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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2439 - An End To The Distribution
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Chapter 2439: An End to the Distribution

“Godslayer’s sword. I’ve actually obtained the greatest protector sword, Godslayer’s sword. Hahahaha…” Gongsun Zhi could not help but laugh aloud as he held Godslayer’s sword and sensed the information that poured out from it.

It was also at this moment that the white light from the nine mountains vanished. All the Hallowed Saint Masters gathered there were exposed.

The nine mountains that hovered high in the sky vanished into space once again. They disappeared.

“Hmm? What happened? Where did the nine mountains go…”

“The mountains have vanished. Has the distribution of the protector swords ended already…”

“There are clearly nine protector swords. Why has it ended after only six were allocated? Is there no one else among us who have been chosen…”

Immediately, noisy discussions sprang up in the surroundings. Many Hallowed Saint Masters who had not been selected by a protector sword grumbled unhappily. They were gloomy and in low spirits.

At this moment, five powerful balls of light shone; they were as blinding as suns.

All the Hallowed Saint Masters looked over and what they saw immediately made them green with envy.

Five protector swords hovered there, above Donglin Yanxue, Bai Yu, Han Xin, Xuan Ming, and Gongsun Zhi respectively. They were shrouded in a layer of clear light.

It went without saying that the five of them were part of the people who had obtained protector swords.

“Isn’t that Bai Yu of the Soaring Clouds Peak? Bai Yu has actually gained the recognition of a protector sword. Heavens, are my eyes deceiving me…”

“Bai Yu only has a two-colored soulcore, yet she obtained a protector sword. T- this is unfair…”

“Han Xin has actually gained the recognition of a protector sword as well. The last two people on the Soaring Clouds Peak have both obtained protector swords. T- t- that’s unbelievable…”

“The Soaring Clouds Peak has truly risen up. In the future, no one will dare to speak ill about the teacher and disciple of the Soaring Clouds Peak…”

“Donglin Yanxue has obtained a protector sword as well? She helped Jian Chen of the Martial Soul lineage escape before. She’s a criminal of our Radiant Saint Hall, so why did the protector sword choose her…”

A series of cries rang out in the surroundings. Many people struggled to accept the fact that Han Xin, Bai Yu, and Donglin Yanxue had obtained protector swords.

In particular, the Hallowed Saint Masters who had scoffed at Bai Yu or provoked her verbally all became ashen when they saw Bai Yu with her protector sword.

Elder Mu Shui also stared right at Bai Yu. She faced emotional turmoil.

Bai Yu was originally her disciple, but Mu Shui had viciously expelled her due to her ties with Jian Chen. However, she had never thought that Bai Yu would be lucky enough to obtain a protector sword.

Looking at the simple sword above Bai Yu’s head, Mu Shui suddenly felt bitter inside. At that moment, she suddenly thought about how honourable it would be if Bai Yu was still her disciple. Just how much would her status rise in the Radiant Saint Hall through Bai Yu?

“Sigh,” Mu Shui exhaled gently. She knew that her relationship with Bai Yu was already past the point of no return. It was impossible for them to return to before.

This was because Bai Yu had now become an important figure in the Radiant Saint Hall. Through the protector sword, her status and authority had surpassed the elders.

“Donglin Yanxue, you traitor! You actually have the face to show yourself here!” Suddenly, a cry rang out. Gongsun Zhi discovered that Donglin Yanxue had actually gained the recognition of a protector sword as well, and his eyes immediately shone with cold killing intent.

Gongsun Zhi utterly hated Donglin Yanxue. If it were not for her assisting Jian Chen’s escape in the past, it would have been extremely likely for the Grand Exalt’s cultivation method to end up in his hands.

That was a Grand Exalt’s cultivation method after all. How many people in the Saints’ World were able to resist such a temptation? If he obtained the cultivation method, his future would be limitless.

However, because of Donglin Yanxue, he lost his chance of obtaining the cultivation method, which made Gongsun Zhi’s fury evident.

“Gongsun Zhi, you may be a Radiant Godking and have a greater cultivation than me, but we both wield protector swords, so our statuses are no longer different. You have no right to judge whether I’m a traitor or not,” Donglin Yanxue replied coldly. Now that she wielded a protector sword, she was brimming with confidence.

“How dare you!” Gongsun Zhi called out. Immediately, he ordered the Hallowed Saint Masters around him to back off far away. After that, he swung his protector sword at Donglin Yanxue.

However, as soon as he swung it halfway, the protector sword came to a halt. No matter how hard Gongsun Zhi tried, the protector sword would not fall.

It was as if the protector sword was no longer under Gongsun Zhi’s control.

“Gongsun Zhi, you were the last one to obtain a protector sword, so you probably haven’t digested all the information from the protector sword yet. The past nine retainers of the master of the Tower of Radiance had once gone through thick and thin together. They are brothers bound by life and death, so it’s impossible for any conflict to happen between them. Now that we wield the protector swords, we will encounter an intense resistance from the protector sword if we attack each other with them,” Donglin Yanxue said coldly.

Gongsun Zhi’s face sank when he heard that. He had just finished digesting the information from the protector sword. Just like what Donglin Yanxue had said, the protector swords did not allow conflict between their wielders.

At this moment, the leader of the Radiant Saint Hall, Yu Chen, appeared. He looked at the sky that had lost all traces of the mountains before looking at the wielders of the protector swords deeply. “Looks like the allocation of the protector swords has come to an end. Everyone return.” With that, the leader vanished.

“Father, I obtained a protector sword!” Xuan Ming showed off his protector sword to Xuan Zhan excitedly from within the crowd.

“Xuan Zhan, your son is impressive. He wields a protector sword. From today onwards, your son is a protector of our Radiant Saint Hall.” The seven other vice-leaders gathered over as well. They all stared at the protector sword enviously.

“Good! Good! Good!” Xuan Zhan smiled from ear to ear. He felt extremely proud inside as well.

To another side, Donglin Qiushui arrived before Donglin Yanxue. She was in high spirits as well.

Han Xin, on the other hand, held his protector sword and seemed to be in a daze. The surprise and joy were too great, so he still had not accepted this all as reality yet.

The allocation of the protector swords had formally come to an end. Six of the nine protector swords had chosen masters, while the three others had vanished with the mountains.

The artifact spirit did not utter a single word after that.

Very soon, all the Hallowed Saint Masters gathered there left. Only the portion who were equivalent to late Godkings chose to stay behind. They planned on breaking through to the Primordial realm and condensing a soultree before leaving.

Gongsun Zhi did not choose to remain within the Tower of Radiance. He had obtained the greatest protector sword, Godslayer’s sword, so his confidence had swelled. He no longer feared the mysterious expert who specifically targeted late Radiant Godkings.

Right when Xuan Zhan, Xuan Ming, Bai Yu, Donglin Yanxue, Han Xin, and Gongsun Zhi left the Tower of Radiance with the protector swords, the Celestial Sword Saint who sat in the Sword God Mountains slowly opened his eyes. He glanced in the direction of the Radiant Saint Hall indifferently and murmured, “Spirit swords transformed from the members of the Ancient Sword race. I never thought that the Tower of Radiance of the Radiant Saint Hall would possess traces of the Ancient Sword race. They’ve already become extinct…”

At the same time, a beggar-like, unkempt only man laid back in a cane chair leisurely as he watched over the interplanar teleportation formation in the imperial capital of the Violet Wind Empire.

At this moment, his body stiffened slightly, and he suddenly sat up. A light flickered through his eyes, and he stared straight at the central region of the Desolate Plane, towards the Radiant Saint Hall.

“What powerful energy. Why would six presences so powerful suddenly appear in the Radiant Saint Hall? Moreover, each presence is at the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime at the very least. The greatest expert of the Desolate Plane, the Celestial Sword Saint, is only a Sixth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. What happened in the Radiant Saint Hall?”

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