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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2438 - The Strongest Protector Sword
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Chapter 2438: The Strongest Protector Sword

Gongsun Zhi’s snarls were clearly useless. The artifact spirit directly ignored him.

This was because the current artifact spirit was no longer the same as before. As a result, Gongsun Zhi’s identity as the Grand Exalt’s descendant meant nothing.

At this moment, a fourth streak of light shot down. Another protector sword pulled itself from a mountain and shot down with blinding light.

The fourth protector sword was about to be distributed!

However, the protector sword did not fall within the region of white light. Instead, it shot off towards the entrance as a streak of white light.

In the distance, the eyes of both Yu Chen and Xuan Zhan narrowed. They could clearly see a protector sword fall towards them. It moved extremely quickly.

In an instant, the fourth protector sword crossed the huge distance and hovered before Xuan Zhan. It flickered with light.

Xuan Zhan was puzzled as he stared at the simple protector sword that contained startling power. He was confused by its intentions.

Even the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall, Yu Chen, was also stunned.

This was because he and Xuan Zhan had already backed out from the selection of the protector swords wielder. However, this protector sword had come to them, which surprised them greatly.

“This protector sword was transformed from Mindwaker, who ranked ninth among the nine protectors. Since Mindwaker’s sword has chosen you, it means that fate brings you two together. You can become the wielder of Mindwaker’s sword and fight for the master of the Tower of Radiance…” The artifact spirit’s voice rang out in Xuan Zhan’s head.

Xuan Zhan did not become excited at all as the protector sword hovered before him. Instead, he hesitated for a short while before asking, “Is the master of the Tower of Radiance Gongsun Zhi?”

“He has no right to be my master,” replied the artifact spirit.

With that, Xuan Zhan made up his mind. “Alright. Since the next master of the Tower of Radiance isn’t Gongsun Zhi, I will accept the ninth protector sword and become its wielder.”

The ninth protector sword flashed and cut open Xuan Zhan’s finger with speed so terrifying that even he could not react. It absorbed some blood.

Yu Chen’s eyes immediately flickered with light when he saw this from beside Xuan Zhan. He stared straight at the protector sword as he seemed to be in thought.

At the same time, the artifact spirit stood at the top of one of the mountains, and he quietly paid attention to the Hallowed Saint Masters below.

“Bai Yu, Donglin Yanxue, Xuan Zhan, and Xuan Ming are all people who master were once in touch with, so they’ve all obtained a protector sword. Only Han Xin is left.”

“Han Xin was once master’s teacher. Before master left, he specially ordered me to take good care of Han Xin. However, Han Xin hasn’t entered the Tower of Radiance. Moreover, the lingering consciousness of the artifact spirit is always affecting me. He wants to assimilate with me and turn me into him. I don’t know how much longer I can remain clear-headed, so I need to allocate all these protector swords to people that master had ties with while I can…” murmured the artifact spirit. After a moment of hesitation, he communicated with the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall secretly and made him gather all the Hallowed Saint Masters who had not entered.

Yu Chen did not hesitate. As soon as he received the artifact spirit’s message, he left the Tower of Radiance.

Before long, Yu Chen brought over a hundred Hallowed Saint Masters into the Tower of Radiance. All of these people knew that they were not fated to obtain a protector sword, so they felt nothing towards the swords.

The lord of the Soaring Clouds Peak, Han Xin, happened to be among them.

Under Yu Chen’s orders, all of these Hallowed Saint Masters entered the region enveloped by light.


However, as soon as they entered the area, there was the whistling of wind, and the fifth protector sword flew down from its mountain with a clear thrum, landing in Han Xin’s hand.

“This is Deepflow’s sword which ranks fifth out of the nine protector swords. From now onwards, you are Deepflow’s sword’s wielder!” An obscure voice rang out in Han Xin’s mind.

Han Xin was completely stunned as he stared at the protector sword hovering before him. He sensed the obscure connection he had established with the sword. He felt like he was dreaming.

A lot of information regarding Deepflow’s sword appeared in his mind. Out of the master of the Tower of Radiance’s nine retainers, Deepflow ranked fifth and was a Seventh Heavenly Layer Grand Prime.

Deepflow had transformed into the sword. As its wielder, Han Xin had completely grasped all of Deepflow’s powers.

As long as he had the sword, his battle prowess would be able to reach the peak even though he was only a Radiant Godking. He could fight Grand Primes, and weaker Grand Primes would not be his opponent.

The most powerful ancestor of the Han family was only a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime right now, while the patriarch who had expelled him was only an Infinite Prime. However, the power he grasped now was no weaker than a Grand Prime’s.

This was all like a dream to Han Xin. It did not make sense.

“I am the descendant of the Grand Exalt. My ancestor was once your master. Artifact spirit, I don’t want the authority to distribute the protector swords. I only want the most powerful protector sword…” Gongsun Zhi bellowed in the distance. As he watched the protector swords get allocated one by one, he began to worry about the fact that he still had not obtained one. He changed his request to obtaining the greatest protector sword.

A protector sword was equivalent to rising up and becoming great. He did not care about whether he could become the future master of the Tower of Radiance anymore. He needed to obtain a protector sword.

The artifact spirit glanced at Gongsun Zhi coldly from the top of the mountain and no longer paid attention to him. Gongsun Zhi held far too much resentment towards Jian Chen, so he would never let Gongsun Zhi inherit a protector sword.

“If it weren’t for the influence of the lingering consciousness of the artifact spirit, you never would have been able to claim the miniature world for yourself,” thought the artifact spirit. He was no longer the past artifact spirit, so he felt nothing towards the descendant of the previous master.

“The protector sword that ranks first is Godslayer’s sword. The strongest out of the nine retainers, Godslayer, transformed into it. Godslayer was an Eighth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime when he was still alive, so the sword he transformed into is the strongest out of the protector swords as well. This sword should obviously go to master’s mother.” The artifact spirit looked at the sword planted behind him. He had already decided who the sword should go to long ago.

However, at this moment, the artifact spirit suddenly quivered. His body condensed from energy almost dispersed.

Two vastly different lights flickered in his eyes as if two independent consciousnesses and thoughts were engaged in an intense conflict.

The artifact spirit of the Tower of Radiance’s lingering consciousness had appeared once again, engaging in a battle with the artifact spirit of the saint artifact. It wanted to assimilate the artifact spirit of the saint artifact.

“Your age has already passed! You can’t assimilate with me!” bellowed the artifact spirit. His body would blur and consolidate. He was extremely unstable.

However, in the end, all the original light in his eyes vanished. It was replaced by a foreign coldness. His eyes did not seem to possess any feelings at all.

“Godslayer’s sword should go to master’s descendant…” The artifact spirit said coldly before extending a finger towards the sword behind him gently.

Immediately, Godslayer’s sword directly rose up and fell into Gongsun Zhi’s hand.

Just like that, Gongsun Zhi obtained the most powerful protector sword, Godslayer’s sword.

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