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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2445
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Chapter 2445: Destroying the City Lord’s Estate (Two)

The instant the old man died, a powerful senses of the soul suddenly swept through the Scarlet Water City, engulfing all the streets.

The owner of the senses of the soul was a peak Godking. Originally, it would have been impossible for him to discover Jian Chen’s existence with the strength of the senses of his soul.

However, Jian Chen did not hide himself. He let out his presence slightly, disguising himself as an early Godking.

As a result, he was clearly exposed before the senses of the soul.


A cold snort rang out in Jian Chen’s head. It was filled with killing intent.

At the same time, the ground of Scarlet Water City suddenly shook. A powerful formation rose up, enveloping the entire Scarlet Water City. Even all the teleportation formations there stopped operating.

In an instant, the entire city was cut off from the outside world.

Jian Chen glanced past the protective formation of Scarlet Water City before looking in the direction of the city lord’s estate. He did not let this bother him. Instead, he looked at the young lady and asked, “Little sister, where are your parents?”

With that, the young lady seemed to forget about her fear. Her eyes reddened, and she slowly told him about her background.

As it turned out, her name was Fang Jing’er. She was only sixteen this year. Both her parents passed away right after she was born. She was single-handedly raised by her grandfather.

Her grandfather an insignificant person who lived at the bottom of society in the Saints’ World. He was only a Saint Emperor, not even at the Origin realm.

Even with that being the case, although Fang Jing’er did not have endless cultivation resources, she was still able to live a life without worrying about the basic necessities.

However, good things never lasted. Her grandfather was injured in the city three years ago. He was at death’s door and could pass away at any time.

After losing her grandfather’s support, Fang Jing’er began to depend on herself. She copied a map of the Scarlet Water City her grandfather found many years ago, creating crude maps by hand to sell. Then she used the divine crystals generated by the maps to buy low level medicinal pills that cost a hundred low grade divine crystals for her grandfather.

“My grandfather needs to eat a pill a month to stay alive. It has already been over twenty days, and I’ve already sold nine maps this month. I only need to sell one more before I gather all the divine crystals needed for a pill. Fortunately, they didn’t take me away, or I would have never been able to sell ten maps. If I don’t feed my grandfather the pill, he’ll die. These people are just evil…” Fang Jing’er was still shaken. She only thought about her grandfather now.

Jian Chen sighed as he listened to the young lady’s difficult, miserable fate. After a moment of thought, he said, “I plan on going to the city lord’s estate. Little sister, just come with us. I want you to personally witness the people who wanted to capture you vanish before your eyes.”

Jian Chen also understood that this might be far too horrific a sight to a young lady who had not completely grown up.

However, this was the Saints’ World, a world where the strong preyed on the weak. The only way to survive was to adapt to the laws.

At the same time, three middle-aged men sat at a round table within the city lord’s estate. The table was covered in various delicious dishes.

One of them happened to be the city lord of Scarlet Water City, Guan Feiyu.

The other two were envoys of the Gloomwater sect. They were all late Godkings.

“Brother Feiyu, why did your complexion suddenly change? And it seems like the protective formation of the city has been activated as well,” the two envoys looked at the city lord and said rather politely.

Not only was Guan Feiyu an envoy like them, but the Guan family also had an ancestor who was an authoritative elder in the Gloomwater sect.

As a result, the two envoys were very careful before Guan Feiyu. They flattered him, unwilling to offend him at all.

“It’s nothing. Just a small problem has appeared. Just wait here for a while; I’ll be right back.” Guan Feiyu stood up and was about to leave.


However, at this moment, a deafening sound rang out, and the entire city lord’s estate shook.

The formations around the city lord’s estate had encountered a powerful attack.

Guan Feiyu’s face immediately darkened. Killing intent flooded his eyes, and he said coldly, “I was just about to go find you, yet you’ve come yourself. Hmph, you’re looking to die for acting so reckless after killing people of my estate.” With a single movement, Guan Feiyu vanished.

Jian Chen stood with his arms behind his back outside the city lord’s estate. He faced the main entrance calmly. Behind him stood the indifferent Xu Ran and the flustered Fang Jing’er.

Over a dozen soldiers tossed and turned on the ground around Jian Chen as they called out in pain.

“Who are you? Why have you come to make trouble in my Scarlet Water City?” A call rang out. The city lord, Guan Feiyu, had appeared. He hovered in the air as his presence surged.

The two other envoys of the Gloomwater sect hovered behind Guan Feiyu. They gave off sharp presences as they expressed that they stood on Guan Feiyu’s side.

“The young city lord of the Scarlet Water City wants to capture this young lady. May I ask what crimes she has committed and why you want to capture her?” Jian Chen asked calmly.

“She’s a mere Heaven Saint Master. Let alone capture, even if she’s killed in the streets, there won’t be any problems at all. No one dares to defy the decisions of our city lord’s estate as long as they’re in Scarlet Water City. On the other hand, not only have you killed people of our city lord’s estate, but you’ve even attacked the city lord’s estate out of ill intention as well. That’s a crime punishable by death. You deserve no mercy!” Guan Feiyu said coldly. His eyes were sharp like a hawk’s as he stared right at Jian Chen. He did not dare to be careless when he saw how fearless Jian Chen was. Immediately, he formed a seal with his hands and controlled the protective formation of Scarlet Water City.

Immediately, the protective formation that enveloped the entire Scarlet Water City shone brightly. Pulses of powerful energy surged out like tidal waves as a grand pressure flooded the surroundings. It made all the people in Scarlet Water City pale in shock.

Guan Feiyu sure was cautious. Even though Jian Chen only presented himself as an early Godking, quite a lot weaker than the late Godking Guan Feiyu, the former still chose to use the formation to deal with the enemy.

The protective formation of the Scarlet Water City had been cast down by the Primordial realm ancestor of the Guan family. As it operated, it could even hold off Primordial realm experts for a while.

Of course, that was only referring to early Infinite Primes.

A streak of light fell from the sky. It seemed to be tangible as it illuminated the surroundings. With terrifying energy that struck fear into the hearts of all the cultivators in the city, it directly enveloped Jian Chen.

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