a sword.

All the Hallowed Saint Masters gathered there could clearly see a streak of extremely bright white light fall from the ground. It vanished with a flash.

“A protector sword. It’s a protector sword. Someone has gained the recognition of a protector sword…”

“Who is it? Who is this person…”

The hearts of all the Hallowed Saint Masters began to thump heavily. The protector swords represented an opportunity to rise up. Since someone had obtained a protector sword, it meant that they would rise and become a peak expert no matter what their cultivation was. They would turn into a supreme figure of the Radiant Saint Hall.

In the distance, the leader, Yu Chen, and the vice-leader, Xuan Zhan, stood with their hands behind their backs. They stared at the region enveloped by white light.

“Someone has already obtained a protector sword,” said the leader. His feelings were mixed. He had no idea whether he should feel joy or worry.

“No matter who it is, our Radiant Saint Hall’s strength will be taken to a whole new level,” Xuan Zhan said indifferently.

The region had been enveloped by the power of the protector swords. Coupled with the artifact spirit’s interference, even they were unable to see what was happening inside the white light. They had no idea who obtained the protector sword.

Bai Yu only saw a flash before her eyes, and a shining sword suddenly appeared before her.

The sword was four feet long and two fingers wide. It had a simple design and bore the presence of time. The power within it was so strong that it was earth-shaking.

At this moment, there was another flash. Before Bai Yu could even return to her senses, her finger was cut open by the sword, and it absorbed a droplet of her blood.

Afterwards, to her surprise, a mysterious mental connection was constructed between her and the sword.

“The fourth protector sword, Cliffgrinder’s sword,” Bai Yu murmured the name. She discovered that she could communicate with the sword before her at a basic level, so she immediately learnt its name.

Bai Yu’s eyes immediately lit up. She was overexcited to the point where she struggled to believe that this was all real.

The sword before her was actually a protector sword, and it was one that ranked fourth out of the nine protector swords, Cliffgrinder’s sword.

“From today onwards, you are the master of Cliffgrinder’s sword. Cliffgrinder’s sword was not forged from materials. Instead, it was what Cliffgrinder, the person who ranked fourth out of the nine retainers, had transformed into. The sword is Cliffgrinder, and Cliffgrinder is the sword.”

“However, Cliffgrinder has already turned into an artifact spirit now. You can communicate with the artifact spirit and unleash the power of Cliffgrinder’s sword through him…”

At the same time, the voice of the Tower of Radiance’s artifact spirit rang out in Bai Yu’s head.

“Donglin Yanxue, you assisted Jian Chen of the Martial Soul lineage to escape. Have you regretted your actions?”

The artifact spirit appeared before Donglin Yanxue and questioned her.

“I don’t regret it. If I could go into the past and face the same decision as before, I would still make the same choice,” Donglin Yanxue said without any hesitation at all. Jian Chen’s figure had already been engraved in her heart.

The artifact spirit nodded before disappearing.

In the next moment, a second thrum rang out. A protector sword hovered before Donglin Yanxue with devastating power.

“This sword is Openfield’s sword. It ranks third among the nine swords and was left behind by Openfield of the nine retainers in the past…”

Before long, a third protector sword descended and hovered before Xuan Ming.

“A protector sword. It’s actually a protector sword. I never thought that I, Xuan Ming, would be fortunate enough to obtain a protector sword. Hahahahaha, the protector sword that ranks eighth, from today onwards, I’ll be relying on you to obtain a stable footing in the Saints’ World. You will be the greatest treasure in my life…”

In a short moment, three protector swords had descended, which made the Hallowed Saint Master who still had not obtained a protector sword uneasy and extremely nervous.

“Artifact spirit, get out here…” To one side, Gongsun Zhi barked aloud. Currently, his face was extremely vicious.

Three of the nine protector swords had come down, and they all went to people not under his control. It made him furious.

All the Radiant Godkings that followed him gathered by his side, but the three protector swords clearly did not come anywhere close to him.

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