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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2443 - Scarlet Water City
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Chapter 2443: Scarlet Water City

“The matter is not as simple as you imagine it to be. If you want to stop Anatta, you’ll have to stand against Anatta. And since Jian Chen is Anatta’s fruit of ways, Anatta will secretly pay attention to all of his actions at all times. You need to get through Anatta first if you want Jian Chen dead,” said the Bloodtear Grand Exalt. He was rather fearful of the Anatta Grand Prime.

“However, if Jian Chen does die from an accident, it will indeed affect Anatta severely. After all, Grand Exalts have become the heavenly ways. The heavenly ways are uncompassionate, so Anatta has thrown herself into the snares of love to comprehend the Way of Love. She has already defied the laws that the heavenly ways operate on. As a result, she needs to kill Jian Chen to comprehend the Way of Heartlessness and free herself from the snares of love if she wants to recover her true self.”

“If she loses Jian Chen, her way out of the snares of love, she won’t be able to recover. She will become lost, and major problems will happen sooner or later.”

“Master, so should we find a chance…” The Nine Brilliance Star Lord said carefully.

Before he could finish his words, the Bloodtear Grand Exalt raised his hand and stopped the Nine Brilliance Star Lord. He said, “Do not act recklessly. Anatta is paying attention to all of Jian Chen’s movements. Although she still hasn’t fully recovered, her will can still descend anywhere in the Saints’ World. No one can kill Jian Chen if she wants him alive.”

“However, the Ancient Chaos Qi of the chaotic space is about to erupt. At that time, all the Grand Exalts of the Saints’ World, Immortals’ World, and Demons’ World will go to chaotic space. Naturally, Anatta won’t be an exception. If she goes to chaotic space, she won’t be able to sense anything that happens in the Saints’ World. That might be an opportunity…”

“Master, doesn’t that mean we can…” The eyes of the Nine Brilliance Star Lord lit up.

“Whoever kills Jian Chen will become Anatta’s mortal enemy. If Jian Chen really does die somehow, his death cannot have anything to do with you,” said the Bloodtear Grand Exalt sternly.

“I understand.”

Jian Chen and Xu Ran walked out from a regional teleportation formation of a bustling city in the central region of the Aqua Plane.

They had already entered the Gloomwater sect’s territory. The city they were in right now belonged to the Gloomwater sect.

“The Gloomwater sect had the Elder of Mountains and Seas as their only Grand Prime, but now that he’s dead, the Gloomwater sect will definitely have weakened drastically. The only issue is the Chaotic Primes in the Gloomwater sect,” Xu Ran said to Jian Chen secretly, analysing the Gloomwater sect’s current strength and discussing the matter of destroying them.

“The Gloomwater sect has a total of five great elders. All five great elders are Chaotic Primes. One is an early Chaotic Prime, two are mid Chaotic Primes, and two are late Chaotic Primes. Dealing with the three early and mid Chaotic Primes isn’t an issue. The real problem lies with the two late Chaotic Primes.”

“I’ve already investigated their strengths. They’re at the Eighth and Ninth Heavenly Layer respectively.” Xu Ran became rather stern, “My cultivation is currently at the Fifth Heavenly Layer. If I use the various ancient abilities and secret techniques I possess, I can defeat Sixth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes, but they need to be regular Sixth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes. If their talent is outstanding, or they’ve comprehended powerful laws and possess extraordinary battle prowess, I’ll only be able to match them as equals.”

“The Seventh Heavenly Layer is late Chaotic Prime. Even if I only encounter regular Seventh Heavenly Layer Chaotic Primes with my current level of cultivation, I’ll only be able to protect myself. The Eighth Heavenly Layer is far more than what I can handle.”

“Then what if you include the Nine Tribulation Incineration Formation?” Jian Chen remained calm. He did not feel any pressure from the strength of the Gloomwater sect at all.

This time, he was prepared. He had come to kill the Elder of Mountains and Seas. Since he dared to target even a Third Heavenly Layer Grand Prime, a few Chaotic Primes would not be an issue.

“You don’t understand the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation completely. It’s a wondrous formation that especially attacks the soul. You’ll be able to unleash its power to its greatest capacity if you use it on a single person. In such a scenario, even Grand Primes will be affected. However, if you use it against many people, its power will plummet. After all, wondrous formations that target the soul aren’t like regular formations.”

Xu Ran looked at Jian Chen and said, “Moreover, you only have a single Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation, while there are five Chaotic Primes in the Gloomwater sect. You won’t necessarily be able to envelope all the Chaotic Primes in a single formation, so just in case, we might have to use the attack from the Myriad Bone Guild.”

“Senior, senior, it must be the first time you’ve come to Scarlet Water City. P- please buy a map. It details every location in Scarlet Water City.” At this moment, a teenaged girl grabbed Jian Chen and stared at him slightly fearfully with her bright eyes. She tried to sell a map of Scarlet Water City to him.

Jian Chen studied the young lady. He discovered that the young woman was pretty. Although she did not possess signs of alluring beauty, she did possess a pure presence.

After all, her strength was pitiful. She was only a Heaven Saint Master, and her clothes were tattered. She seemed like a young beggar.

Jian Chen could tell with a single glance that the young lady’s age was the same as her appearance. She was only a teenager, not an old monster who had cultivated for countless years.

Just how much courage did she, who had pitiful strength, need to have to sell maps in the Scarlet Water City where many Godhood cultivators dwelled? The slightest carelessness would be enough to claim her life.

Jian Chen could not help but look at the young lady deeply. His soft side seemed to be touched when he saw the young lady’s fearful, nervous, and eager gaze. He said, “Alright, I’ll buy a copy. How many divine crystals is it?”

The young lady’s eyes immediately lit up when she heard that. She was overjoyed as she said in a hurry, “It’s not much, it’s not much at all. Senior, a copy of the map is only ten low grade divine crystals.” With that, the young lady began to look at Jian Chen nervously as if she was worried that he would change his mind.

Jian Chen took out ten low grade divine crystals and bought a copy of a map from the young lady.

However, he secretly stowed a thousand high grade divine crystals into the young lady’s low level Space Ring.

The young lady was just too weak. He did not dare to give her supreme grade divine crystals, as he was afraid that it would cause her trouble. High grade divine crystals would be safer.

Jian Chen did not talk much with the young lady afterwards. He left with Xu Ran.

“Who knows how many insignificant people there are in the Saints’ World. How you suddenly show benevolence might be your downfall one day in the future,” Xu Ran said. She had silently paid attention to all of it.

Jian Chen said nothing. He slowly unfurled the map he purchased from the young lady.

The map was crudely made. It was not professional and could not be compared to the maps purchasable from the stores. Even the streets drawn on the map were twisted. It was not accurate at all.

Jian Chen sighed inside when he looked at the map. He could tell with a single glance that the young lady had probably drawn the map herself.

“Let go of me; let go of me. I beg you, let me go. Don’t take me away…” At this moment, a familiar cry rang out.

A few cultivators in the same uniform walked over from one side. One of them forcefully picked up the lady who had just sold Jian Chen a map.

The cultivators were all Deities, so the young lady who was only a Heaven Saint Master was unable to resist at all.

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