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Chaotic Sword God Novel Chapter 2453 - Destroying The Sect (One)
Author :Xin Xing Xiao Yao

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Chapter 2453: Destroying the Sect (One)

Of course, the blood was not his. It belonged to the elders of the Gloomwater sect.

Over a dozen attacks from Primordial realm experts failed to leave any severe wounds on Jian Chen. They only left behind a few injuries that were not particularly deep.

That’s right, only a few injuries. Some of the attacks did not possess enough power. Although they were also at the Primordial realm, they were not strong enough to get through the defence of the Chaotic Body, so they failed to even scratch him.

Jian Chen’s Chaotic Body was just too tough. If the attacks from some Primordial realm experts were not powerful enough, they would completely fail to harm him.

Only the palm strike from the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime had wounded Jian Chen.

A red mark appeared where the hand had struck Jian Chen on the back. It was a bloody mess.

Moreover, a powerful energy invaded Jian Chen’s body. The energy was so powerful that even his Chaotic Body was unable to endure it. It shook up all his organs as his blood and flesh surged.

Jian Chen quietly circulated Chaotic Force. Immediately, strands of turbulent Chaotic Force surged out from his chaotic neidan, raging through his body like a river. Jian Chen’s wounds recovered rapidly.

In just a few short seconds, the wounds that were not particularly severe began to heal at a visible rate.

“What a tough body!” The strongest elder could not help but cry out as he stared at the dissatisfying injury on Jian Chen’s back. He became stern.

But afterwards, he discovered that Jian Chen’s wounds were actually healing at a visible rate, which made him gasp uncontrollably. At the same time, his eyes narrowed.

“H- how is this possible…” The other elders discovered this as well. They were all tongue-tied, and it was like like they had just seen a ghost.

So many of their attacks had struck Jian Chen at the same time, but they did nothing severe to him at all; this affected them.

At the same time, powerful senses of the souls intermingled in the air above the Gloomwater sect. When they came in contact with one another, a discussion only they could hear happened as well.

“Jian Chen’s body really is tough…”

“This child’s strength grows far too quickly. When the Neptunean Divine Palace opened last time, Jian Chen was only a Godking. He had even been chased around by a few kids from the Godkings’ Throne. But in the end, after such a short amount of time, he became powerful enough to easily kill Infinite Primes…”

“The major reason why his battle prowess is so great is because of the Laws of the Sword that he has comprehended. His Laws of the Sword are far too powerful. It has completely surpassed all other experts who have comprehended the Laws of the Sword to the same level…”

“Just the Laws of the Sword would not have been enough for him to become this powerful. There’s also his cultivation method and the power that he uses…”

The experts who hid on the Aqua Plane discussed about Jian Chen with some interest.

“What Jian Chen cultivates seems to be the Chaotic Body…” At this moment, a powerful senses of the soul spoke.

“It really does seem to be the Chaotic Body. The battle prowess of the Chaotic Body is indeed invincible among the same level of cultivation. However, those who practise this cultivation method are fated to never reach the peak. Their future accomplishments will be limited. Moreover, raising someone with a Chaotic Body requires tremendous amounts of resources. It’s just not worth it.”

“That’s exactly why cultivators of the Chaotic Body are basically mythical existence in our Saints’ World. However, I have heard that there seem to be more people who cultivate the Chaotic Body in the Immortals’ World…”

“Jian Chen, just what grievances does our Gloomwater sect have with you? Why must you destroy us?” called out the greatest elder of the Gloomwater sect angrily. Only now did he truly understand just how difficult Jian Chen was to deal with.

If Jian Chen was just powerful, he could suppress him with his personal strength. However, the toughness of Jian Chen’s body was like a deviant’s as well. This pressured the greatest elder of the Gloomwater sect.

Although he could suppress Jian Chen with his strength, he had no confidence about killing Jian Chen given the latter’s tough body.

“The Elder of Mountains and Seas of your Gloomwater sect killed a close friend of mine. Do you think that’s a grievance?” said Jian Chen coldly as he stood with his sword. When he thought about the already dead Kai Ya, his killing intent surged.

With that, he turned into a streak of light and shot off towards an elder.

“It’s actually problems caused by the ancestor,” the greatest elder of the Gloomwater sect sighed inside. After learning the reason, he understood that their grievances had reached the point of no return. He immediately ordered, “All elders fall into battle formation to attack the formation and free the great elders with the Godking disciples. I’ll keep Jian Chen busy!” With that, the elder appeared before Jian Chen in a flash. Terrifying energy erupted from his body as he attacked Jian Chen with his full strength.

He did not want to kill Jian Chen. He only wished to keep him busy so that Jian Chen could not target the other elders.

When the strongest elder took action, the other elders all dispersed and travelled far away from Jian Chen. After that, they gathered together several dozen kilometres away. They were preparing a battle formation.

Many Godking disciples of the Gloomwater sect rapidly gathered below them. Power surged from them; they were about to cooperate with the elders to attack the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation.

“Do you think that the disciples of your Gloomwater sect will be able to destroy the Nine Tribulations Incineration Formation without any worries just because you’re keeping me busy?” Jian Chen said coldly. Suddenly, a dazzling light shot out from his eyes, hiding a sharp, overbearing sword intent. He expanded his will from the Ultimate Way of the Sword and enveloped a region of a hundred thousand kilometres in a single moment.

The space seemed to become an independent domain, and Jian Chen stood as the supreme ruler in there. Here, everything was within his grasps, and he could decide the fates of people with a single thought.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

With a series of explosions, the several hundred Godkings of the Gloomwater sect all exploded. None of them could even emit a cry before they were turned into a bloody mist and killed off.

Afterwards, all of their blood gathered over under a mysterious power before forming a blood-red sword that stood thousands of metres long in the end.

The sword was forged from the blood of several hundred Godkings, so it hid powerful pulses of energy. Afterwards, under the shocked gazes of the several dozen elders, the sword directly shot into the sky with devastating power; it contained the power from the blood of several hundred Godkings and Jian Chen’s sword intent from the Ultimate Way of the Sword.

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